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30 Innovators to Watch 2021

Kenneth Bond is “A Next-Generation Innovator”, whose Automation Software is Disrupting & Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management, Dispatch, Logistics, Carrier Management, Delivery, Freight & Cargo Management


Kenneth Bond is leading a team that’s taking the world of Supply Chain Management to all new heights. Established in 2015 and fueled by customers, Kenneth Bond, his team and ROOK Connect are now one of the leading software Supply Chain Management providers in North America and are being welcomed with open arms as they continue to grow and expand throughout the world. With a product that not only drives operational efficiency but directly drives revenue for businesses, it's no surprise that ROOK Connect is making waves that have the entire industry trying to catch up.

ROOK Connect’s Process Management Software helps businesses streamline operations, enhancing their ability to operate efficiently, connecting teams, contractors, carriers, drivers and business departments through the implementation of lean business practices and workflows that maximize revenues. With the distinct advantage of being a modular-based software, ROOK Connect comes fully stacked with templates, workflows, process tracking applications and business efficiency tools to drive revenue and ensure you’re getting the most out of every transaction.  Capitalizing on years of experience with implementations and designing digital workflows and processes, the company's representatives can help configure and customize ROOK Connect to match your exact needs. ROOK Connect is not an off-the-shelf solution, it’s strategically designed to ensure your business can configure it to work your way.

But what is the secret to Kenneth's success, and why is he getting so much attention in 2021? He has found a way to implement software solutions that empower businesses with operational efficiency, provide transparency on all operational strategies and ensure real-time communication. Driving real return for businesses is a priority for ROOK Connect, and with the ability to provide solutions for all levels of business, Kenneth Bond has businesses literally rethinking their practices and soaring to all new heights with features and tools that are driving returns like never before.

Many businesses talk about their ability to deliver; ROOK Connect helps ensure it. "Our ability to execute with extreme attention to detail is second to none. We solve real business problems by implementing software innovation that helps businesses perform, execute, track and drive value for their customers," affirms Mr. Bond.


ROOK Connect focuses on real-time results, real-time tracking, reporting and cost analysis essentials which not only help determine ways for businesses to be more efficient and make money; but also to identify where they are suffering losses and how to rectify them. Businesses that meet with ROOK Connect not only purchase ROOK Connect, but they also become customers for life. "Innovation isn't just part of our mandate; it's an action we take every day."

Innovations are driving newer technologies in the world today, and Kenneth says that businesses that aren't innovating or using technology to further their success are leaving profits behind - and he is right. "Innovation is nothing to take lightly; businesses should be reevaluating their needs on an ongoing basis and finding partners they can trust to deliver software solutions that will positively impact their business. We are the next generation of innovators," emphasizes Kenneth Bond.

ROOK Connect helps reduce costs and increase business efficiency. The company also works with businesses to streamline material planning and procurement to minimize inventory and warehousing costs, strategically selecting transportation options, while improving communication and streamlining processes. ROOK Connect strategic planning and tracking systems provide not only the visualization needed to make decisions but empower a business with forecasting and change management essentials to help run optimally. With real-time visibility and data visualization tools, a business can have the right tools and details to make the best decisions. ROOK Connect makes delivery process management easy and real-time visibility a priority. It's a flexible delivery software, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and business intelligence platform, designed to streamline business practices.

With configurable workflows, ROOK Connect Software was designed to coordinate and organize complex processes while managing the execution of dispatching, logistics, warehousing, transport and the delivery of goods from the point of origin all the way through to the point of consumption. Managing and tracking the flow of information from start to finish, ROOK Connect comes stacked with lean process management workflows, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, partner/carrier management systems (PRM) and configurable settings so businesses can ensure that the processes they want to be followed are tracked and reported on properly. Ensuring that all aspects of a business are cohesively working together, ROOK Connect manages the details, empowering customers, maximizing revenues and tracking operational efficiencies in real-time. ROOK Connect takes the guesswork out of managing Supply Chain Management and enhances the ability to deliver for customers, with digital processes that improve every facet of a business.

We asked the innovator, what's next? "We will take on new challenges, push our product to exceed expectations and work directly with businesses and partners who can increase the overall return our customers get by utilizing our product," replied Kenneth Bond.

Recently, ROOK Connect has launched a new Business Intelligence Application. This application aims to learn how a particular business is using the software, interacting and engaging with it, so the software can make recommendations on how the business can operate more effectively. Also, the company has just launched a new Freight, Cargo and Logistics application that allows ROOK Connect customers to fully integrate their business into any courier or major carrier for real-time quoting and estimating.

Kenneth Bond, Founder & CEO

Kenneth Bond is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Fresh Focus Media Inc. and its innovative software product ROOK Connect. As a Marketing Professional, Enterprise Software Solutions Architect & Digital Technology Strategist, Kenneth is focused on bridging the gap between how businesses engage with technology to drive efficiencies. Recognized as one of the top 10 most persevering and dynamic entrepreneurs of 2021, with over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, business development, public relations, communications, branding, web development, digital media and software development, Kenneth has dedicated his career to working alongside businesses of all sizes to better engage and work with them to maximize returns. Kenneth's ability to bring a fresh perspective to businesses, generate revenue and increase their ability to deliver to their customers has him being awarded as one of the Top 3, of the Top 100 Canadian Professionals of 2021.