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October Monthly Special 2021

Intequus Can Accelerate Your Cloud Edge Services with Application-Optimized Hardware, Deployment, and Worldwide Support


The Intequus story began in 1989, when Andy Juang, a Taiwanese immigrant, opened the first Pony Computer franchise in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally the focus was on selling desktop computers to consumers, the company soon pivoted and began catering to Value Added Resellers (VARs) that needed configurable systems to meet unique business requirements.

Changing its name to Equus Computer Systems, the company provided services VARs needed at a fraction of the cost of maintaining their laboratory equipment and personnel. As servers and data centers started to become mainstream, Equus identified an emerging need for configurable servers that could be purchased online. This led to the founding of ServersDirect, and a business model that makes it easy to custom-build white box servers online, with the support of expert technicians at unbeatable prices.

Turnkey Edge Infrastructure

From streaming services and smart homes to augmented reality and AI, real-time data processing at the edge is threatening unsustainable bandwidth consumption levels. To meet user latency requirements, businesses must increase compute and cloud services at the edge. But success at the edge takes more than just new hardware. It also demands expert engineering, 24/7 support, intelligent supply chains, complex logistics, and savvy budgeting. That’s why Andy Juang founded Intequus.

Intequus grew from Equus Compute Solutions’ 30 years of custom engineering experience and the belief that moving hardware to the edge should be simple. No more managing multiple vendors or draining company resources. Intequus designs, builds, deploys, and maintains edge infrastructure so clients can focus on growing their business and satisfying the users.

Intequus is the only infrastructure provider that manufactures, deploys, and supports hardware, and offers unlimited customization down to the component level. Their engineers are passionate about designing solutions that deliver superior application performance. The company's longstanding relationships with leading manufacturers means that clients get the highest quality components with the fastest turnaround times, so they can outdeliver and outperform the competition.

When clients engage with Intequus, the company's team will meet with clients to match their needs with Intequus' services. The partnership starts with Intequus' engineering team, who work with clients through edge infrastructure design, prototyping, and build review. Once the design plans are in place, the dedicated program manager will onboard the client's team and manage every aspect of an infrastructure’s lifecycle from manufacturing and deployment to service and decommissioning. Intequus supports clients at every stage so they can keep driving a business forward.

AI is becoming more integrated into our day-to-day lives. Smart cars, Siri, and face recognition software are just a few familiar products of AI, and applications running at the edge are projected to grow exponentially over the next few years. AI edge is important because it allows companies to provide extremely low latencies and collect data that improves neural networks.

For AI to be successful, it requires two main components: training and inferencing. Training takes an immense amount of computing power in the data center, and inferencing requires powerful but portable server equipment at the edge. Both of these components require advanced server hardware to power AI provider applications. Intequus provides the hardware clients need at the edge. Whether this is a portable option, like NVIDIA’s Jetson technology, or extremely powerful systems that provide thousands of tera operations per second (TOPS). Intequus can design, deploy, and manage edge hardware so that clients can focus on delivering the best AI solutions to the clients.

Cloud Compute and Storage Infrastructure

Cloud computing and storage power much of the world we know, including everyday institutions like e-commerce, entertainment, and government organizations. These organizations are very concerned about factors like networking, security, and transport. To keep growing their businesses, they need to protect data while ensuring their hardware allows them to provide exceptional service.

Getting the right balance of power and storage can be a challenge for organizations. For example, they may be able to find low-cost storage but run into very high costs for retrieval. Additionally, the needs of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS differ in their use cases and hardware needs, and they may even face departmental budget limitations or environmental issues limiting form factor or power usage options.

Intequus helps solve cloud compute and storage hardware challenges through its unparalleled flexibility. The company works with organizations that need cloud infrastructure at the edge to create solutions customized to client needs and painlessly swap out hardware components. Whether clients need cloud scalability, elasticity, or faster transport speeds, Intequus can help.

Cloud computing helps some organizations cut costs, while it helps others to scale. Intequus is a full lifecycle hardware partner that can streamline the deployment and management of cloud infrastructure. Its engineering team can help create solutions that are compute focused, storage dense, or a combination that fits client requirements. The company's devices are designed to solve the unique challenges. Whether a client needs an extremely portable solution, desktop computer, high-performance server rack, or something completely unique, Intequus has got it covered.

The Leader Upfront

Andy Juang, Founder

"Intequus is the only infrastructure provider that manufactures, deploys, and supports hardware, and offers unlimited customization down to the component level."