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Investing for a better tomorrow: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management


Climate change caused by global warming is perhaps the most dangerous threat facing the planet. As temperatures all over the world continue to rise, there is a marked increase in the frequency of cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, rain bombs as well as excessive daytime temperatures. Investing in renewable sources of energy is an urgent need that private companies, as well as governments, need to seriously consider. However, it is not without risks, financially speaking.

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management was founded to address and mitigate the risks involved in making investments in renewable energy. The company does this by using advanced analysis of technical and financial data of its clients and investors.

In conversation with the founder and CEO of Kaiserwetter Energy, Hanno Schoklitsch

Q. Please tell us about your company’s operations

Kaiserwetter is the leading international “Data as a Service” (DaaS) company with a focus on renewable energy sources. With our services and digital innovations based on Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning, we are able to support our clients, which include as investors, banks, supranational organizations and energy companies, regionally, nationally and internationally, thereby accelerating investments in renewable energy all over the globe. Our constant driver is innovation and the knowledge that technology is a key factor for the world of tomorrow.

Q. Please tell us about the product that shaped your company

Our company developed ɅRISTOTELES, an innovative cloud-based IoT platform which leverages intelligent data analysis. Based on Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning, we can significantly increase the performance of renewable energy assets and entire investment portfolios. Designed as an executive-level dashboard, ɅRISTOTELES aggregates and correlates technical, meteorological, and financial data from wind farms, solar parks, biomass, and even hydropower stations. It’s built on SAP Cloud Platform, and uses IoT, Analytics, and Machine Learning capabilities from SAP Leonardo IoT, epitomizing how both companies envision working together to address energy issues. This innovative IoT Platform minimizes investment risk, maximizes returns, and creates high transparency standards.

On a financial level, the platform also analyzes the operational expenditure of power plants and derives conclusions that contribute to efficient decision making. What’s more, through their Data Analytics Hubs in Hamburg, Madrid and New York, the support team takes care to secure the data stream. Since the company makes use of cloud-based IoT technology, the solution gives not only performance data but also financial and economic data. This allows the customer to identify underperforming assets. ɅRISTOTELES delivers the transparency investors and financing banks need to make confident decisions in renewable energies by recognizing the shift towards energy prices based on market principles. Furthermore, the platform gives real-time online access to technical and financial performance during the entire life cycle of a renewable energy asset. This includes Weather Forecast, Production Yield, Power Curve Analytics, Revenues, Cash Flow, Financial KPI´s and Trends. Furthermore, the algorithms based on SAP HANA Predictive Analytics combine this facility data with relevant meteorological information allowing investors to make better decisions for maximizing returns.

Kaiserwetter gathers the technical data used by ɅRISTOTELES for analysis by connecting the cloud platform directly to the SCADA system of each power-generating asset. Running the data through a dedicated algorithm is how we ensure our clients are operating at maximized levels. In addition to that, we also benchmark our clients’ assets by comparing it with other Peers running ɅRISTOTELES.

Q. How do you maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty?

The trust of our customers is enormously important to us. They let us process their valuable technical and financial data. That’s a very important point: The data never belongs to us but always to the customer. We as a Data as a Service (DaaS) provider process the data and run our algorithms to deliver a deep understanding of the investments to our customers. In a first pilot phase, customers can get to know ɅRISTOTELES, tailor it to their needs and let it prove its integrity.

Another important point, as mentioned earlier, is our technology partner SAP. The data security in the cloud is guaranteed by using data warehouses complying with the highest security standards. We win the trust of customers through integrity and retain it through functionality which we prove every day.

Q. Can you elaborate upon your company’s partnership with SAP?

Kaiserwetter´s partnership with SAP begun three years ago and since then ɅRISTOTELES has won multiple innovation awards in Europe and USA, including the SAP Innovation Award 2018 which honors companies who employ technology solutions in innovative and transformative ways. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, and furthermore, it is at the forefront of the Internet of Things based solutions. One of the biggest advantages of our worldwide partnership is the full scalability of the implemented technology.


The visionary behind Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management

Hanno Schoklitsch is CEO and Founder of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management. He is a civil engineer and holds a master degree from the University of Graz (Austria) in Business Administration. As a civil engineer, he is specialized in the construction of hydropower stations, which gives him a basic understanding of energy assets. Hanno started his career within real estate investment companies by e.g. heading the second biggest German open-ended real estate fund. His professional experience brought him to understand the potential of digitizing asset management. He realized that utilizing Smart Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to take advantage of the digitization within the world of renewable energies. Since the creation of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management in 2012, Hanno and his team have worked to develop its digital IoT Platform ɅRISTOTELES supporting investors and financing banks to maximize their returns while minimizing their investment risk.

“Our innovation leverages data analysis for a clean future.”