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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

With over three decades of experience Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat is shaping the totality of the company’s culture, strategy and operational execution


Infinidat is a leader in the high-end storage segment, shaking established market positions with its InfiniBox product line based on DRAM and HDD historically and more recently with its SSA model. The company has consistently achieved an EBITDA profitable business model with a positive cash flow for more than two consecutive years, which it is reinvesting back into the business to fuel the continued growth and scale. The company significantly expanded the company’s product portfolio, available market, and its go-to-market scope and organizational scale while elevating the company’s profile and awareness in the market.

Enterprise-Class Data Storage Products

InfiniBox®: Infinidat customers routinely consolidate entire rows of legacy enterprise storage onto a single InfiniBox system, dramatic reductions in data center footprint, power and cooling and infrastructure complexity. InfiniBox being a unified platform eliminates storage array and filer sprawl, allowing operations and capacity planning teams to leverage economies of scale of provided by their unified platform. Flexible, software-defined quality of service and guaranteed reliability ensure that mission-critical line-of-business applications run nonstop alongside development and test workloads on a secure, scalable, efficient storage infrastructure. Its enterprise storage system delivers groundbreaking performance, multi-petabyte capacity, 100% availability, and cyber resilience for a broad range of mixed application workloads. Highly flexible zero-impact snapshots, dependable active/active, synchronous & asynchronous replication, and flexible, software-defined quality of service come standard, with guaranteed reliability and data security. Enterprise-class storage with unmatched features and ease of use is included with the added benefit of their performance, 100% availability, and cyber recoverability guarantees. With InfiniBox, enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers are able to exceed their service level objectives while radically lowering the cost and complexity of their storage operations. Download the InfiniBox data sheet to learn more. The newest InfiniBox provides up to 72% more effective capacity in the same footprint, delivering faster ROI and substantially better TCO. That means 36% better ROI/TCO and a 42% reduction in power per effective PB making it greener too.

InfiniBox SSA: It is the enterprise storage system is designed for workloads that require consistent, microsecond latency for every I/O and can deliver latency as low as 35µs* (microseconds). Infinidat’s intelligent learning algorithms and Neural Cache allow a very high percentage of I/O to be serviced at DRAM speed. Combining this with an optimized path to solid-state storage ensures outstanding end-to-end performance. Enterprise-class storage with unmatched features and ease of use is included with the added benefit of their performance, 100% availability, and cyber recoverability guarantees. For many enterprise applications, only ultra-high performance and extremely low latency will do. InfiniBox SSA goes all out when it comes to performance and delivers the performance at scale for the most intense workloads resulting in consistent and predictable, microsecond latency. InfiniBox SSA is designed to meet the specialized needs of enterprise applications and easily surpasses the performance threshold of traditional all-flash arrays. Leveraging an SSD back-end combined with Infinidat’s innovative Neural Cache cache management algorithms, InfiniBox SSA serves much of the I/O from DRAM, which is an order of magnitude faster than flash-based SSDs. The performance guarantee assures customers that Infinidat’s primary storage platforms will perform in their environments, as expected for their workloads.

InfiniGuard®: Modern data protection goes beyond traditional backup, restore, and disaster recovery.  Today, ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks put your data at significant risk. Infinidat’s modern data protection and cyber resilience solution, InfiniGuard®, plays an essential role in your overall cyber security strategy. InfiniGuard offers unmatched backup and lightning-fast recovery performance, at scale, for all of your data protection needs and is enhanced by InfiniSafe cyber recovery technologies to ensure you are always ready in the event of a cyberattack, natural disaster, or basic human error. InfiniGuard is built on the award-winning, InfiniBox®, an enterprise-proven storage platform that delivers unmatched performance, availability, and a simple, set-it-and-forget-it management experience and offers unprecedented guarantees. InfiniGuard provides industry-leading performance for data protection and backup with in-line ingest rates of up to 180TB/hr* and unmatched recovery performance at scale, be it a single file or large-scale DR or cyber recovery needs. A comprehensive cyber resilience strategy requires well-defined best practices to ensure data validity, as well as near-instantaneous recovery of your backup repositories, regardless of size. Their InfiniSafe technologies do just that, in minutes, making it easy for data validation and DR recovery testing.

Meet the Leader

Phil Bullinger is the Chief Executive Officer of Infinidat. Globally with 35 years of experience in the storage industry, he has led several business and department entities. He was SVP and GM of the data center business at Western Digital for almost 4 years, before SVP and GM of Dell EMC Isilon business unit for a little bit more than 3 and half years, SVP storage at Oracle for more than 2 years and has spent 13 years at LSI, leading the Engenio storage group.

Beyond his current duty, he enjoys amateur astronomy, walking on the many trails in Colorado, and the relentless pursuit of a perfectly smoked brisket. He also is involved in a craft brewery with a college friend and his son, and enjoys providing recipes and “field research” for that endeavor.

"Our focus ahead continues to be on scaling-up all the facets and capabilities of our business, and we will continue to accelerate that journey through partnerships, investment, and organic growth."