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An innovator with the solutions to keep enterprise data secure, healthy, and agile, empowering businesses to make intelligent decisions: Congruity360


In the digital world that we live in, enterprises have access to more data than ever before. Experts are certain that this data creates a basic framework of intelligence for key business decision making. To make sure that the right decisions are made at crucial junctions and improved reliability, security, scalability, and visibility are achieved, companies must start investing in data management solutions. The process of data management includes a combination of different processes that is important for effective data analysis at scale. This, in turn, affects your bottom line and adds significant value to your customers. As we know that data plays an important role in the digital economy, it is also important for the solutions to continue to evolve to meet the organization’s data needs. Globally there are various companies providing excellent data management solutions, but Congruity360 stands out from the rest. Congruity360 is a holistic data management provider that enhances the value of technology investments by improving data quality, offering cost optimization across IT operating expenses, controlling disparate data sets, and expediting project timelines from a universal IT level – not the application level. A layer of cross-functional review tools empowers different teams within an organization to collaboratively manage data, delivering powerful data governance with built-in checks and balances. Congruity360 is a start-up feel with enterprise roots. People are the most important element of its business and the reason they have been able to, as an organization, successfully pivot from a managed services portfolio to a fully SaaS offering. Team360 is comprised of talented, dedicated risk-takers. They are encouraged to explore their ideas, challenge themselves and the status quo, and take ownership of their processes.

Team building and people

Alongside its customers, Congruity360’s main priority is its employees. The company works hard to establish a respectful relationship on day one. Congruity360 employs subject matter experts and trusts them to do their jobs. Leadership is constantly looking for feedback and is open to making changes when necessary. Keeping communication lines open is also essential for maintaining trust within the team. Employees have extensive knowledge of all stages of the enterprise data lifecycle, strengthening the company’s universal approach to data governance. Congruity360’s ability to pivot rapidly with tech changes lies squarely within its team members’ breadth of expertise and experience.

Integrated approach

While talking to Congruity360, Brian Davidson, CEO stated that, “organizations often see the initial investment in a data classification solution as one that can be too daunting, but at the end of the day if you are dealing with a data breach or violating a data policy, the expense becomes insurmountably higher. Proactively investing in data classification saves money down the road when an organization is faced with new regulatory policies or a vast data breach. Beyond the monetary component, we enable our customers to offer a level of trust to their clients; their confidential data is securely managed and stored, with proactive safety measures in place to minimize the impact of a breach.” He furthermore added that, “Congruity360 is always working on expanding markets and reaching new geographical destinations. Outside of North America, Congruity360 currently has a presence in England, Ireland, and China and customers in all major geographical markets.”

It is an undeniable fact that data tools play an integral role in empowering users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize data from any combination of sources. While talking about the same, Brian stated that, “we connect to all enterprise data sources within an organization, index data without making a copy, dive into that data to analyze it, and then allow the user to take action on that data. We break down data silos by normalizing data from all sources, leveling the data playing field, so to speak, and giving enterprises a clear view of their data across the enterprise applications and repositories. Insights gleaned from this process inform business decisions regarding data storage, retention policies, regulatory compliance, cloud storage projects, and many other business directives.”

Meet the leader behind the success of Congruity360

Brian Davidson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Congruity360. Brian Davidson’s professional career originated with Co-Founding several successful IT companies, Rockland IT Solutions and MSDI that ultimately lead to Congruity360. Brian has proven success in both direct and indirect sales models, revenue generation, operational excellence, and strategic vendor management.

“We strive every day to ensure our customers are successful and hold ourselves accountable to the value delivered.”

“We work collaboratively to ensure the impact of our software and services are extended through the entire enterprise.”