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30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2023 – Accelerating biopharma partnering for the future of medicine


Pharma companies are under constant pressure to innovate and stay competitive, whether that’s in drug discovery, business strategy, or elsewhere. The emergence of digital health solutions is perhaps the most significant development in the industry to date – and offers huge opportunities for innovation. But most pharma companies don’t have the skills internally to create digital innovations on their own, and those that do often outsource or bring in external experts to support digital health projects. Rather than a barrier to growth, this is an exciting opportunity for the industry. Partnerships between pharma companies and specialized digital health providers have the potential to bring huge benefits to patients, clinicians, and pharma itself. Pharma companies have complex clinical knowledge and a deep understanding of disease pathology. Individual pharma brands themselves have forged strong identities and a clear sense of where their products fit into the broader healthcare landscape. But with data, analytics, and digital health solutions set to be indispensable to the continued success of the pharmaceutical industry, there’s a clear need for pharma to leverage specialist digital expertise to stay competitive.

Inova is the leading provider of digital partnering solutions for the biopharma industry. More than 60% of the world's largest pharma companies and hundreds of innovative biotechs rely on Inova's cloud platforms to manage their opportunities and partnerships, from sourcing leads to deal signature to alliance management. With data, opportunity portals, and event offerings, Inova delivers structure, efficiency, security, and compliance to more than 160 clients. In 2022, Inova acquired two innovative companies: IN-PART, the successful academia-industry matchmaker, and, Europe's leading digital biotech media company.

The company has developed strategic partnerships that make data from the 20 biggest biopharma events automatically available in Inova, providing our users with always up-to-date company and contact information. Over 130 life science companies, including 50% of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies, and many midsize pharma and innovative biotechs already use Inova.

Q. Why Inova?

Seek diversity: They strongly believe in a diverse, international workplace. It helps them connect with the clients and leads to increased creativity, deeper market insights, and better solutions. They are proud to say that their employees represent 25 different nationalities. Mixing cultural and educational backgrounds sparks greater innovation and better problem-solving. When searching for new solutions, they’re not afraid to seek different opinions and expertise outside of Inova.

Commit and deliver: When they commit to something, they are all in. They take their responsibilities seriously, going the extra mile to get the job done and deliver beyond expectations. Their quest for excellence is relentless. They constantly strive to improve themselves and their service, cultivating the knowledge, skill, and attitudes to make it happen. They dare to tackle big problems, approaching every challenge with a can-do attitude and fact-based decision-making.

Care: Inova cares for their people, customers, the industry they evolve in, and the environment. They want their business to have a positive impact. Work-life balance is important, but what it looks like depends on the person. They’re happy to be flexible because happy and rested employees make them a better company. Ethics are core to their strategy and take pride in being exemplary in the way they do business. When prioritizing business strategies, they consider both their business potential and their impact on the environment. Reducing their carbon footprint is important to them.

Inova Partnering Platform

Inova is designed for partnering in the life sciences, meaning it comes preconfigured to store and manage information about your partnerships. Find everything you need to know about a potential partner in one place. You’ll immediately find all of the related contacts, assets, discussions, meetings, and documents, including agreements, emails and meeting minutes. Headed into a meeting? Quickly check whether your company has already met with this partner and scan through past interactions from your desktop or your mobile. Many partnerships get started at conferences. That’s why our solution connects to the 20 biggest biopharma partnering events, including BIO International Convention, BIO-Europe Spring and BIO-Europe Fall. Thanks to this sync, your Inova application comes preloaded with your BIO partnering meeting information, providing you with an up-to-date database right from the start. Using Inova's Outlook Add-in, swiftly push emails and documents into the Inova platform with just a couple of clicks! It’s a fast, simple way to keep your partnering information up-to-date and easy to find in the future.

Using their connector you can import and monitor the latest competitive intelligence in just a few clicks. With the Cortellis API, your assets are synchronized in real-time and you will be alerted automatically if there’s any change in status. For example, if an asset is rejected in phase 1 for toxicity risks, but later moves to phase 2, you will receive an email prompting you to reconsider the opportunity. Search for and import interesting assets using our Clarivate connector, then evaluate them directly in Inova. In just a few clicks, you can hand off promising opportunities to your business development team or automatically monitor assets that may be of future interest. With all your landscaping data in one place, you can effectively analyze and visualize your data and your performance. Important documents and emails can sometimes fall through the cracks. Using Inova, you can easily store, locate and share your partnering information with colleagues in one secure place. Instead of searching through old emails, different computers or various databases, organize key files and communications in Inova.

Gilles Toulemonde | CEO

"We’re constantly developing new partnerships and new features to help biopharma companies work together better."