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Interconnect the Entrepreneurial Breed of India to Investors, Financiers, and Mentors: Chatur Ideas


It all started when an ingenious mind, Devesh Chawla wanted to start a business of his own in the field of hailing cabs. Devesh had created a beautiful model and reached to prospective mentors in the industry to seek guidance, but he was told not to pursue this business as it is meant only for people with political connects and managing unions. They even told him that it is a traditional business that is not meant for new age entrepreneurs and disapproved Devesh’s idea.

After getting rejected several times, Devesh dropped the idea and joined an organisation where he managed wealth of ultra HNIs and invested for them in India and abroad in equity, debt, real estate, etc. Until 2012, he was enjoying his work and career but one day when he read in the news that Ola Cab enters 1000 crore club, he realized that there is nothing that a new age entrepreneur cannot do and it was the wrong set of people he met seeking guidance.

It made a huge impact on Devesh, which led him to establish Chatur Ideas in 2015, an ecosystem for startups where entrepreneurs get the right guidance from industry mentors and investors. Since its inception, Chatur Ideas has worked with over 750 startups including 1500 investors from India & USA. Ensuring every entrepreneur gets proper guidance and achieve excellence, Chatur Ideas has got mentors and investors from Google, JP Morgan, Religare, KPMG and many more.

The Success Tale

Started out with a vision to create an array of Successful Entrepreneurs and see India as the “Innovation Hub of the World”, Chatur Ideas had to face hurdles at the initial stage. Team building is considered to be a great challenge and Chatur was dealing with the same; getting the team in the same DNA was tough for Devesh.

But, with an incredible staying power and after years of hardship, Devesh was able to make Chatur Ideasa one-stop shop for each and every entrepreneur building the finest businesses that the world has ever witnessed.

Chatur Ideas was also awarded at the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) International conclave as the country’s leading startup enabling platform. Devesh Chawla has been awarded with the Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award which is given to only 25 Indians all over the world. He has received the Youth Leadership Award by Trade Commissioner of Canada. He is even a Mentor on the Jharkand Govt. Platform. He is today one of the most sought after Mentor, Speaker and Investor. He is been invited at various forums across India as a Speaker to share his expertise and knowledge with the budding entrepreneurs. Either it is about mentoring, or funding, guidance in growth, or helping young entrepreneurs cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship, Chatur Ideas is one of India’s leading startup enabler platforms.

Chatur Offerings

Mentoring - Chatur Phoenix Club

After witnessing an ever-growing popularity, Chatur Ideas was in huge demand which led to the inception of Chatur Phoenix Club. With every passing day, the company is getting a huge response, so it has restricted to take only 50 new members every week for the club.

With an amazing community and network of mentors and investors comprising from top brands of the world, Chatur is able to open a lot of doors for its startups ensuring that the mentors are spending enough time with the startups guiding them and opening the doors through their network.


With a massive network of 1500 investors from India & the US, Chatur Ideas help startups to raise funds. To name a few of the startups that Chaturhas helped in raising funds are Catapooolt, Hubilo, Market Pulse, Cloudrino, Strike and many more.

Go to Market Assistance

Creating a brand and various go to market strategies for its clients, Chatur has an in-house team of digital marketing experts for generating leads. It has astrong team of experts from various markets that provide both offline and online go-to-market support for itsstartups, which includes increasing sales and revenues.

Entrepreneurship Training Programs

Chatur Ideas have acquired Nurture Talent Academy (NTA) which has trained over 34,000 entrepreneurs across 450 colleges. And today after acquiring NTA, Chatur works with over 600 colleges all over India where it runsits entrepreneurship training programs with senior trainers from all across India.

Basically, Chatur does 2 things: on one end it is a startup ecosystem for matured startups where it provides mentoring and funding and on the other end it is developing the cult of entrepreneurship in colleges along with its army of 1300 campus ambassadors.

In-Conversation with CEO, Mr. Devesh Chawla

Q. How do you position yourself in the current domain? How do you amalgamate the latest technology with business objectives?

We position ourselves as an enabling platform for helping Entrepreneur to build the finest businesses that the world has ever witnessed.

We have our own technology platform, CAPX and with its specialization in AI, execution becomes faster and efficient. Initially, we used to have separate follow-ups and reminders to make sure that we have addressed the startups. But, with CAPX, everything is automated and almost 80% of the work happens on its own serving more number of people within the same amount of time.

Q. What is it in you that set you apart in the industry?

I believe our approach and DNA in treating every client with utmost sincerity, honesty,and love and hsndholding the client as if it’s our own and not looking for only returns, is what set us apart in the industry. It is our sincere effort to serve and I think nobody does it better than Chatur Ideas.

Q. What are your present and future focus areas?

At present, we are focusing on creating more and more entrepreneurs and help them grow faster. In future, on a macro-level, we wish to take India on the Global Innovation Index in the top 5, where we are currently ranked pretty low at around 60.


“Raising funds is not important but raising funds from the right investor is. Chatur ideas played a vital role in connecting us to the right investors at the right time which not only helped us get a better valuation but increased our revenues by 5 times” - Vaibhav Jain, Founder Hubilo.

Greet the Chief

Devesh Chawla, Founder & CEO: Devesh is one of the most sought after Speaker, Mentor & Investor not only in India but even overseas. He is a mentor and investor himself and has worked with hundreds of startups including Catapooolt, Strike, Orbit Marketplace, Maax Market, Market Pulse, Hubilo, Intuit Things, Cloudrino and many more.


He has been awarded “Mahatma Gandhi Samman” Award which is given to only 25 Indians all over the world. He is on the Mentor Panel of Jharkhand Government. He has also been awarded the “Youth Leadership Award” felicitated by Trade Commissioner of Canada. Devesh has represented India in the India-Nepal Summit. He is also a part of the Think Tank Series on the National IPR Policy.

“It’s important to be grateful all the time because nothing is permanent. So always be grateful for this life, the relationships you hold, the job you have, and the technology you use. Show gratitude to one and another no matter of his or her status or position, because that’s the right way to live your life.”