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Spring Special Edition 2022

Interactions LLC – Driving Digital Transformation through AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants


Artificial Intelligence (AI) conversational platforms are changing the manner in which organizations engage their clients and empower their employees. Modern day’s intelligent assistants are now loaded with skills. They can check the climate, traffic and sports scores. They can play music, interpret words and send text messages. They can even do the math, make jokes and read stories. In any case, with regards to conversations that lead someplace more fabulous, the wheels for most “chatbots” tumble off. The greatest advantage of having a conversational AI solution is the instant response rate. Answering inquiries within an hour means 7X greater probability of converting over a lead. Clients are bound to discuss a negative encounter than a positive one. So stopping a negative audit directly from the beginning will help improve your product’s brand standing.

Interactions LLC is one such firm that provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly combine artificial intelligence and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations. With flexible products and solutions designed to meet the growing demand for unified, multichannel customer care, Interactions is delivering significant cost savings and unprecedented customer experience for some of the largest brands in the world. The company’s Chatbots can effectively handle an enormous volume of user queries without requiring any expansion in team size. This is particularly valuable if you expect or unexpectedly observe a massive spike in user queries.

“We’re changing the way leading brands and consumers communicate — making it easy, fast, and fun.”

Indigenously Built Conversational AI Products Furnished

Intelligent Virtual Assistant: An Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or IVA, provides modernized customer care that’s not just conversational, but also personal. With Interactions IVAs, powered by Conversational AI, customers can speak naturally just as they would with a human, reducing the frustration commonly associated with typical automated solutions. Even with background noise, accents, and poor connections, Interactions IVAs can still accurately hear what customers are saying. With Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant, it’s easier than ever for you and your customers to interact and get things done. By combining the latest Conversational AI technologies and human understanding, it is changing what it means to provide excellent customer engagement. Its Intelligent Virtual Assistant lets your customers speak or text naturally and in their own words, creating an effortless customer experience from start to finish.

Social Customer Care: With Interactions Digital Roots, you can easily monitor, measure, and engage with social media conversations about your brand from a single platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the system is able to deliver highly relevant customer conversations and insights from any source on the web. Unlike most traditional social listening and engagement tools that rely on user-generated rules and popular keywords to identify engagement opportunities, Digital Roots leverages artificial intelligence to comb through social conversations and find the most relevant posts. The tool removes the need for manual searching, so that you can spend more time engaging with the right customers. And since the firm incorporates natural language processing and machine learning, tool learns from what users are doing and gets smarter over time.

Interactions Digital Roots: It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to find meaningful social posts, prioritize these posts based on relevance, suggest responses, and gather insights. The company’s best in class social media AI platform allows companies to monitor social activities, provide social care, and determine intent and topic, and the sentiment of posts. Most importantly, Interactions Digital Roots is able to do this anytime that your customers reach out, meaning that customers get the immediate response they have come to expect. Interactions Digital Roots has the capability to process text and images alike, driving complete understanding of intent and context. Leveraging this level of understanding can greatly improve the productivity of your teams. Interactions Digital Roots also dramatically reduces time spent sifting through and reading social posts, freeing up social customer representatives from having to perform manual searches. This allows you to get ahead of trend shifts, and use the real-time voice of your customers to plan for emerging topics.

The Leader Upfront

Mike Iacobucci is the Chief Executive Officer of Interactions LLC. A veteran industry leader and innovator, Mike has led the charge in technology disruption for more than 30 years. As CEO, Mike is recognized as the driving force behind Interactions explosive growth and success. Named Technology Entrepreneur of the Year® by Ernst & Young, Mike joined Interactions in 2008 and has catapulted the company from a startup to an award-winning market leader uniquely positioned at the intersection of speech recognition, customer care and multimodal interface technology. Prior to taking the helm at Interactions, Mike served as Chief Executive Officer of Idiom Technologies, a developer of enterprise level translation automation technology servicing Fortune 1,000 corporations, later acquired by SDL Enterprise LTD. He also served as an Executive in Residence at Sigma Partners, having worked at Books 24×7, Focus Enhancements, Phoenix Technologies and Cullinet Software.