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Innovative next-generation authentication management company helping users and businesses against relentless identity attacks: SecureAuth


In the digital world we live in, authentication plays an important role as it enables organizations to secure their networks by permitting only authenticated users or processes to gain access to their protected resources. This may include computer systems, networks, databases, websites and other network-based applications or services. Authentication acts as the first line of defense, preventing access to valuable data from those who are not approved by the organization. A smarter and better authentication method can help in reducing the number of identity attacks faced by individuals as well as businesses. Globally, there are various companies providing excellent authentication services, SecureAuth stands out among them. SecureAuth is a next-gen access management and authentication company that enables secure and passwordless, continuous authentication experience for employees, partners and customers. With the only solution that can be deployed in cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments, SecureAuth manages and protects access to applications, systems and data at scale, anywhere in the world.

With the real and digital lives converging, security experiences need to be seamless, adaptable, and intuitive. SecureAuth simply lets the right people in and keeps the wrong people out, giving organizations, their employees, and their customers peace of mind while providing a frictionless experience. Arculix by SecureAuth leverages AI/ML driven risk analytics, using hundreds of human variables to create each user’s unique digital DNA. This enables real-time continuous authentication and provides the highest level of security throughout the digital journey. Arculix is the only platform that can be used as the single authentication solution or with a company’s existing IDaaS/IDP. SecureAuth’s solution is deployable across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, delivering a truly passwordless experience to everyone, everywhere.

Benefits of Passwordless Authentication

Talks such as privacy and user security are gaining traction in the digital space, users and businesses have realized the importance of securing their data. Passwordless Authentication is a method that is advocated by security experts to ensure online safety. Most users use common passwords that can be easily hacked and data compromised. Passwordless authentication is one of the focus areas of SecureAuth. The TSR asked Paul Trulove, CEO of SecureAuth, about the benefits of passwordless authentication and also its importance. This is what he had to say “Passwords have become one of the primary vectors for hackers. Millions of passwords are sold online for pennies as they are easy to steal. It’s like locking your doors and handing the keys to the bad guys. In addition, password reset requests using a Helpdesk cost millions of dollars for companies. Finally, having users log into different applications with passwords is very frustrating and results in productivity loss. With Passwordless authentication, organizations can provide a frictionless experience for users while providing strong security. But, not all Passwordless authentication solutions are created equal. SecureAuth goes well beyond and uses a comprehensive risk analytics engine for passwordless. Moreover, we believe passwordless authentication should be continuous which is why SecureAuth provides a passwordless continuous authentication so users just need to log-in once and their identities are verified invisibly using behavioral variables continuously.”

Digital Identity Program

Digital identity ensures democratized access to services. In other words, it unlocks a range of essential services now available online. SecureAuth focuses on providing solutions to customers to help them build a comprehensive digital identity program. This is what Paul Trulove had to tell TSR about SecureAuth’s Digital Identity program, “Organizations need to start by clearly defining specific objectives for their identity management program. For example, do the objectives include achieving a Zero Trust framework; get compliant with various regulations, or a frictionless user experience? They need to look at their user base, applications environment, infrastructure including VDI, VPN, end-points etc. that users need access to on a regular basis. In addition, identity programs need to cover more than just workforce users. Understanding when and how partners, customers, contracts and consumers access corporate IT resources is a big deciding factor. Once all the parameters have been laid out, the next step is gaining buy-in from the senior management and evaluating solutions that not only meets the current requirements but what will be required in the future.”

Future Plans

In such a fast-paced digital world, it is important to keep evolving continuously and to always be on top of one’s game. SecureAuth’s future plans in Paul Trulove’s own words, “The future is super exciting for SecureAuth, its customers, partners, and employees. The company released game-changing products this year and it has a strong portfolio of patented technology that is helping hundreds of customers in staying ahead of the curve in embracing a zero-trust approach to securing access while improving end user satisfaction. Our innovations will change the way the world accesses digital resources.” Frictionless authentication is the future and SecureAuth is definitely on the right path.

Meet the Leader behind the success of SecureAuth

Paul Trulove, CEO of SecureAuth, brings a wealth of experience in the identity space. As the Chief Product Officer, he led Sailpoint’s innovative products that results in a huge success for the company. While innovation is very important to Paul, he is also a very customer, partner, and employee centric CEO. Paul is passionate about customers and making sure that they are delighted about the products and support they get from SecureAuth. He is also building a strong culture where people feel respected, valued, and empowered in a collaborative environment. Paul believes in building a stronger ecosystem of channel and alliance partners that helps both SecureAuth and its partners thrive in a challenging environment.

“Our solution is deployable across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, delivering a truly passwordless experience to everyone, everywhere.”