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June Edition 2023

Infinity Radar – Leveraging professional and trusted defense solutions to leading defense agencies


Infitrone Advanced System Pvt. Ltd – a company with the brand name “Infinity Radar” – is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. Infinity Radar has been honored with three National Awards and the company is ISO-certified. Altogether to help defense forces elevate their value through Electronic warfare Systems, Product development, Product design, & services. The company's aim is to try and save the finances which are going out of India for purchasing electronic warfare system thus helping its counter become much stronger. Today’s need to be independent and Atmanirbhar Bharat (vocal for local) has inspired the company and hence the motto 3I (Information, Integration, Innovation).

Infinity Radar has participated in National challenge at a competitive level. The company also has successfully designed and developed the prototype of an “Anti-Drone Module”, “4 and 6 Channel CRPA antenna” and “Anti-Jamming GPS system.”  The company is working jointly with many domestic and international firms on various electronics warfare projects ever since its registration. The team is expertise into RF systems design and development, Antenna design and development, and Electronics Systems development. In future, the company is planning: Anti-IED system (backpack), Mobile Jammer with a whitelist and many projects in Software Define Radio systems.

Providing a Cost Effective and Reliable Services

Next-Gen RF Design: Infinity Radar is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of RF Products. They offer a comprehensive range of RF Design Services in the HF to W-Band frequency with solutions for automotive, consumer, medical, aerospace and defense. They specialize in circuit design; ADS based simulation, Layout modeling and prototyping. In addition to their experts in RF Design they also have a team of specification writers who take care of all the necessary product documentation as well as local testing. RF Design is a specialized service that includes circuit design, ADS-based simulation, Layout modeling and prototyping. They develop and use a comprehensive test plan for their RF designs to ensure that the resulting product meets the requirement specification. Their expertise in RF Designs includes design & development of Wide-band Transceivers, SSPA Based transmitters, Homodyne/ Heterodyne Receivers, Wide-band RADARS, RF Antenna Design Services, T/R Modules, Direct Sampling High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems and many more.

Antenna Design: Infinity Radar is an antenna design company with over five years of experience in the industry. They’re a team of engineers, technicians and designers who are dedicated to providing the best RF antenna design services to their clients. Their team is experienced in designing antennas for a variety of applications including cellular, broadcast, WiFi, military and more. Infinity Radar is a leading RF antenna design company, with over five years of experience designing embedded products featuring technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, NFC and LoRa to multi-band GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and UWB systems. They offer a wide range of engineering services to help you create the best product possible. Whether you are an individual looking for help with your design or a large enterprise looking for an antenna partner to help you bring your product to market, they have the expertise to provide RF Antenna Design Services that cater to myriad product needs.

High Speed Digital Design: The Hardware Design team at Infinity Radar has experience in high-speed digital design for data and video processing applications in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Their team has a deep understanding of transmission lines, signal integrity, power delivery, differential signaling, and EMI. This allows them to create effective and efficient digital designs that include the latest interfaces. Their high-speed digital design services are based on a range of simulation and measurement tools, which help visualize and address signal integrity, power integrity and EMI/EMC concerns during both the design and test phases.

System Engineering: Infinity Radar offers tailored System Engineering solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. Their team of experts specializes in architecture, design, development, and deployment of custom solutions that integrate multiple COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products, custom software development, board, and FPGA design, followed by testing, validation, and environmental qualification. At Infinity Radar, they pride themselves in their ability to produce custom-made solutions that perfectly align with their customer’s needs and expectations. Their experience and expertise allow them to per-configure a variety of components and products to create a low-risk, high-performance solution for their defense electronics domain customers. Their robust approach to system engineering ensures that they accurately interpret program requirements and have a clear understanding of the applications throughout the program life cycle. This gives the customers the advantage of knowing that their needs will be met with precision.

Industrial and Rugged Designs: Infinity Radar's industrial and rugged designs are perfect for consumer, industrial, defense and aerospace applications. They take key product considerations like styling and appearance, ruggedization, and environmental and safety standards into account to create the perfect solution for your needs. Rugged systems are designed to withstand tough conditions. They are constructed to prevent failure under difficult operating conditions, like excessive temperatures, moisture and high/low pressure. Ruggedization is a process that strengthens a system to make it resistant to harsh environments, like excessive temperatures, moisture and high/low pressure, mechanical vibration or shock, electrical discharge at high voltage/current and particle matter such as dust.

Himanshu Dave | Founder & CEO

Himanshu found the company “Infinity radar” a proprietary firm functional since 2017 under the banner ‘Infinity Digital Technology’. The company later on inspired by Shri Narendra Modi’s initiative START-UP INDIA and Make in India, started research and development in the sector of Electronics warfare systems and other advanced technology.

"Our dream is to become the topmost company in the field of electronic warfare with the intention to support the Indian Defense forces, with all its indigenous products."