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Intelligent Information for the Enterprise: Smartlogic

thesiliconreview-jeremy-bentley-ceo-smartlogic-18Founded in 2006, Smartlogic is a leading San Jose, CA-based computer software company. Smartlogic’s Semaphore is an enterprise-grade semantic platform that allows organizations to realize the business value of their information. By leveraging a common vocabulary and sophisticated semantic techniques Semaphore enriches information assets with precise, complete and consistent metadata. It also extracts facts, entities, and relationships to drive analytics and workflows, and harmonizes all information sources to gain business insight

Bringing structure to the unstructured, Semaphore scales to manage organizational volumes, and supports industry-standard semantic vocabularies. Its model-driven, rule-based semantic approach solves complex business problems that traditional technologies cannot. It integrates into and enhances the capabilities of existing technology to improve time to value for new opportunities.

Global organizations in the energy, healthcare, life sciences, financial services, government & intelligence, media and publishing, and high tech manufacturing industries use Semaphore every day to enrich enterprise information with context and meaning. Semaphore extracts critical facts, entities, and relationships to power case management, workflows, and advanced analytics. It harmonizes different data types from disparate sources to create logical data warehouses with a true semantic layer.

Extract value from information with Semaphore

Smartlogic’s suite of software tools combine semantic technology and information science to model, interpret, describe, analyze and visualize the information locked within an organization’s content.

With Semaphore, organizations gain insight and value from their unstructured content to drive business processes, comply with governmental regulations, aid e-discovery and drive critical business decisions to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Semaphore auto-classifies information using taxonomies and ontologies to identify the meaningful information it contains. It then creates rich metadata that organizations use to audit data, secure sensitive information, drive workflows, improve search and retrieval and discover relationships and patterns. Ontology Editor lets users model the concepts, topics, products, market segments and organizational structures that are unique to each organization and industry. Classification Server generates rulebases directly from the model and uses those rulebases to auto-classify text. It creates machine-readable data that organizations analyze to drive business processes and decisions.

Semaphore simplifies and improves the delivery process that allows you to harmonize your information, drive workflows, secure sensitive information, improve search and retrieval, and archive, migrate and monetize your data. It integrates with content management systems, workflow engines, analytics, business applications and search platforms to maximize your enterprise technology investment.

Semaphore Cloud

Semaphore Cloud is a set of on-demand subscription services that provide Semaphore for a broad range of customers regardless of size, type or location, who need to access Smartlogic’senterprise semantic platform functionality to manage mission-critical tasks. Semaphore Cloud is Software as a Service via an enterprise-grade collection of modules that scale as your requirements evolve.

Semaphore Cloud provides sophisticated semantic capabilities to the cloud, allowing customers to derive meaning from information assets in the same way hundreds of Semaphore on-premise customers do today. Semaphore can be deployed on-premise; in a hybrid environment; and fully as a Cloud service. If you’re operating in a hybrid environment, with some of your data on-premise and some in the cloud, you will enjoy the benefits of consistent and precise metadata across both platforms without missing a beat.

Semaphore Cloud benefits

Semaphore Cloud eliminates expenses associated with hardware acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance. It reduces the hassles of software installation and support of applications on company computers or in data centers. Cloud services ensure you have up-to-date software versions and updates; reducing the burden on in-house staff or the need for expensive external contractors.

Smartlogic’s services are scalable; organizations consume only the services they need to manage the ebb and flow of their business. Services are billed on a monthly basis so you can transition costs to a recurring operating expense. And as usage, environment and service demands change, Semaphore provides an easy and economical upgrade path to support your enterprise.

Semantic Enhancement Server: Don’t Settle For a Lesser Search Experience

Semaphore Semantic Enhancement Server (SES) drives exceptional user search experiences. It delivers the information you’re looking for so you can save time and eliminate the frustration of weeding through confusing or irrelevant search results.

Semantic Enhancement Server uses your model to navigate search results, suggest related areas of interest and display other information, which contains concepts, people, places, and organizations that match your search criteria. This process lets you refine results and presents you with additional topics, concepts and other items which are related to your original search.

Semantic Enhancement Server creates a snapshot of your model and makes it available to downstream applications, to apply metadata tags to the information asset and to deliver users a compelling search experience.

SES is a high-speed XML-based index that allows you to query your model in real-time by providing User Interface (UI) components such as Topic Maps, Faceted Search, Visualization, Topic Pages, Related Content, etc. providing users sufficient navigational aids over their information.

Semantic Enhancement Server provides extensions to integrate with Apache Solr, Microsoft SharePoint, and other search engines and information management platforms. Semantic Enhancement Server’s search engine integration provides a sophisticated and rich user search and retrieval experience, which can be used to gain insight, find new opportunities, innovate and drive change.


“I just wanted to say I cannot thank Dennis enough for all the hard work he went through to help us out with this installation. He always made himself available no matter what all while having a very positive and helpful attitude. It's rare to find quality help like that these days and it’s really appreciated.”

- Levi Tisdale, Infrastructure Engineer SharePoint Infrastructure Team, McKesson Corp.

“People are now actually using search, and we have just begun to expose the knowledge that is available in the organization.”

- Phil Lanzafame, IT Director at Sentara Healthcare.

Meet the Leader

Jeremy Bentley, Chief Executive Officer: Jeremy Bentley is the founder and CEO of Smartlogic. He is an engineer by training and has spent much of his career solving enterprise information management problems. His clients are innovators who build new products using Semaphore’s modeling, auto-classification, text analytics, and visualization capabilities. They are in many industries, including banking and finance, publishing, oil and gas, government, and life sciences, and have in common a dependence on their information assets and a need to monetize, manage and unify them. Prior to Smartlogic Jeremy was Managing Director of Microbank Software, a US New York-based Fintech firm, acquired by Sungard Data Systems. Jeremy has a BSc with honors in mechanical engineering from Edinburgh University.