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Innovative payment solutions by Finli, help small businesses thrive and take them to greater heights.


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create talented entrepreneurs and also provide employment opportunities to many. As they grow, they give back vitality and sustenance to the locality they are rooted in. Not only do they provide valuable products and services to consumers, the local fuel economies with tax dollars, spur employment, and create community pride and development. However, all this is feasible only if these businesses get the required funding that will help them grow their business to new heights.

This is where organizations like Finli come to the rescue. Finli is made up of people who care deeply about financially lifting the small businesses in our communities – that’s where the name “finli” (financial lift) comes from! Finli has a team of payments, technology, and service experts to be able to provide an excellent product at a reasonable price that provides an outstanding value to those who use it. Finli does this to help small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers with big plans because finli cares about empowering the dreams of people who aspire to do more.

Uncompromised Security and Privacy

Finli offers uncompromised security and privacy. The Finli app uses the highest encryption protocols available for financial transactions. By leveraging Plaid, Finli combines Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and multifactor authentication (MFA) to provide complete financial protection. Technical terms aside, Finli never shares your data or transaction history. And Finli prevents misdirected payments through Pay By Link. Just send your client a link, and rest assured that the funds will arrive correctly.

Not all payment apps are secure or private. Venmo, for instance, has had some issues. Recently, a New Yorker Venmoed $100 to the wrong person. But rather than returning his funds, Venmo froze his account. Aside from the problem of misdirected funds, Venmo lets users broadcast payments. But many have discovered how easy it is to forget to disable this “feature” before paying for something that… let’s just say, you don’t want your entire social network to know about. Such issues have prompted one security expert to hail Venmo as no less than a “privacy disaster.”


Many small businesses and freelancers have discovered how peer-to-peer payment fees affect their bottom line. Venmo charges 1.9% + $0.10 for each business payment, while PayPal comes in at 1.5%. What’s more, those apps have pages upon pages of fine print—all outlining ways these companies end up charging you even more for simple payment transfers. At the end of the day, such fees stack up, drain your profit, and cost you growth.

With zero transaction fees, Finli offers a cost-effective payment platform alternative. The Basic or free level includes no transaction fees, unlimited invoices, customer management, and access to all of your customer records and transaction data. Upgrade to a Professional plan to use a subscription plans, recurring invoices, and email campaigns. Plans start at $25 per month for 25 customers and $7,500 in transactions. Best of all, Finli’s no-nonsense pricing chart fits on just a single page.

Built for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Finli is built with the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind. The Finli app offers recurring payments and invoicing. This lets you easily set up memberships, subscriptions, and recurring invoices without the added overhead of extra staff. Such measures can be a huge convenience factor for small business owners like Melody and Dave, saving valuable time and work. Recurring payments can also save you money since one in three of all one-time payments to small businesses is late. Such stalled-out funds create a cash flow problem and prevent you from reinvesting in your business.

Other Finli features include tools for customer relationship management (CRM) and flexible payments. Customers often find it convenient to split payments with a friend, which, like recurring payments, also increases the likelihood of on-time payments. Finli’s CRM tools help you manage customer data and stay in touch with your clients. Use email campaigns to send special promotions to loyal customers or send a friendly reminder to clients who are past due. Such features make Finli not only cost-effective and secure but also a payment platform leader.

Leading the Next Generation of Payment Platforms

Finli offers freelancers and small businesses a truly next-generation payments solution. With uncompromised security, no-nonsense pricing, and a host of time and money-saving features, Finli is a trusted solution for simplifying payments so that you can get on with your business.

Lori Shao, CEO

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur herself, Lori spent 17 years climbing the corporate ladder in various roles at Fortune 500 companies with a deep focus on payment technology and innovation. On the personal side, Lori grew up in a working class household, witnessing first hand that there is no lack of skill and grit but there is a lack of access to the right tools. She set out to build those tools that empower everyday Americans to springboard to new heights. Lori resides in Los Angeles with her husband Derek, two human children and 11 non-human children.

“Every one of our customers has helped us build what we have created today and we’re not stopping to innovate.”

“We understand that our decisions and actions impact real people. That’s why we never compromise on quality.”