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InnovationM: One-stop End-to-end Technology Solution


Human beings are keen to make life easier. Today we want one stop solution sore every problem. Thus, platforms, such as InnovationM, which can provide the solution to most of the problem is mostly adopted by people today. InnovationM is a Top Mobile App & Web Development Company in Delhi NCR, India & UK. This platform offer design & development services for Web & Cloud technology, outsourcing for software, mobile app development, eCommerce web development, web portal development & Location-based Services. This is an end-to-end technology solution development company helping clients in developing custom mobile & web solutions along with backend development, cloud deployment, and custom integrations (including third-party integrations like payment integration, social media integration, etc.)

Q. Why InnovationM?

They specialize in developing end-to-end tailor-made mobile solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms using the latest SDKs and integrations. They have worked with Relational as well as NoSQL databases for faster data processing in our solutions. InnovationM develops highly scalable and powerful integrated mobile and web backends using high-end technologies. They have built various complex web applications using HTML, CSS, and later javascript frameworks like React JS, Angular JS, and many more. This platform can help to choose which Cross-Platform technology to use in a solution for greater visibility and higher revenues. UX/UI Design is at the core of all solutions developed by InnovationM. Their designers use a set of tools that enables them to convert ideas into designs. They have a versatile stack of server technologies to deploy in our solutions. InnovationM has a versatile stack of server technologies to deploy in our solutions. They also provide a full cycle of big data analytics services that can help you to convert data into insights that lead to a favorable outcome. Their testing experts can help users develop solutions free from bugs using the manual as well as automation testing techniques and tools.

Solution InnovationM provides

InnovationM provides the solution for many industries such as Education, Fintech, Healthcare, and Hospitality. InnovationM has extensive experience in creating learning solutions that align with organizational and business goals. We helped many corporations in the past to reach audiences through effective learning solutions. They have developed a learning and Talent Development solution, an Augmented Reality enabled mobile solution, an interactive user-oriented Exam Prep Solution, and a Custom e-learning solution. InnovationM delivers end-to-end solutions that can adapt to market demands quickly and efficiently. They have developed business-oriented scalable fintech solutions for many companies from Startups, and SMEs to Big Corporations.

InnovationM specialized in developing complete mobile healthcare solutions. They combine healthcare delivery with technology ensuring the healthcare providers spend more time delivering outstanding care and improving patient experiences. This platform helps providers to connect with their patients from virtually anywhere anytime. They are providing chronic disease management solutions, hepatitis-C treatment solutions as well as the medical appointment and pharmacy locators.

InnovationM is India’s leading Hospitality Application Development company. They are committed to providing quantifiable services with an approach to bringing positive business outcomes to their customers. They smartly tackle challenges and issues coming their way while serving the customers with their applications. This platform integrates quality performance and presentation appropriately into the systems. InnovationM’s hospitality applications have been developed considering all the real-time needs of the places where it may be used in. They have also added the next-level things to create a revolutionary transformation in the process on our own.

InnovationM also helps in business process management with the help of OmniFlow iBPS. InnovationM has also partnered with Newgen which is a leading provider of business process and enterprise content management solutions. InnovationM provides Newgen Products Licenses along with Implementation Services like Product Installation, Customizations, and Annual Technical Service contracts

InnovationM has transformed many forward-thinking businesses by building end-to-end technology solutions for a wide range of industries. Their team makes sure the solution built is versatile, well-architected, and has a solid framework so that new features can be added easily. Some of the solutions developed by this platform with multifunctioning features have won several accolades because of the simple and user-friendly interface.

Manish is the Co-founder & CEO of InnovationM. He acts as the chief mentor & strategist for all technology-related efforts within the company. He provides strategic direction to the company in terms of focus areas and competencies in various technologies. Manish has around 19 Years of industry experience in delivery, project management, consulting, and solutioning in the mobility & software development space. He has excellent exposure in working closely with companies around the world in areas of web & app development, advisory, building mobile strategy & roadmaps, consulting, and training. He has traveled extensively across the world (USA, UK, pan-India, and Singapore) to provide consultancy in mobile solution development and other development areas. A visionary and a regular speaker at various mobile events and seminars.

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