50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2019

Inovalon: Inspired by Innovation, Empowered with Energy, Committed to Value, and Realized Through Action


Inovalon, a Bowie, MD-based technology company working with the nation’s top health payers, providers, pharmacy and life sciences companies, is a leading provider of cloud-based platforms empowering data-driven healthcare.

Inovalon’s reach extends into every facet of healthcare. To succeed in today’s increasingly data-driven healthcare landscape, stakeholders need to aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data, garner meaningful insights from the analysis of that data, and use those insights to drive material change to healthcare outcomes and economics. For two decades, Inovalon has developed, honed, and scaled its technology to empower its clients to achieve meaningful improvements in the quality and economics of healthcare across the ecosystem and supports thousands of clients, including 24 of the top 25 U.S. health plans, 22 of the top 25 global pharma companies, 19 of the top 25 U.S. healthcare provider systems, and many of the leading pharmacy organizations, device manufacturers, and other healthcare industry constituents.

The analytics and capabilities of the Inovalon ONE® Platform are informed by the nation’s largest primary source dataset, the MORE2 Registry®, comprising data from an ever-expanding base of more than 980,000 physicians, 546,000 clinical facilities, 287 million unique patients, and nearly 48 billion medical events. This massive dataset, coupled with Inovalon’s connectivity, data integration and validation capabilities, advanced predictive analytics, and point-of-care connectivity and solutions, translates resulting insights into real-world impact, delivering high-value and measurable results for its clients.

A 2014 McKinsey study suggested that analytics can drive between $300 billion and $450 billion in annual benefit in healthcare. Today, Inovalon estimates that its data assets, analytics, and data-driven platforms provide for a total addressable market opportunity greater than $142 billion in the combined payer, provider, patient/consumer, pharmacy and life science marketplace.


With the goal of improving the quality and economics of healthcare to provide a better care experience for millions of patients each day, Inovalon places great value on creativity and fosters a collaborative work environment. At Inovalon, innovative thoughts and ideas flourish– a testament to the company’s steadfast dedication and unwavering commitment to its employees and a keen understanding of the value they bring to the company and to the industry it serves. It is this collaborative environment that has attracted some of the best minds from across the country.

More than 2,500 Inovalon employees share the vision of improving healthcare, and this unifying mission encourages high employee engagement — driving the organization’s vision to be the global leader of data-driven healthcare solutions. The motivating force for Inovalon employees is that passion to be inspired by innovation, empowered with energy, committed to value, and realized through action.

Inovalon’s strength lies in the diversity of thoughts and deep expertise of its employees. With opportunities to work on cutting-edge technology solutions and with mentors and leadership teams that value and support professional advancement, Inovalon employees thrive in a fast-paced environment ripe for growth.

Understanding that employees require an inclusive and stimulating workplace outside of their day-to-day responsibilities, Inovalon employees regularly participate in mentoring circles, charitable events nationwide, volunteerism, book clubs, and the Inovalon Women’s Network. In 2018, Inovalon’s Charitable Giving team supported 33 honorable causes over the course of the year, contributing direct funding and thousands of employee volunteer hours.

This positive company culture, coupled with a talent framework that supports all employees and their desires for career development, makes Inovalon an ideal workplace for employees at all levels. Competitive benefits including parental leave, tuition reimbursement, and professional training round out this best place to work.

Meet the Visionary Behind Inovalon: Keith R. Dunleavy, M.D.

Keith R. Dunleavy, M.D. serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Inovalon. He received a bachelor’s degree in biology modified with engineering with high honors from Dartmouth College, where his studies and work focused on the neurosciences, computer sciences, and electrical engineering with his honors thesis focused on the computer simulation of artificial human cerebellar functional units. Dr. Dunleavy earned his doctorate in medicine from Harvard Medical School, completed his medical residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, practiced and was Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He serves as a Director on the Dartmouth Medical School Board of Overseers, has authored or co-authored several scientific journal articles, abstracts, and proprietary research papers, and has presented his work and materials at multiple national and international conferences.

“We believe in the power of data, informing actionable insights, driving meaningful impact and making healthcare better.”