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Innovative micromobility solutions are part of PBSC Urban Solutions’ DNA and global mission


“We care, we share, and we believe when it comes to developing the most innovative, customizable, and reliable bike-sharing system on the market.”

The transport sector contributes a large percentage of emissions worldwide. It contributes to global warming, has a substantial negative effect on the climate, and is a big source of pollution. Thanks to the emergence of the micromobility sector, which provides opportunities to reduce pollution and provide more sustainable modes of transportation using smaller, less polluting vehicles. There’s no doubt that the world is changing rapidly, and everyone is changing along with it.

There are ethical companies that take action and go above and beyond to preserve the safety of the environment. PBSC Urban Solutions is one of those companies that innovates to make the world healthier and more sustainable. It’s changing the world, one city at a time.

PBSC offers a healthy, active transportation system, which is crucial for reducing traffic congestion and pollution. This innovative transportation system is designed to make cities smarter and more organized. With more than 100,000 bikes and 8,500 smart stations spread throughout the world, PBSC is actively advancing the goal of active people, smart cities, and a healthy planet.

PBSC develops, and markets, the most innovative, customizable, and reliable bike-sharing system on the market. It offers cities, operators, and users the best experience possible by bringing the best of what bike sharing has to offer. The company implemented the system in London and Montreal over a decade ago, and most of the bikes in these fleets are still riding today.

Needless to say, PBSC has developed a solid knowledge base and significant expertise in system transition management thanks to its comprehensive understanding of micromobility challenges, city objectives, and technological advancement. As an industry leader in system transition, PBSC can quickly deploy large-scale systems and smoothly migrate data from the old system to the new one. It has successfully transitioned large-scale systems worldwide, including Barcelona, Valladolid, Madrid (houses PBSC’s largest electric fleet of 7, 500 e-bikes), San Sebastian, Valence, Clermont-Ferrand, Monaco, Dubai, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Recife, Vila Velha, and Salvador.

PBSC continues to bid on tenders to implement its sustainable solutions in cities around the world. Additionally, the company continues to expand its existing systems to introduce bike sharing to more people, communities, and cities.

Existing bike models tout their world-class reliability

PBSC presently offers four bike models—ICONIC, FIT, BOOST, and E-FIT—that are available worldwide. Each model is equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, sturdy luggage carrier, LED lights, and a PBSC-made anti-theft locking system that secures bicycles into stations and charges the electric fleet. This same device can be installed on other micromobility vehicles like scooters and e-scooters to make them compatible with the PBSC stations. Interestingly, the stations are not embedded in the ground and can be removed at any time (for special events, for example), which provides more flexibility for cities, users, and operators.

PBSC also offers a next-generation electric scooter featuring fully-equipped handlebars (with a speed display, turn signals, and built-in phone holder), an 80-km range battery, LED lights and reflectors, and a 400W motor. Also, the e-scooter is equipped with a PBSC-made anti-theft locking system.

In addition to the bike and scooter segment, PBSC is dedicated to pushing the shared micromobility frontier with 360-degree solutions. As a result of this commitment, the company now offers solar stations with self-sufficient energy and powered e-charging stations that can quickly and automatically recharge e-bikes and e-scooters once they are docked in the station. Both solar stations and powered e-charging stations can be multimodal and accommodate scooters and e-scooters along with bikes. This facility benefits users and operators alike.

For operators, PBSC offers hardware (bikes, scooters, stations, and kiosks) and software (mobile app and real-time cloud-based management software, Comet). They also have access to real-time data on the system’s health (damaged vehicles, e-bike or e-scooter battery level, bikes in circulation, etc.). Users can use the mobile app to book their rides.

It’s safe to say that PBSC constantly innovates to ensure an enhanced user experience and simpler management for operators. It addresses crucial needs and provides an active, sustainable, and inclusive solution. More cities welcome PBSC and adopt its much-needed solution. As a result, the company has experienced substantial growth and geographic expansion over the last several years.

Gian Caro Crivello | Chief Relationship Officer

Gian Caro Crivello is an industry reference in bike-sharing and micromobility solutions. Since 2009, he has served as PBSC’s Chief Relationship Officer. In this role, he establishes and maintains business relationships with key clients around the world, including governments, cities, operators, and partners in Canada, the USA, LATAM, Europe, and the Middle East. Gian-Caro also leads a team of business development professionals who prospect, bid, and secure sales for PBSC’s turnkey solutions. To date, he has overseen projects that have resulted in over 100,000 bikes deployed worldwide. As a member of the executive committee, Gian-Carlo contributes to PBSC’s strategic direction for growth opportunities and guides research and development objectives.

“With more than 100,000 bikes and 8,500 smart stations spread throughout the world, PBSC is actively advancing the goal of active people, smart cities, and a healthy planet.”