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Innovid – An independent omni-channel advertising, creative and analytics platform built exclusively for television


The web ecosystem has been a perfect medium for delivering and consuming myriads ad formats, and now CTV advertising actively changes experience on TV. Unlike traditional television, the Internet as a platform is universal in making content available from any spot on the world. As linear TV for advertising loses its former relevance, Internet-connected one is massively paving the road for flexible and selective advertising. This marks that the era of cable television and TV commercials is on a decline. Streaming media is what the viewers want. It is a new way of watching TV and video content. Compared to traditional TV ads, the overall convenience and reach of advertising are hard to beat, not even for the consumers.

Innovid is the world's leading connected TV and video advertising platform that transforms the video experience across devices and empowers advertisers to create, deliver, and measure highly-personalized, data-driven advertising. The firm uses data to enable the personalization, delivery, and measurement of ads across the broadest breadth of digitally enabled channels in the market, including TV, video, display, social, and OOH. Innovid serves a global client base of brands, agencies, and publishers through over twelve offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.  

Innovative solutions and services offered by Innovid

Ad Serving Solutions: To say omnichannel ad serving is hard is quite an understatement. Remove the hassle of cross-device, cross-platform ad serving with instant validation and automatic encoding that meets publisher specs in more than 70 countries all from a single asset. With thousands of publishers worldwide with their unique specs, ensuring ad integrity is always a challenge. Guarantee the highest possible quality for your ads with a platform that is compatible with publishers, minimizes tedious tasks, and protects against fraud, all while supported by global ad industry experts.

True Omni-channel Support: The company's experts not only understand the intricacies of how to make an omnichannel campaign successful in every market but can also navigate the entire process for you. The team will position you for the best possible results from strategy-building and implementation to creative personalization and assessing campaign quality. The easy-to-implement workflows, triggers, and machine learning technology remove tedious tasks so you can refocus efforts on higher-impact strategic areas.

Measurement Solutions: When it comes to TV, identifying where audiences overlap can be a daunting task. Innovid and Roku teamed up to help you understand your daily de-duplicated reach across connected TV (CTV) and linear TV buys so you can optimize media spend and avoid audience fatigue. Easily optimize your advertising campaigns from a single dashboard that provides a broad range of comprehensive delivery, performance, and engagement metrics. Marketers can leverage impression delivery trends (by day, week, and month), delivery, performance views (by device, publisher, and creative), and MRC-accredited metrics to achieve the best possible results. Feel confident in your ability to enable and extend campaign analysis with an extensive view of the most critical metrics across best-in-breed data partners. With an open, integrated platform, dashboards will incorporate data such as viewability, brand safety, real-time ad blocking, and audience measurement. Additionally, as a trusted Google Measurement Partner fully integrated with Ads Data Hub, you can access viewability metrics reporting for video and display from YouTube, DV360, and other Google supply sources.

The valiant leader behind the supremacy of Innovid

Zvika Netter is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Innovid. With more than 20 years of digital media experience, he sets the strategic direction for Innovid. He oversees product innovation, strengthening its industry position, strategic partnerships, and business development and investor relations. Mr. Zvika has authored numerous patents and served as an elite computer unit in the Israeli Defense. He also co-founded the non-profit organization GarageGeeks, an innovation hub with more than 8,000 members and one of Israel's largest hackerspaces.

Zvika was selected by TIME as one of the "Tech Pioneers Who Will Change Your Life." He was also named a World Economic Forum "Technology Pioneer" and "Europe's Young Entrepreneurs" by Businessweek. Zvika was named a 2016 SmartCEO Magazine Fast 50 CEO and featured in Business Insider's 19 Most Interesting Ad-Tech Startups of 2017.

"We are transforming the TV experience with dynamic, data-driven creative delivered on all channels and 3rd party measurement through our media-agnostic platform."