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INTELITY – Providing hotelier, residential, cruise, and other customers with the most advanced guest experience platform available


The hospitality industry is undergoing a transformative and collective change: a complete rethink of the guest experience for a world where human interactions, shared spaces and high-touch surfaces pose new risks. Of course, this effort to streamline the guest experience by reducing contact and eliminating friction is not new. Covid-19 has sharpened our focus on "frictionless" guest experiences and accelerated the adoption of contactless technology across all property types and categories. Hotels are using their digital transformation and redefining a new guest journey to fit into this new reality. Contactless features are now high in the list for guests who wish to limit the human interaction and self-service where possible. Guests also want to start enjoying the hotel experience without having long queues at check-in or the concierge desk. Technology will help hotels during this transformation. From the way guests check-in and out of a hotel, how they order food, make reservations, and obtain information on all the facilities and services available to them during their stay, all this can be implemented on friendly and innovative self-service experience.

INTELITY is one such firm that is the most comprehensive guest engagement and staff management platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets. The firm provides fully integrated solutions to connect better and manage a single platform's mobile-first guest experience and staff operations. With a total of over 15 years of experience providing the hospitality industry with some of the most advanced technology available, INTELITY has become the leader in guest experience and workstream automation. Founded by leaders with deep hospitality and platform technologies, the company built successive tech iterations around key elements of the digital traveler's journey.

Revolutionary Services and solutions offered by INTELITY

Mobile App services: Give guests unprecedented control over their stay and service with industry-leading mobile capabilities. From their own devices, guests can access information, make service requests, and more, providing a modern, mobile guest experience while also eliminating unnecessary guest-staff contact and increasing safety. Smartphones and other mobile devices have changed the way the hospitality industry communicates with and serves its customers. It's past time for the casino-hotel market to start adopting these technologies. A fully customizable solution for properties and brands of all types, INTELITY's Mobile Apps make contactless service simple for staff and easy-to-request for guests. Full access to amenities and services are provided right to your guests' fingertips. Properties and brands have different needs when it comes to their guests' mobile experience. Built for both iOS and Android devices, the firm offers a wide range of customization. From light branding to a completely custom build, they have got the right solution for casino or hotel apps at any scale.

Elevated Guest Experience: Ensure guests have access to everything they need for a perfect stay by empowering them with in-room technology that feels comfortable and familiar. With Android and iOS options, the 8″ Lenovo Smart Tab M8, the 10″ Lenovo Smart Tab M10 with Bluetooth speaker dock, and iPad with IPORT dock, there's a tablet to fit the modern atmosphere of any guest room design. Enable convenient, fully contactless dining experiences for guests by replacing hard-to-sanitize printed menus and in-person deliveries with simple digital ordering and touchless delivery. In-Room Tablets, part of an omnichannel marketing platform, features full-screen digital promotions easily managed from the Content Management tools within GEMS.

The Valiant leader behind the success of INTELITY

Robert Stevenson is the Chief Executive Officer of INTELITY. He is a tech and entertainment executive with more than 20 years of rich experience across various disciplines, including product and business development, marketing, engineering, and finance. Prior to the formation of INTELITY, Mr. Robert served as CEO of KEYPR, helping to lead the company to significant growth and Head of Content Strategy for Oculus, the world's most massive VR & AR platform purchased by Facebook for $3Bn. Mr. Robert has an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and has completed undergraduate studies in Design and Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He is a seed investor in several techs and F&B start-ups and works with young entrepreneurs and advisory boards to help them reach their goals.

"Through partnerships with industry leaders, the core INTELITY platform expands to include additional hardware to elevate the guest experience even further.”