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Inversus Capital – Delivering exceptional investment management services to help clients grow their wealth and achieve financial independence


“Inversus performs for its clients an exhaustive analysis of the market to understand the trends, needs, and existing competitors.”

Inversus Capital is a renowned establishment in the financial industry that has been catering to the needs of its clients for years now. The company offers a wide range of services including portfolio management, investment advisory, and financial planning that are designed to ensure that its clients are provided with the best possible investment solutions. The principal asset of Inversus is its team which brings to its work these basic values: respect, trust and loyalty.

José Manuel Fernández, CEO of Inversus Capital spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how he and his team of experts are offering their clients with a comprehensive consulting service.

Interview Highlights

Please provide a brief summary of the events that led to the founding of Inversus Capital.

The great opportunities constantly present themselves during major crises. Being alert and choosing to take chances are all that are required. As the CEO and founder of Inversus, I was quite familiar with what it was like to go through a crisis, lose everything, and have to start over.

After one of the worst financial and economic crises in recent years, the real estate market collapsed in 2010, with my company being one of those that was completely shut out of any chance of financing by traditional banks.

And after the fall, there was no other option but to get up.

It was then that I chose a group of Spanish executives with more than 20 years of experience in Strategic, Legal and Financial Consulting, as well as in the Real Estate Sector, because I saw the opportunity to incorporate a new company dedicated to finding and obtaining financial resources for all those to whom traditional banking was saying “NO” and would continue saying NO in the coming years. All united under the same signature: Inversus.

Today, Inversus is able to offer its clients a package of comprehensive strategic consulting services, specializing in the financial sector, by combining the experience of each of these executives. This is done with the intention of assisting other businessmen or young entrepreneurs carry out their projects and find the financial resources required to complete them successfully.

Q. What strategies does Inversus implement to maximize client satisfaction?

First of all, to satisfy a client, the first thing to do is get to know him well. Know his strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, the Inversus project analysis department carries out an exhaustive AUDIT, in which analytical software of its own creation is used to cross all the economic-financial data and obtain the RED LINES on which the department of project development will work and, in this way, solve them before going to the market in search of the funds that the client needs.

Secondly, Inversus carries out a rigorous market analysis for its clients to understand the trends, needs and existing competitors.

Last but not least, honesty. You can’t tell the customer what he wants to hear. You should be spoken to candidly and honestly, applying our own business principles beyond just thinking about billing.

Q. Can you introduce us to your services? What are their key features?

Inversus Corporate Finance, S.L., a Spanish company, and Inversus Capital Ltd., an English company, have designed a pool of services in which both companies intervene symbiotically.

Financial Strategic Consulting

Understanding the customer’s needs is essential to offering him the solutions he really needs. This will allow us to adapt to the client more efficiently and effectively, offering comprehensive services that include Financial planning, business valuation, capital structure optimization, financial risk management, and advice on mergers and acquisitions.

Alternative Financing

In this area, Inversus could be considered a financial boutique since it offers personalized solutions to each client. The financial market offers millions of possibilities beyond traditional banking that most customers are not aware of. And we are not only talking about financing to develop new projects, undertake new business challenges, or give life to a young project that is looking for its place in the market. Sometimes financing on time can save a company from bankruptcy and disappearance. And in this sense, having multiple financial solutions allows us to put different options on the table so that the client is free to choose the one that best suits them

Alternative Investments

Increasingly, investors are looking for new investment opportunities to put their funds to work, which, in most cases, rest peacefully in the hands of banks to obtain negative returns. Investing in the real economy is, today, one of the most attractive options for investors of any profile. The solid reinvestment and diversification policy of Inversus Corporate

Finance, S.L. (holding company) has led us to the creation or purchase of different companies from various sectors, allowing, in some of them, investors to participate and learn, under our continuous advice, about this opportunity to invest in the real economy.

Q. Tell us about the Inversus team. What value do they bring to the company?

The greatest of our assets is undoubtedly our human team. People committed to the company’s objectives, who share vision and values, and with great ambition to grow professionally.

But without a doubt, if anyone occupies a privileged place in the company, it is its COO, Mr. Michele La Porta, who, after landing (almost by chance) at Inversus at the end of 2020, has become one of the company’s fundamental pillars.

Both professionally and personally, Mr. La Porta is for Inversus and for me a support without which the continuity of the company would not be understood. As a board member and shareholder, he participates directly in all the decisions and strategies that the company studies to implement, being the architect of projects such as those developed by Join Up Media S.L.

Q. No doubt Inversus is charting new territories in this segment. Given how frequently circumstances change, what plans for transformation are you pursuing to remain relevant now and in the future?

One of our short-term plans is the development of new consulting software that streamlines the analysis of our clients’ companies. Those tools will undoubtedly be part of our value chain, positively differentiating us from our competitors. Time
has become the most valuable asset for businessmen and shortening response times will undoubtedly be the challenge to overcome in the coming year.

The recruitment of new and young talents for the digital area of Inversus and other group companies such as Join Up Media or Tropodonio will be a fundamental part of our growth in the next years.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add before we wrap up?

As founder and CEO of Inversus Group, I can only thank, on behalf of myself and all my partners (Michele La Porta (Inversus), Antonio Diaz (Inversus), Francisco Garcia (VESCOVO & KUMA) and Giulia Regain (Join Up Media)), the customers the trust they place in us and their generous recommendations. And of course, thank all the collaborators, agents and employees of the group for the trust they have placed in the company, from which they all have, without a doubt, well-deserved recognition for their constant dedication.

Inversus Capital | Leadership

José Manuel Fernández is the Founder and CEO of the INVERSUS GROUP. Since he was a child, his entrepreneurial vocation was already noticeable, having always been interested in the business world. He did not finish any university degree because he preferred to dedicate himself to business activity, opening his first company in 1995, when he was only 23 years old.

Since then, the real estate and finance sectors have become his professional passions, training continuously, not only with the background that owning your own business gives you, but also with the academic preparation necessary to be able to run their companies more successfully. He holds a Master in Business Administration from ENAE Business School (2005). His academic training was completed by obtaining the titles of: Real Estate Advisor Expert (Register No. 314), Authorized Financial Intermediary (Register No. 124) and Judicial Expert (Register No. 90).

Michele La Porta, COO at Inversus Group

Antonio Diaz, Economics Specialist at Inversus Group.


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