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November Monthly Edition 2022

Intugo – Bridging the gap between great talent in Mexico and global companies by creating successful teams


More and more companies may be considering outsourcing and offshoring their work as a potential way to reduce costs and streamline their operations. Outsourcing is when a company hires an outside organization to do specific jobs or provide services. Offshoring means a business arranges to get its work done in a different country, usually to take advantage of cost savings. Many companies may be considering one or both—or a combination of the two, known as offshore outsourcing—in order to help stay competitive, especially in global markets. Market demands for lower labor costs will likely drive the continued growth of offshore outsourcing. More and more companies are also implementing this strategy so they can turn their attention to their core business and better serve their shareholders.

Intugo combines the cost savings and efficiencies of outsourcing with the power and control of establishing your own operation in Mexico. Unlike outsourcing options that exist around the world, Intugo enables clients to protect their unique culture, management approach, and intellectual property. Its clients choose the people that are hired, they oversee training, and they are supported in running the operation as an extension of their business. They maintain ownership but get to operate within the legal business model of Intugo, in a country that offers second to none talent at an affordable cost. The company provides a bundle of services, which combined with your operation and particularly at your control, allow you to excel in your productivity, just as you do back home.

Leveraging Potential Offshore Outsourcing Solutions

BPO Operations: Intugo features a unique business model that makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or back office support operation in Mexico. Intugo connects you to Mexico’s top rated bilingual talent that you require to make your operation a success. Your BPO or back office support operation is considered captive since you will have the opportunity to manage it the way you see fit and emulate the successes of your current operations. With Intugo, you have the option of establishing a small operation with a few dedicated full time employees in their shared environment, or a dedicated office that is built to suit your exact needs for as many employees as you need. Intugo’s clients can practically perform any business process in their operation. From data entry for healthcare to provisioning of mobile telephones to support complex telecom systems, the model allows you to tap on the right talent, which combined with your control and their bundle of services, makes the perfect combination. Your BPO or back office support team is recruited by us to your exact specifications and you make the hiring decision just as you would in your internal operation. Your team is trained by you and follows your instruction. Intugo’s locations operate in the same time zones as the US.

IT Development Solutions: IT talent in Mexico has grown exponentially. Their mid-size teams' solutions help you tackle your global talent needs. They recruit specifically for your operation. Existing clients control access to their own space at their facilities, creating the right environment for your team to feel your business culture. Your software development operation is considered captive. You will have the opportunity to manage it the way you see fit, protect your intellectual property and emulate the successes of your current operations. Whether you seek senior, junior or mid-level development talent as part of a large, small or mid-size operation we can support any combination. Intugo has operations in Guadalajara, Jalisco, known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico, in Tijuana, Baja California, Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon, both in the state of Sonora, Mexico. They can help you set up in one or in a combination of any locations. With Intugo as your partner in Mexico, both small and midsize companies such as the INC 5000 and INC 500 can receive the same benefits as the Fortune 500. PHP, Java, Microsoft .Net, Python, Ruby are common used languages in Mexico with Android, IOS and Windows operating systems experience.

Remote Staffing Operation: The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has impacted the day-to-day lives, causing unprecedented outages in their economy. At Intugo, one of the top priorities is their customers, and for this reason, they have chosen to innovate the unique business model. With remote work modality, their current clients have the flexibility to establish their operation in Mexico and benefit from a collaborative, integrated, and planned work alternative. The Intugo team is in charge of developing and executing 100% remote processes so that your off-site operation works efficiently. Some of the tasks to be fulfilled include online recruitment of the best bilingual talent, online payroll, and many more. By operating remotely, you have the opportunity to manage your operation from any part of the world.

Felix Tonella | Co-Founder & General Manager

As one of the co-founders of Intugo, Felix has developed his career around the US-Mexico region. He started at GE Aircraft Engines he graduated from the Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) completing assignments and training prerequisites in both US and Mexico locations. Felix obtained call center experience with GE Consumer Finance where he held the position of Six Sigma Black Belt.

He was part of the team that initiated GE’s consumer banking operation in Mexico. With a degree in Industrial Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology & Higher Education (ITESM) in Monterrey Mexico and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird, School of Global Management in Phoenix, AZ.

"We look to serve companies with needs for operations in the Contact Center, Information Technology and/or the Back Office industries."