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InvGate – Empowering organizations by providing the tools to deliver seamless service across departments, from IT to Facilities


Businesses are utilizing more and more technology to succeed, regardless of industry. From computers and servers to company-issued mobile devices, to newcomers like IoT, the number of items your IT personnel need to keep track of is only going to grow. However, most businesses don’t have a complete handle when it comes to tracking and managing their IT assets. IT asset management is an essential part of business success. It combines financial, inventory, and contractual functions within the business in one place to help promote strategic decision-making when it comes to using and distributing IT-related materials among employees. Also known as IT inventory management, this business practice is essential for making sure employees have access to the technology they need to perform their jobs, while also best utilizing the company’s assets so extra money isn’t spent on tech or software that isn’t necessary.

InvGate is one such company that supports organizations in their IT and enterprise operations with modern and scalable service modern solutions. When founder Ariel Gesto was leading the IT operations of a leading media company in Argentina, he came to the realization that Enterprise Software was unhandy and way overpriced. Consequently it was out of reach for 90% of organizations. So he built the first version of InvGate Assets, to provide businesses the needed visibility of their asset inventory, and InvGate came to life (Inventory Gateway). Now, the technology supports organizations of all sizes in more than 60 countries, with state-of-the-art Asset and Service Management solutions.

Leveraging Best-in-Class IT Asset Management Services for Your Organization

InvGate Service Desk: It offers all the tools support agents need to effectively manage and resolve tickets. Its user-friendly interface allows agents to handle tickets with ease, providing excellent service and keeping the support team running smoothly. InvGate Service Desk helps IT support agents stay organized and on top of their work in a busy and hectic environment. It provides a simple, intuitive interface that displays all pending actions in one view, enabling agents to be more efficient in their daily tasks. Invgate Service Desk is designed to simplify the process of handling customer requests for agents. Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zapier, as well as email configurations, allow Service Desk to extend its ticket management capabilities and enhance collaboration, communication, and efficiency while reducing the risk of requests falling through the cracks. With an intuitive interface, all the necessary information for solving a problem is easily accessible and clearly visible to the agent, allowing them to quickly and effectively resolve issues. Every request in Service Desk is more than just a simple ticket - it’s a powerful communication and collaboration tool. With the ability to tag other agents and provide all the necessary context and information, agents can easily work together to resolve requests and provide excellent support. From the request view in Service Desk, agents can perform automated actions such as viewing time metrics, setting tasks and reminders, requesting approvals, reassigning the request to other agents, and scaling it to other help desks. These features help agents to efficiently manage their workload and ensure that requests are handled in a timely and organized manner.

ITIL Service Desk: Improve the performance of your IT services by aligning them with ITIL best practices. Use InvGate’s ITIL-verified Service Desk to ensure that your IT services are reliable, efficient, and meeting the needs of your business. InvGate Service Desk has been built as the optimal blend of ITIL best practice and customer’s real-world IT service management (ITSM) needs, being certified by Pink Elephant for Change, Problem, Incident Management and Request Fulfillment. Fully certified in 7 Pink Verified ITIL 4 best practices, InvGate Service Desk provides efficient and effective solutions for all your IT needs. Optimizes the flow of information within an organization to improve decision making, minimize risks and reduce costs through best practices in collection, analysis, sharing and creation of knowledge. It ensures the efficient and effective delivery of IT services to the business by managing, fulfilling and tracking service requests through best practices in request handling and service level management.

Hardware and Software Inventory: Get the complete picture of your CIs and keep an updated IT asset inventory. Create and manage users, locations, and all your IT assets without requiring manual input. Keep track of your assets’ location, their condition, and who is the current owner. Use natural language to search across your inventory based on one or multiple indexed objects, including custom fields. Run quick reports to help streamline inventory and audit preparation based on asset data points, smart tags, asset location, and assigned owners. Generate and assign QR codes to your assets directly from Insight. Scan the QR codes to get all the information about your physical, virtual, and cloud assets in one place without using any external app. Use IT asset inventory software to have a clear view of your CIs and how they relate to each other in a visual CMDB data model. Identify trends, patterns, and outliers in an attractive, easy-to-understand view.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Ariel Gesto is the Founder and CEO of InvGate. He is a driven executive with 15+ years of experience, passionate about technology and innovation, and Endeavor entrepreneur since 2013. He has proven leadership in building successful businesses from startup to success, with the ability to blend market research and analysis with technical innovation to deliver winning solutions.

“We make the complex simple, lowering cost of ownership and offering support across every step of your organization’s transformation journey.”