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InvestCloud, Inc. – Offering financial solutions and creating beautifully designed client experiences using its ever-expanding library of digital modular apps


Investment management is the process of building a portfolio of stocks, bonds and other investments based on your goals. The field of investment management has become increasingly complex beginning in the last decades of the twentieth century due to such factors as the development of new kinds of investments, advances in communications networks, and the ability of individuals and companies to access financial information quickly. Investment management services may sound like a service only the wealthy need or can afford. But investment management is about making the most of your money. No matter how much you have in your portfolio, it’s important to ensure every dollar is optimized. An investment manager can help you do that. One reason companies regard investment management as important is that they often rely on investments to help expand their business.

InvestCloud, Inc. is one such firm that develops first-class, financial digital solutions, pre-integrated into the cloud, by empowering investors and managers with a single version of the integrated truth through its unique digital platform. The firm recognizes the value in fresh perspectives as well as seasoned experience and its staff reflects this. It is a team of entrepreneurs, operators, and artists. They maintain a local perspective globally working from Los Angeles, New York, London, Geneva, Singapore, and Sydney. The business development team is committed to ensuring its clients and partners feel empowered with InvestCloud.

The most innovative investment management products offered by InvestCloud, Inc.

InvestCloud Orange: It is a digital warehouse. With this product offering, InvestCloud Orange has modelled the financial industry into a data model, arguably the hardest data challenge. InvestCloud Orange provides all participants in the financial markets with world-class digital warehousing, data management and technology solutions to better manage your business and harness operational efficiency. Orange apps provide a portal into that data while also enabling frictionless re-platforming. In addition, Orange provides a huge library of APIs and interfaces to empower technology teams at financial institutions to build better product. Move beyond big data to bigger data, correct data with the world’s leading data model.

InvestCloud Green: It is designed to empower wealth managers, institutional asset managers, and other financial institutions with next generation technology for digitizing trading, accounting and middle-office workflows, allowing your business to rapidly increase automation and reduce costs. Through the power of digital automation, Green lightens the load of investment operations, allowing the focus to shift to what you do best that is serving your clients’ needs. With the strength of InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse, accounting “conversions” are a thing of the past. This is a new era in information management that provides secure, accurate, and completely frictionless accounting conversion process.

InvestCloud Blue: It empowers investment managers to build and maintain intuitive and responsive client relationships tailored for specific client bases. Blue digitizes client onboarding, engagement, advice, reporting and management in cloud-based apps, giving managers a comprehensive view of their clients.

InvestCloud Black: It provides managers with robust portfolio analysis solutions that enable them both to support their institutional clients who are measured on performance as well as to ensure consistency in performance reporting across all clients.

The InvestCloud Innovation Center: It is designed to enable small teams to realize big goals. InvestCloud believes that creating the right environment for people to innovate new solutions is an amazing achievement. From the individual with a new idea and little technical experience to an established business with an IT department, InvestCloud's Innovation Center can empower any business and team to realize big goals. By providing both a powerful accelerator and incubator, the firm can deliver a targeted and effective approach for each member given in any circumstance.

The valiant leader behind the success of InvestCloud, Inc.

John Wise is the Co-founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of InvestCloud, Inc. He has built a company that is designed to empower every person who works to dream big, from engineers to sales, and it shows with the kind of products and services the firm has developed and is developing. Mr. John is infinitely proud of the work his team does for its clients at InvestCloud.

“We have built a platform designed to empower all types of investors with unparalleled access to first-class information.”