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An Interview with Isadora Marlow-Morgan, Isadora Agency Founder: ‘We’re Changing the Way Brands Connect with Audiences in a Digital World’

thesiliconreview-isadora-marlow-morgan-founder-isadora-agency-18“Driven by innovation and human behavior, we connect brands with people through distinctive experiences that drive growth and create value.”

In the last decade, the world has shown a paradigm shift from analog to digital. More and more people are consuming the majority of information online hence making digital experiences the pivotal way to reach customers. We ask why distinctive web experiences are so important. If you want to be a progressive industry-leading brand, it’s important to stand out from the competition and create a lasting connection between brand and audience.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present Isadora Agency.

Isadora Agency is a leader in transformational business brand identities, web experiences and digital marketing solutions. The brand’s signature services include enterprise-grade websites, mobile apps and design systems, including UI/UX, visual design, web development and CMS integrations. Each unique collaboration begins with diving into the data, performing both qualitative and qualitative research to define the audience, differentiators and cross departmental project goals. Armed with this foundation each project follows a structured, iterative approach from concept to completion ensuring a smooth experience for partners. All work is user and A/B tested then optimized to ensure ongoing success.

The true value in distinctive experiences comes from creating a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. Visitors are thus more likely to return to your website, explore more of the brands offerings and convert into loyal customers. Isadora Agency’s collaboration with Razor is an excellent example of this. While the brand is well known as the #1 provider of kick scooters, audiences were unaware of the brand’s new product launches and breadth of its catalogue. Razor’s target audience posed interesting challenges as the experience needed to excite young dare-devil riders while instilling parents with confidence in the product’s safety and durability. Razor sells primarily through authorized retailers such as Walmart and Target, so it was vital the website dynamically and accurately display partner pricing and inventory.

By diving into the audience motivators and business objectives, Isadora Agency addressed these needs by developing a full-service marketplace for the new experience. This bespoke e-commerce system enables Razor to take greater control over every aspect of its sales and marketing process. The completed web products are a distinctive brand experience with engaging appeal, practical value, and plenty of style. Visitors are able to explore each product in more detail, while social-friendly features help them discover the hottest scooter trends. The final experience captures the thrill of the ride, while building brand awareness and equity.

Isadora Agency was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Proud Accomplishments            

To date, Isadora Agency has won over 24 digital awards, including two highly coveted Web by nominations.

Isadora Marlow-Morgan, Isadora Agency Founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Taking Flight: Providing Partners with World-class Solutions

What started as a web design company for small businesses quickly evolved into a full-service digital agency that attracts well established brands worldwide.

“We know that to effectively market themselves or sell online, brands need to form a positive emotional connection with their audiences. We help brands do this by clearly establishing positioning and defining audience motivators and differentiators – giving our partners an essential market advantage.

This additional research establishes the foundation for all strategic direction and product creation. Armed with this deep understanding of the audience motivators and business objectives we enhance our experiences with the WOW factor, drawing user in through powerful visual design and seamless functionality.”

“As we have grown our technology department in response to evolving client needs, taking on more advanced, larger-scale projects, our digital services have also expanded. Brands often engage us to streamline their digital experience, making it more user-friendly, while also more efficient for the brand to manage. A recent example includes transforming an aerospace manufacturer with four outdated websites into one streamlined robust multisite framework. We have also merged News Corp Benefits from thirteen individually managed microsites into one interactive experience, drastically reducing administrative time while also engaging employees.”

Factors: That Make Isadora Agency Stand Out from the Competition

Isadora Agency defines success by the quality and effectiveness of the final product it creates, along with the overall client experience.

“Infusing our structured processes with a quality-focused mindset has definitely helped our agency avoid the pitfalls that we’ve heard about from our partners’ past experiences. High-quality outcomes, in turn, drive trust, as evidenced through our agency’s several long-term partner relationships.”

It’s not easy to create award-winning work every year, but the employees at Isadora Agency make it happen. Indeed, such work is time consuming, meticulous and there are many more tedious steps that are required than there are for using pre-made frameworks or cookie cutter templates.

“Working on a breadth of different projects across various industries has given us incredible business acumen. Combining this market insight with a team of incredibly talented specialists makes a difference. Our handcrafted solutions take more time to complete, but the result is a superior and more flexible final product that lasts years longer and gives our partners the ability to evolve.”

Fostering a Culture of Feedback: A Terrific Treat

Constructive feedback drives innovation and encourages people to improve their skills and really strive to achieve something great. Isadora Agency implements daily stand ups as well as regular client touch bases. Every asset is reviewed by multiple team members. Tasks are discussed thoroughly and multiple times so that room for error or ambiguity becomes minimal and often non-existent. The company also makes it a point to hire incredibly talented individuals who have an innate drive to succeed and produce outstanding work as a means of professional fulfillment.

“We have a very tight-knit team, which allows us to be nimble and iterative. Feedback and iterations happens not only daily but frequently throughout the day.”

Future Arrangements: Sky’s the Limit

To succeed in a rapidly advancing industry, Isadora Agency continues to evolve, learn new technologies and adjust its approach based on the ever-changing needs of users.

“Machine learning and VR are areas we are paying close attention to. We see WebVR as an important medium to focus on in the coming years.”

Isadora Marlow-Morgan: A Brief Background

Born in America, Isadora Marlow-Morgan is an entrepreneur and veteran of digital experiences. Isadora started her first business, a fashion e-tailer bringing a Brazilian flair to US staples, at 24. Working in this online world sparked Isadora’s passion for digital experiences. In an industry where cookie-cutter templates were consuming the web, Isadora wanted to spark in audiences the WOW: that powerful visceral reaction that drives brand connections. She honed her skills as a designer and web developer at leading Los Angeles marketing agencies, where she worked with a world-class list of global brands and drew inspiration from talented leaders.

“Our handcrafted solutions take more time to complete, but the result is a superior and more flexible final product that lasts years longer and gives our partners to the ability to evolve.”