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November Monthly Edition 2022

Influx – Building the world’s largest remote-first CX team for businesses set to scale and gear up for growth


Customer service is constantly evolving, with today’s customers expecting more from businesses than ever before. Poor experiences are amplified in ways that didn’t exist before and positive experiences can foster longtime customers. As a result of this shift, companies need to pay close attention to their support needs, which can be achieved through the Support as a Service model. This refers to support operations that focus on customer service and give companies access to 24/7 global coverage, either per response or on a month-to-month basis. Support as a Service allows for high-quality, consistent coverage with faster response times. This means the team conquers ticket backlogs, handles high support ticket volumes, and keeps email inbox levels down. Hiring an external customer service team may seem like a risk, but adding an extra layer of support alleviates pressure on the internal team and allows them to focus on things like support processes, product improvements, and future planning. Not to mention, hiring and managing people requires a lot of time and resources.

Influx is the global leader in ‘Support as a Service,’ elastic, pay-as-you-go support teams. Companies like Blenders Eyewear, ClassPass, Biteable and Sendle work with Influx to make their support teams fast, flexible and scalable. Influx provides consistent, high quality customer service in a simple month to month format. Brands and tech companies work with Influx to make their support teams fast and flexible, while maintaining standards.

Providing Excellent and Flexible Support as a Service Solutions

Customer Support: Deliver an omnichannel support experience in a simple month to month format. Stay flexible with fully managed support operations, across all channels and time zones. Add a human layer to your customer support and deliver an experience that makes customers want to return. Provide 24/7 support and resolve tickets fast with experienced agents who can match your brand voice. Be ready for growth, exactly when you need it. Whether it’s a seasonal spike, post-campaign query backlog or an extra layer of support while you grow, Influx offers month-to-month support teams that flex as your business does. End-to-end management system helps us hire, onboard, train and scale teams quickly to save you time and money. The company integrates with your existing helpdesks, social channels, and workflow to deliver support that’s on brand, at scale and, above all, on every channel.

Enterprise Call Centers: Influx builds teams on a partnership-by-partnership basis to match you with agents who not only have the skills but the product/service interests and company cultural values too. Operating as a 100% remote workforce, they have access to a large, borderless talent pool to recruit from, allowing them to find the best people worldwide and offer them the work-life flexibility to flourish and improve retention. Security is Influx's ultimate priority, which is why they have partnered with the world’s leading technology systems to provide end-to-end peace of mind. Their industry-leading security program complies with GDPR, CCPA and all workplace security standards, as well as HIPPA and payment regulations so you have the highest confidence in the management of your data.

eCommerce Customer Support: The team at Influx connects directly to your existing help desk and solves every issue relating to exchanges, billing questions and returns. They typically respond in a couple of hours to every ticket, 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Their service is elastic, so you only pay for responses. When volume increases, they are there to help. When volume goes down, they automatically turn down. They keep a team of agents and managers trained at all times. Every account includes multiple agents across time zones, each reporting to a local manager. Their agents are spread across all regions - North America, Europe and APAC - giving us 24/7 coverage, while agents can work their normal working hours. This helps them recruit and retain the best agents.

SaaS Support: Influx delivers fast, 24/7 resolutions for SaaS apps. Trigger more leads, upsells and happy users. Solve customer problems fast with 24/7 Support as a Service. Their agents work globally, guaranteeing response times, coverage and quality. They will be available in all the time zones you need without the operational headaches. The firm runs three types of management to improve responsiveness, quality, coverage, and channel ownership. All agents report to local management, which autonomously improves performance while ensuring maximum flexibility and speed to grow your business faster. Their service is elastic and scalable with no lock-in contracts. They also offer a pay-per-response model for companies that need more agility.

About | Leni Mayo

Leni Mayo is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Influx. Outside his founding role at Influx, Leni is a seed investor in 99designs, Hired, SitePoint, and others. He is also an investor in Stripe, Sendle, Market Engine, Tzukuri, and more.

"Influx provides flexibility to cover the unexpected while giving you scale-up capacity, globally, 24/7, across any channel."