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Ultimate Solutions, a Pioneer Technology Company, Grows by Leaps and Bounds while Focusing on ‘Flexibility’


“We involve professionals and experts in our research and development processes to build our roadmap and predict what is coming next.”

Enterprise Resource Planning applications have been around for decades. They started in financial operations and human resources managing salaries, benefits, product costing, and general ledger. Depending on where you draw the line today, they run and control most critical functions in any business, from order intake and inventory management to payment and financial reporting. Even with new cloud versions, ERPs are typically highly customized, very costly, and complex.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Ultimate Solutions — one of the successful software deployment companies specialized in Enterprise Resource Management and Accounting Systems.

The company was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. It has additional offices located in Algeria, Bahrain, India, Indonesia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Sudan, Turkey, Tanzania, Oman, and Yemen.

Ali Yousefi, Ultimate Solutions Founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Breaking the Boundaries

Ultimate Solutions focuses on flexibility in delivering the services it offers while maintaining the best international standards and practices. After taking stock of the main challenges in various market segments, the company has introduced many state-of-the-art technologies to address these roadblocks it has been facing.  

Ultimate provides a suite of software and multiple ERP systems solutions that fit nearly every type of industry needs. It also offers multiple add-ons that complement its robust set of services.

“One of our well-known solutions is Onyx Pro ERP which is serving more than 10,000 customers around the globe. We also offer Motakamel ERP which serves medium and small businesses. There are various other solutions we provide serving a range of industries including hospitality, money exchange, etc.”

Taking a Deeper Look

Onyx Pro ERP was built and designed to service every industry without leaving any. Besides the core system which provides advanced accounting and human resources features, several modules support a lot of additional models.

“We tried our best to simplify things for businesses and organizations by offering different modules where they can easily pick and choose based on their requirements. The system offers different models such as ‘MRP’, which is an advanced production line module that fulfils the needs of any industrial organization. The system offers other modules such as business intelligence reporting, bad debts collection, and transport tracking, and much more.”

Moreover, the Onyx ERP e-commerce module enables businesses to expand their online presence without much of an effort. The module imports all existing products, services, and business rules from the Onyx core and enables admin to modify and approve each item before publishing it on the e-commerce site.

“We understand the complication of managing separate systems for the online presence including the needed integration and huge operational challenges. For that, our e-commerce module operates as a part of the core system which eliminates the need for any integration and reduces the operational headache. With Onyx ERP, businesses can start offering their products and services with no extra load on operations, and guarantee smooth order fulfilment and customer care service.”  

Going Above and Beyond

Ultimate started ‘Ultimate Solutions Academy’ in 2018 to provide professional training courses for its users. After one year, the academy launched its online platform to provide 24x7 online learning and different certification programs for the end-users.

“We could be the only provider that offers a full online learning platform for free. The platform provides users with different training programs based on the user’s rules and responsibilities. Users can easily enrol in any of the programs, watch online classes, take exams, and get the certificate once they meet all the outlined requirements.”

Ultimate Solution online community is another source of information where users can ask questions and share knowledge.

Moreover, the company has signed multiple agreements with universities in the Middle East and North Africa to provide hands-on training to students to provide them with necessary system knowledge and experience before heading to the real market.

Achieving a Unique Feat

Ultimate provides a unique mix of features that cover a wide range of requirements concerning different regions, countries, and markets.

“We try our best to fulfill the needs of the market smartly and always think of the future such as how would the market look like, how we can support the future business and what is the best approach to achieve that, etc. Also, we involve professionals and experts in our research and development processes to build our roadmap and predict what is coming next.”

Ultimate solution provides a unique architecture in all their solutions. Instead of forcing customers to change their operational processes, Ultimate provides dynamic systems that can adapt to the end-user’s requirements and can easily be tailored through the provided advanced system settings. Their systems offers special features as well.

“Our systems handle inflation perfectly to provide businesses in those countries with a high inflation rate with better control. We also offer advance access right to support these highly restricted business modules. The systems specially handle the dual-languages transaction to support specific markets and businesses”

“Moreover, we believe in investing in local markets. For that, we focus on building local teams to provide better, smoother, and faster support and ensure a higher quality of service.

Through the years, we noticed that offering a local service eliminates a lot of barriers such as language, time zone, business culture, and increase the overall support service efficiency.”

Future Arrangements

In addition to introducing a cloud technology, Ultimate plans to release a new generation of their ERP solutions to cover more businesses and market sectors. The company also seeks to enhance e-commerce and logistics with more features and a wider option of online payment …considering the huge demand.

Ali Yousefi: A Dynamic Leader

Ali Yousefi is the Founder of Ultimate Solutions. He was aware that the ERP system is the spinal core of any organization across all sectors. For businesses to succeed, they should always be in full control of their internal business processes, flow, resources, and easily monitor their performance and financial health. He believes that a good ERP system enables a business to achieve all that with little resources, efforts, and affordable cost.

Mr. Yousefi dedicates himself to build a new ERP solution that will free businesses to focus more on the business and less on running it.

“Ultimate provides a unique mix of features that cover a wide range of requirements concerning different regions, countries, and markets.”