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Innovating to Make Homes Smart: iMonitor Solutions


In an increasingly digital and connected world, wireless capabilities continue to be in high demand. The advent of smartphones gave people the convenience of interactive applications for a wide range of purposes. The emergence of IoT (Internet of Things) has paved the way for smart wireless solutions for numerous everyday functions. Home automation systems have grown in great demand over the past decade, with people ready to pay for a wide range of automated applications, such as controlling lights, electrical appliances as well as the fireplace in their house from a remote location. A company founded in the United States aims to provide leading automation solutions for the house and the workplace.

iMonitor Solutions LLC was founded in November 2009 in the USA to create an innovative solution for Emerging Life Style requirements. Product development was continued by iMonitor Solutions India Pvt Limited, established in March 2011. The product has been engineered to meet the challenges of the infrastructure of emerging nations.

Forays into an Emerging Market

The Internet of Things is an extremely promising frontier of technology, with wide sweeping applications in medicine, automobiles, security, home appliances, networking and so on. The motivation for launching iMonitor Solutions was to provide innovative solutions for the rapidly evolving lifestyle requirements of individuals looking to embellish their homes with sophisticated technology.

For those individuals who are unaware, IoT is nothing but an interconnected network of devices that contain sensors and transmitters to exchange information. It mostly would leverage a reliable internet connection. Founded in the United States by a dedicated team of like-minded engineers and technology leaders, iMonitor Solutions also went on to establish a research and development center in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. The South Asian country, with a population of over 1.3 billion people is one of the most sought-after markets for technology and consumer products in the world. In contrast to China, the only country with a higher population, where government policy and heavy regulation prevents foreign companies from doing business, India is open to foreign investment. The city of Bangalore boasts of housing some of the largest names in technology such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SalesForce, Amazon, Well Fargo, etc. to name a few. It is a hotbed of technology and innovation in a rapidly developing market.

Bangalore was a perfect destination for iMonitor Solutions to set up and begin their forays into the Indian markets. One of the company’s first products was launched 2013 and received mixed reviews. While most people would cast doubts on the quality of the product, it was not so with iMonitor. The product worked perfectly. The problem was with the infrastructure in India. India is a developing third world country that faces the same challenges of poor for internet connectivity and electrical practices and infrastructure as any other third world country. The reliability of wireless internet is average at best. The company had to go back to the drawing board and come with a whole new set of features to work in the prevailing conditions in India. The management at iMonitor changed its philosophy and instead of blaming the environment reengineered the product to function in deficient electrical environment. Their new Generation 4 devices worked extremely well despite power surges, high electrical noise, poor neutral and earthing  environment and is considered Best-in-Class for such environments. The management believes in “what work well in India will work anywhere in the world” and have plans to export to other countries.

Rather than following the latest market trends in India, iMonitor Solutions has established itself as a market maker. Considering the lack of reliable bandwidth, the intelligence that resided in the cloud had to be built into the home controller so that the features would work even in the absence of a internet connection. The company ended up making their Controller in the House as intelligent as the computer server in the cloud. Moreover, the company also developed an intelligent controller which is no bigger than a visiting card and can be plugged into any socket with many advanced features. Over the course of a year, it launched a range of Generation 4 family of smart switches which have self healing capability besides a very robust design for deficient environment. Furthermore, all of them are designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Adapting To Evolving Market Scenarios

IoT is a market that is volatile and promises to keep changing. iMonitor Solutions is focused on constantly innovating to enhance the value to the users. Their objective is to make the users feel more secure and safe, help optimize energy consumption and enjoy the benefits of digital living. They periodically upgrade the customers installations over-the-air with latest developments and features to keep the customers installations updated.

iMonitor Solutions have also been eyeing one of the most promising technologies, namely artificial intelligence or AI. It is already finding its way into just about every industry and IoT is no different. Smart IoT based appliances will be rendered infinitely smarter when they are infused with AI. It could lead to appliances which know what the owner prefers and complete the desired task before even being made to do so. This seems like something from a sci-fi thriller, but it is closer to reality than most people realize.

Here Is a Look at The Founder of iMonitor Solutions


Girish Gaur, CEO

Girish has earned a B. Tech Degree from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He has had multifunctional and multi technology-based experience at large multinational Corporations. He led Six Sigma initiative as Asia Champion for GE Medical systems Asia based out of Tokyo. He worked as President of telecom Software Company based out of Chicago and managed product development for many other large Multinationals. Additionally, he has served as a member of Wipro’s Corporate Executive Council, member of Board of Directors of GE JVs (with Wipro & BEL) in India and member of Advisory Council of GE Medical operations in S Korea, China & Singapore.

“We are committed to be the preferred and trusted partner for making homes and workplaces more secure and connected.”