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Spring Special Edition 2022

InnovAI is a Game-Changer, Outshines Self Service BI and Spreadsheet Tools


“InnovAI has applications ready to use and automatic Data Lake modelling”

InnovBest is a top-performing artificial intelligence (AI) company, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was designed to create differentiated applications of AI-driven analysis to seamlessly automate the decision-making processes.

The company’s flagship product, InnovAI, has gained popularity in the industry in recent months, given how it outclasses the Self Services BIs (Business Intelligence) and Spreadsheet tools. As a result, InnovBest has risen as a leading solutions provider, focusing on the needs of CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, as well VPs and C-level executives.

Contrary to Self Service BI or Spreadsheet tools, InnovAI provides more accuracy and speed, analyzing mammoth amounts of data flawlessly and providing critical insights to C-Level executives to provide them with a larger picture and all details, without wait for reports or analysts to get the information. With the help of InnovAI they can make AI-driven decisions with fast and accurate information, and, eventually, achieve the highest ROI.

Traditional analytics tools served a purpose in the market for several years, but it is losing their sheen due the high overhead cost, and it are very difficult to use, only senior analysts can make data manipulation using Self Service BI, then it’s safe to mention that InnovAI is all set to replace them as it offers advanced AI-driven analysis capabilities. For example, it takes a couple of minutes for InnovAI to complete analysis that analysts consume one to two weeks to explain what happened using BIs and/or Spreadsheets.

With that said, corporate companies must change and embrace the new advanced technologies such as InnovAI, so can get big saving reducing the overhead cost and analysis much faster and more accurate. Indeed the market is very dynamic; it will be wise to implement conscious growth-hacking strategies, such as utilizing such advanced technologies as AI-driven analysis with AI applications ready to use and automatic Data Lake modelling provided by InnovAI.

Even though InnovAI is new, already has enormous success in corporate customers as AIRBUS and others, it continues to grab attention.

The Silicon Review contacted Antonio Augusto, CEO of InnovBest, who spoke about how the company is making difference in this AI-driven segment and plans to stay at the forefront. Below is an excerpt.

“We have made huge investments in R&D and continued our quest for trying out several sets of algorithms until InnovAI was launched in 2021. It is new, but we already have relevant corporate customers in Brazil and the forecast for the next coming years is excellent as a myriad of executives and IT professionals have shown an interest in our product.”

AI-driven Facilitating Enhanced Results

The AI-driven applications of InnovAI can be implemented across industries, including manufacturing, retail, insurance, banking, media, hospitals, universities, etc.

The product is ready to use; don’t need a development team to operate it, which is a big annual saving for corporate companies that spend big budgets with BI and AI development.

An important innovation of product is that InnovAI do automatic data lake modeling; don’t need AI or data modeling that is very expensive and cause a great headache to IT professionals, beyond the high cost.

InnovAI also cause an expressive saving in corporate companies, which can reduce 80 to 90 percent of business analysts, because the AI-driven analysis automates the analysis done by analysts, but very fast and accurate analysis than done by analysts.

Last but not least, InnovAI is extremely fast and carries out accurate AI-driven analysis for decision-making executives.

The InnovBest plan

InnovBest plans to expand its footprint and introduce InnovAI to the US and European markets through local distributors or VARs. The product already is multi-language architecture.

“Currently, we are in talks to new distributors in Europe and plan to select VARs in the USA this year.”

Self Service BIs & Spreadsheets InnovAI
 Need BI development team and data modelling.
  • InnovAI is ready to use, no development team needed.
  • Automatically creates the data lake modelling.
 High overhead cost.  Reduces the overhead cost.
  • Thousands or millions of combinations to be analyzed.
  • It  is  humanly  impossible  analyze  with drill  down  used  by  BIs  or  spreadsheets.
  • All possible combinations are automatically analyzed very quickly by InnovAI algorithms.
  • AI-driven analysis.
Business analysts with senior level is needed to analyze data using self-service  BIs. Very easy: AI-driven analysis of InnovAI can be done directly by managers and C-level executives.
After KPIs and standard reports, analysts using BIs spend from 1 to 3 weeks to   analyze the several ‘Whys’ from executives. InnovAI carries out a complete and accurate AI-driven analysis  in a few minutes.
It’s impossible to analyze all combinations using BI or spreadsheets due to the classical drill down as it does not show the gaps or opportunities. All data are analyzed automatically by InnovAI algorithms: 100% precise to identify all distortions and opportunities.
  • Decision process slow and expensive.
  • No accurate information.
  • KPIs based.
  • Decision-making fast and cheaper.
  • AI-driven analysis.
  • InnovAI automatically identifies the opportunities.

Antonio Augusto | CEO of InnovBest

Antonio Augusto, serves as the CEO of InnovBest. He has over 45 years of experience in the IT industry.

“We have made huge investments in R&D and continued our quest for trying out several sets of algorithms until InnovAI was created in 2020. It is very new, yet the forecast for the next coming years is excellent as a myriad of executives and IT professionals have shown an interest in our product.”