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March Edition 2020

Infinidat – Protecting multiple petabytes of data by developing a better and faster data storage platform


There is no denying that today’s world has fully embraced the digital age and that countless data and storage files are primarily kept in computers. However, if a computer crashes or malfunctions, the possibility of the data being wiped out and never recovered again poses a huge threat in data preservation and storage. Data storage and backup have become an important phenomenon in today’s technological era. It is one of the key factors in keeping a business’s information secure.

Infinidat is one such storage vendor for all storage needs. The company delivers enterprise-proven solutions for data storage, data protection, business continuity, and sovereign cloud storage. All of its solutions are based on the same fundamental technology foundation that provides high availability, high performance, and the lowest possible TCO at a multi-petabyte scale.

The was founded in 2011 by a team of storage industry experts focused on returning business value to customers by eliminating the compromises between performance, availability, and cost, at a multi-petabyte scale for enterprise storage. The Infinidat team, spanning generations of storage industry experience and previous product successes, has become an industry leader by developing a better, faster way to store and protect multiple petabytes of data, with the highest possible availability, at the lowest possible cost. All of this work was done with a single goal in mind, enable customers to spend less on their infrastructure and focus more on innovation, growth, and competitive advantage.

Infinidat’s Core Technology

Infinidat’s technology foundation delivers data storage solutions with high availability, exceptional performance, and the lowest possible TCO at a multi-petabyte scale. The firm works on a Multi-Petabyte Scale that manages multiple petabytes of usable capacity in a single standard 42U rack, resolving data center footprint constraints. The technology used by Infinidat is highly reliable, thanks to its extraordinary RAS architecture and InfiniRAID® dual-parity data layout.

Safeguarding data by furnishing reliable products


The InfiniBox® enterprise storage system delivers faster than all-flash performance, hyper-scale capacity, and bulletproof reliability, built

for the most demanding workloads in enterprise data centers. Infinite zero-impact snapshots, dependable active/active, synchronous and asynchronous replication, and flexible, software-defined quality of service come standard, with guaranteed reliability and data security. With InfiniBox, enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers can exceed their service level objectives while radically lowering the cost and complexity of their storage operations.


It offers unmatched speed and reliability in data backup and restores capacity for high-performance business continuity and disaster recovery. Built using the market-leading InfiniBox® to optimize performance, InfiniGuard® enables you to maximize effective capacity for multi-petabyte environments. It delivers incredibly fast data recovery, with validated support for all major data protection applications.


It is a highly resilient zero-data-loss solution. It enables a simple, cost-effective RPO of zero with a two-data-center topology and solves the limitations of synchronous replication (latency) and asynchronous replication (Recovery Point Objective), providing complete data integrity at any distance.

Neutrix Cloud®

It is a storage service from Infinidat elevates your data from the walled gardens of individual public clouds, so you can run your workloads where they make most sense without economic penalties or data gravity slowing you down. Subscribers to Neutrix Cloud benefit from proven Infinidat values, including built-in replication with on-premises InfiniBox infrastructure, cross-region replication, incredibly scalable snapshots that make test/dev environments easy and fast, and a 5x9s committed availability SLA underpinned by 7x9s backend storage infrastructure.

The visionary leader behind the success of Infinidat

Moshe Yanaiis the founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Infinidat. Moshe Yanai founded Infinidat in 2011 with the simple but challenging mission of storing the world’s ever-expanding volume of information. Over the last four decades, Mr. Yanai has an unequaled track record of developing innovative, game-changing storage architectures and technologies that have enabled new business models and changed the course of information technology. Considered by many to be the single most influential thought leader in the data storage industry, his architectures have fundamentally changed how the world stores and uses data.

“We are devoted to helping our clients to compete more effectively in the petabyte era.”