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An innovator offering business solutions that show results - from qualifying the right opportunities that fit your business growth strategy to complete proposal management solution: BidExecs Franchising


Business development entails the initiatives, activities, and ideas that make a business better. It propels business expansion, increases revenue, improves profitability, supports strategic decisions, and builds partnerships. A successful business development solution will impact every department in a company and open new market opportunities. By deploying innovative business development solutions, organizations can focus on their goals and create a punch list of tasks that will help the team achieve growth.

Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent business development solutions, but BidExecs Franchising stands out from the rest. Business development, capture support, and proposal solutions from BidExecs Franchising are completely modularized. The company listens to its customers’ needs and pulls together the right combination of solutions from its portfolio to solve problems. BidExecs’ solutions start at the beginning with helping companies develop their business growth strategy and continue through building solutions to realize and monetize the business growth strategy. This means identifying market needs and demands, helping companies invest wisely to build capacity, and then find, qualify, and capture government and commercial contracting opportunities across any industry – services, products, manufacturing, construction, etc.

In conversation with Reena Bhatia, CEO and Founder of BidExecs Franchising

Q. What makes BidExecs Franchising unique in business growth strategy and management space?

Let’s begin with – we are the first and only franchisor in the bid and proposal industry. But that’s not what makes us unique. What is unique about BidExecs Franchising is our ability to help franchise owners bring their contracting experience to the business without a huge investment and the ability to use HQ delivery teams to scale their business. This means a solopreneur can start as a BidExecs Franchise owner, but from day one, they have a team of more than 80 HQ employees standing behind them to help them brand, market, sell, and deliver solutions to their clients. We want our franchise owners to scale and hire people from their local communities, but we want them to first bring in revenue for themselves. Unlike traditional franchise concepts, which are all about huge upfront costs, our focus is on generating revenue for our franchisees before they invest.

Q. Do you think it is mandatory for businesses to partner with an external business growth solutions provider to increase the success rate?

Business growth requires skills and delivery capacity. Using external business growth solution providers like BidExecs gives companies access to a wider variety of talent that allows firms to innovate and stretch their own capabilities and pursue work they normally would not have pursued. The other reason to work with companies like BidExecs is its sheer capacity. Especially in government contracting – the cyclical nature of the business just doesn’t lend itself to ever having enough capacity – regardless of your business size. Even the large publicly traded companies hire external business growth, solution providers. Small businesses need this additional capacity even more. Access to well-trained and smart talent at reasonable prices is a business barrier for small businesses. BidExecs is changing that. So, to answer your question – I would not say it’s mandatory, but it is also not an option if business growth is important to you.

Q. Providing flawless business growth management services needs experts in the house. How did you manage to form your dream team?

Culture. From the first time we talk to a candidate till the day they leave us – our team members are valued and are part of unique business culture. We treat each other the way we want to be treated – it’s not complicated, and it’s easy to follow when you truly believe in it. We formed our dream team by focusing on potential, aptitude, and attitude. We look for motivated learners who are open to building their skills. Whether we are learning from each other or from our customers who engage us on their innovative project ideas – there is never a dull moment. Our employees also know that we are their biggest career champions. We never stand in the way of someone’s professional growth. Our employees’ success is our success. So, there isn’t one secret formula to our dream team, and we may not always get it right. We apologize when we are wrong and celebrate when we succeed – together.

Q. It is tough for businesses to manage growth and protect their reputation during the pandemic. As a business growth and proposal solutions firm, what is your ‘friend in need’ approach for businesses to make it through the crisis?

BidExecs Franchising launched during the pandemic – not by design! Like all other businesses, we found ourselves in a very precarious position. The shift to entrepreneurship has continued to propel BidExecs Franchising’s measured growth in the right direction. For BidExecs customers, the pandemic was no time to slow down. The sudden shutdown did shake up the investment and confidence of all business owners, but that was short-lived. We did not see a dip in business growth – not our own nor with our customers. Government contracting is a unique and almost recession-proof sector – this is what makes it exciting to be a BidExecs Franchise Owner. You are supporting a sector of the economy that will continue to expand, and because we are not limited to just government contracting within the US, the possibilities are vast.

Q. What is the next step for the company as it continues to grow?

BidExecs Franchising is just getting started. We have aggressive growth goals, and Edward James – our Vice President of Franchise Growth, is the absolute right person to lead us towards these goals. At the same time, our HQ Delivery Team, under the leadership of Dr. Troy Tyre is committed to the business growth of every franchise owner who has trusted our company and invested in being part of the system. In the next 24 months, we hope to have a BidExecs ‘office’ in every State in the US, and we will soon (Spring 2022) be announcing two international locations. We plan to open ourselves up to investors in the near future.

Meet the leader behind the success of BidExecs Franchising

Reena Bhatia, CEO and Founder of BidExecs Franchising LLC brings 28 years’ of progressive experience in government and commercial contracting in the US, APAC, and MENA regions of the world.

Dr. Troy Tyre is the President of ProposalHelper – the parent company of BidExecs Franchising LLC. Dr. Tyre served in the United States Marine Corps and worked with contracting companies and the government before joining ProposalHelper. He manages the entire delivery operations directly interfacing with BidExecs and ProposalHelper customers.

Edward James is the Vice President for Franchise Growth at BidExecs Franchising LLC.

Mr. James served in the United States Marine Corps and brings extensive experience working in franchise companies such as Dickeys Barbeque and Seven Eleven. He is responsible for identifying, qualifying, and selecting new franchise owners for BidExecs.

“Our mission starts with you – your business growth is our business! We passionately believe that the growth of every business directly contributes to the overall growth of a nation.”