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September Edition 2020

Invenio Business Solutions – Leading global consultancies solving complex business challenges with innovative IT solutions


The system, Applications, and Products or SAP is a range of support software systems that can ensure that an organization has absolute control over its various resources, data, and communication methods, among other things. The best part about SAP software is that some of its services, such as SAP cloud services, are used alike by some of the topmost IT brands and start-ups. Most business organizations have data flowing in from various segments that need to be stored and processed together. What SAP services can provide is a complete integration of all this data on a singular platform, reducing both the time required and the effort spent in doing so via multiple platforms. This allows any business executive to see a bigger picture of how the business performs and processes faster data analysis.

Invenio Business Solutions is an award-winning consultancy that uses technology to solve complex and strategic business challenges. The firm helps to shape successful organizations all over the world as they pursue their digital transformation journeys. It does this for governments and the digital supply chain and media and entertainment domains. With a deep understanding of SAP-based systems, advanced analytics, and systems integration, Invenio has built long-term strategic relationships with some of the world's leading organizations, including Universal Music Group, Penguin Random House, Informa, Dow Jones, BBC Studios, Redington Gulf, News UK and governments of KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Fiji, etc.

Innovative IT solutions and services offered by Invenio Business Solutions

Architecture and Advisory Integration: Solve complex business problems with robust enterprise architecture and integration, using the latest technology and tools. They can help you achieve landscape rationalization, build a cloud enablement strategy, and save long-term costs by consolidating your business's applications and systems. The company's deep experience and expertise mean it knows what your pain points are, and the firm knows exactly how to help you choose the right integration platform. Because they know there's no one-size-fits-all, the firm understands your business and its complexities, so it audits your landscape, assesses any gaps, looks at issues, and enables you to forecast risks accurately.

Enterprise Integration: As the world continues to change, businesses are striving to accelerate the value of their digital transformation. Your business needs to be agile enough to respond to unexpected future changes, so all systems and technologies across your ecosystem must work together. Integration is more than a smarter IT architecture, so the firm assesses your business goals, operating environment, and future growth plans to help you drive substantial efficiencies. That is where Invenio solves integration challenges with holistic strategies designed to use technologies to deliver success. Its expertise in integrating SAP applications and business processes, and managing enterprise architecture, can help you stay ahead of your competition.

API Enablement: Businesses need an effective digital transformation strategy to keep them agile and to stay ahead of the competition. API enablement can help connect a network of systems and data across your organization. Invenio's API-led integration approach and extensive experience of 400+ business applications, including SAP and Salesforce, across on-premise and cloud, can help you create digital-first customer experiences and enable safe data transfers everywhere. The firm creates APIs to allow seamless data flow between applications and processes across your systems. It understands your business and your industry, which helps it design and develop microservices, using leading integration platforms, to give you a competitive edge.

DevOps and Support: Just as your business continues to evolve, so too will your integration strategy, without realizing that it requires continuous improvements and enhancements to ensure your business remains as agile as possible. Use DevOps to launch products and services faster and make your business more agile and efficient. The firm uses DevOps practices and tools to support continuous integration and automation to increase productivity and achieve faster time-to-market. It maintains 99.9 percent SLA compliance and high availability standards.

The pre-eminent leader behind the success of Invenio Business Solutions

Arun Bala is the Chief Executive Officer of Invenio Business Solutions. He manages Invenio's business globally. He has an overall experience of 25 years in the SAP sector. His focus has always been on delivering success for customers while driving transparency, accountability, and value delivery through all engagements. Mr. Arun is transforming the customer's businesses and is achieving success by delivering critical business projects.

"Customer Focus, care, Expertise, Transparency are the cornerstone of our success, which has been made possible through our world-class consultants' devotion and dedication."