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30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2022

An innovative digital products and platforms company that provides ground breaking solutions to its customers globally: Tavant


In the digital world we live in, technology is changing every other day, giving a new dimension for businesses in the market. Industry experts are certain that digital products and services are the keys to making an impact in this ever-changing competitive world of business. As digital products and services tend to grow, the requirement of the users also goes up. This shows that the companies must closely follow the trend to satisfy the needs of the customers. Globally, there are various tech companies delivering excellent digital products and services, but Tavant stands out from the rest.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tavant is a digital products and platforms company that provides impactful results to its customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 2000, the company employs over 2,500 people and is a recognized top employer. It prides itself on its engineering and process excellence traditions coupled with high employee and customer satisfaction levels. Its unique best-shore delivery model provides close onsite interaction with customers and a strong process-oriented offshore team. At all levels, its employees continually interact to provide a superior outsourcing experience to customers.

In conversation with Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO of Tavant

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Tavant?

What was the spark? The realization that businesses lacked the means to connect with their customers. What started with improving connectivity between two parties via the Internet then seemingly naturally evolved into who Tavant is today: digital transformation agents that seek to go beyond digital. Technically, Tavant and its founders spun out of Amazon collaboration in the early days, selling pivotal tech that Amazon still uses today. One of the first clients of Tavant's was a top 3 lender, and over time Tavant ended up being their technical backbone. This relationship gave us an immense amount of deep experience and knowledge that would become the foundation for future services, solutions, and products Tavant would provide. Today, Tavant is the preferred digital transformation partner for several marquee clients across many tech-focused industries.

Q. Compliance is important for any organization. What are the measures you adopt to comply with regulations?

Compliance is of utmost importance for Tavant, utilizing both in-house expertise as well as the industry's best outside council. When your business depends on the tech and compliant tech., such as with mortgages, etc., you put Compliance first – just as we have at Tavant. Tavant is an ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type II compliant and SEI CMM Level 4 compliant organization.

Q. The financial technology – or FinTech – industry is one that is growing quickly, with an increasing number of companies offering an even greater number of online and mobile platforms. How do you distinguish your services from others?

Honestly, our reputation tends to speak for itself. We constantly gain new clients and partners from our reputation. That, combined with the years of experience, expertise, and data we have accumulated – we also can specialize products or services to meet clients' unique needs. We are not just a blanket solution company – we evolve to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Q. Could you describe your typical management style and the type of employee that works well with you?

Work hard, play hard. We are a global company, with people working in different time zones. With that, we must balance the team and individual effectiveness while also respecting work-life balance. Management is a hands-off approach, focusing on allowing everyone to drive their own agenda and create their own OKRs. But also have every team member hold themselves accountable as well.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

This past July, the Tavant VΞLOX platform added a new and disruptive product – Touchless LendingTM. It is an AI-powered Lending-as-a-Service platform that provides end-to-end loan manufacturing. Touchless Lending is currently addressing the inefficiencies and pain points in the mortgage industry with automated underwriting and straight-through mortgage processing. Before the end of 2021, we are also launching Tavant VΞLOX NXT – a new and improved iteration of our consumer lending platform that has been in development for the last two years. VΞLOX NXT builds on our existing platform of lending experiences with the goal of helping our clients deliver more intuitive borrowing experiences to their customers and empower their associates to originate more loans faster. VΞLOX NXT will enable lenders to offer hyper-personalized borrower journeys by leveraging leverage customer segmentation and A/B testing to create life-long customers. It will also integrate seamlessly with Touchless Lending to provide underwriters with the automation they need to originate loans faster and with more data-driven credit decisioning. Finally, VΞLOX NXT will provide the infrastructure lenders need to best capture data throughout the lending process and with the security required to protect their borrowers and data.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Bold growth. We are stepping into new rings to solve unfamiliar problems. The past 18-months have undoubtedly been a challenge for everyone. Despite this, Tavant has experienced record growth throughout 2020 and 2021. This growth is poised to continue, with new products coming out soon and a reinforced focus on building world-class customer experiences.

Meet the leader behind the success of Tavant

Sarvesh Mahesh is the CEO of Tavant. He is a true Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Consistently adapting and growing to the changing demands of our world. Sarvesh focuses on how Tavant can be a brand that empowers our clients and partners to become “heroes” in the eyes of their customers. AI and Machine learning have been at the core of Tavant, well since before they were trendy terms, and Tavant’s leadership team continues to integrate AI into all its business lines. To Sarvesh, tech is his way of life, and he constantly immerses himself in the latest tech trends that improve daily living and lifestyle. When Sarvesh is not working, he enjoys biking and hiking along the California coastline, enjoying the fresh air and amazing views.

“We believe that when passionate people come together in an endeavor to achieve excellence, we build innovative products and solutions that create a deep impact on our customers’ core business.”