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Innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency: Ensygnia


Historically, “omnichannel” has been used to mean a single payment gateway for Online and In-store sales. And that’s been a novelty for many retailers, as online and offline sales channels have been in separate silos. Online typically means the main website and offline typically means in-store. Ensygnia's solutions sit at the heart of interaction, as its solution delivers sales more quickly, more often and by more channels. The company’s flagship product Onescan enables any call-to-action to become an instant action to deliver beautiful simplicity, allowing consumers to interact securely online, in-store, or on-the-go. Moreover, a channel can be anything physical or digital and so, Ensygnia can turn any call-to-action into instant action.

Here are some of Ensygnia’s solutions:

Unified omnichannel

Add a dynamic Onescan code to any device or a static one to printed material, to create a secure mobile interaction be that payment, verification or identity management. Ensygnia designed Onescan to sit seamlessly alongside your siloed legacy systems. It’s remarkably quick and easy to configure and integrate as needed. Clients would be able to accomplish more in a few days than others do in weeks. The beauty of Onescan is it’s driven by a range of transaction triggers. If you’re just using mobile, it can be one touch. If you’re using your mobile to interact with the omnichannel, then one scan is the thing you have been looking for. It combines a visual cue with a call-to-action, creating an action instantly.

Ensygnia’s innovative platform allows you to easily brand and personalize it. This is delivered to your customer’s mobile app in real-time — ensuring minimum friction across the omnichannel. Better customer experience means more advocates for your brand, resulting in a greater share of the market.

User Experience

In this day and age consumers' patience is nothing. Every extra step, click, rule, Captcha, or security measure, results in a 40% drop in your conversion. With this in mind, everything Ensygnia does is optimized to have the least number of steps between desire and completion. Providing the best experience is one of Ensygnia’s values. And, since designing the first iteration of its solution in 2012, the company had plenty of time to analyze, test and redefine the customer journey. The result is a streamlined user experience that you can control, adapt and change on-the-fly.

The look, feel and overall user journey behaviors is all set up in Ensygnia’s platform. This makes the update process quick and easy, leaving no need to wait for an app update. The company can even pull in your web content, making it securely interactive and while reducing the maintenance requirements for your app content. Responses to triggers can be personalized to an individual or demographic; making A/B testing simple. In the background, the platform links all of the systems required instantly.

Secure Payments

The payments market can be daunting and confusing to anyone not regularly immersed in it. As a result, many companies have adopted a “wait-and-see” approach. Unfortunately, this has been disastrous for some who are now being disrupted by online & mobile players moving into bricks and mortar, while they’re faced with store closures.

Fortunately, Ensygnia can give you total peace of mind as it super-aggregate across all payment methods globally – the company supports over 200+ payment gateways including, ApplePay, PayPal and Carrier Billing. Moreover, Ensygnia is always integrating new payment methods too. It handles all the compliance so you don’t have to. This not only provides you with the best payment methods and rates for your business but future-proofs you against having to add new methods or keep up with compliance standards like PCI Level 1 and PSD2.

Compliant Security


But because Ensygnia knows that compliance can be a real headache, it ticks all boxes by having full certification for its platform, app, and SDK. Ensygnia is PCI Level 1 compliant (certified) and PSD2 ready. So, risk and cost are a non-issue to clients and partners as you can immediately leverage the certifications. In many cases Ensygnia can completely remove your systems from the scope, dramatically reducing your costs.


Ensygnia consolidates identity. It achieves this by linking to a range of providers and your systems. Additionally, its data partners can provide validation up to bank-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) standards

Payment Data

Payment data is just as secure, but Ensygnia does not store it or hold it on the mobile. Instead, it links to compliant, industry-standard wallets, vaults or payment providers such as ApplePay or PayPal. When needed, credentials are sent directly to your payment processor or tokenized.

Meet the enterprising founder of Ensygnia, Richard Harris

Richard has always believed technology can help solve the world’s problems. He is a natural entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and transforming game-changing technology companies, such as Authenticon, Swivel Secure, Mobix, SAVortex, Clearswift and Tumbleweed.

“We have made it our mission to make consumers’ digital lives easier and safer, by creating Onescan - a platform, mobile app and SDK - that turns a call-to-action into action in seconds.”