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April Monthly Special 2023 – Developer of AI-powered low-code software platform intended to accelerate innovation projects within large enterprises


Over the last few years, low-code solutions have become important to help organizations widen programming accessibility to a broader base of users and help fill development gaps. And these technologies are still gathering steam—Gartner estimated the market for low-code development technologies would grow to a total of $26.9 billion in 2023 and that 65% of applications would be developed using low-code by 2024. Low-code solutions can bring many benefits—these platforms help to speed up tedious tasks and level the playing field for those with different coding abilities and desires. Low-code platforms can also be a great tool for engineers looking to incorporate AI into their business systems. For example, having a low-code method could be helpful in generating code for machine learning algorithms and new models, which can help companies, create their own algorithms and incorporate them into their own platforms. More people are interested in incorporating AI into their applications, but the use cases are growing increasingly more sophisticated. Businesses may start with simple needs, such as identifying faces or identifying text from handwritten letters. These rely on simple datasets, and algorithms already exist to accomplish most of these tasks. Off-the-shelf AI is helpful at the start, but eventually, companies tend to want to use their own data and settings far more specific to their applications. is one such company that develops robust AI-powered low-code software platform that accelerates the development and deployment of AI-centric enterprise applications. Its low-code environment empowers us to develop and deploy digital solutions faster, enabling enterprises to go to market 17x faster with their digital initiatives. It has deployed at scale with several global enterprises, such as Circle-K, Pampered Chef, Ulta Beauty, Driven Brands, Jockey, and others. Iterate's innovation platform has more than 10 patents pending. Its team has a global presence in North America (Silicon Valley, Colorado), Europe, and Asia (India).


It is a drag-and-drop, low-code AI environment where innovation apps can be rapidly developed and commercialized through modularized, pre-built components – then pushed into production environments. Prior versions of Interplay enabled customers to bring digital initiatives to market 17x faster, they believe Spirit will make it 30x faster. Building innovative applications requires software components from Startups, AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain and Data Access. Interplay packages these five forces of innovation into one single drag-and-drop platform. Leverage your existing teams to build faster and use complex state-of-the-art technologies via drag-and-drop software development. Deployed and trusted by several Fortune 500 organizations to run product software at scale. It works with scaling technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and others. Most low-code solutions are designed for quick prototypes and throwaway work. Interplay® changes that!


Somewhere out there is a company with the perfect solution for you. Signals tracks over 16.2M companies - from cutting edge startups to mature enterprises - with proprietary AI that sorts and evaluates funding, patents, headcount, and specific capabilities for each. They create and track the trends, associations, and directions for all these startups, with updates coming in every 15 minutes. The Signals plots millions of data points into easily understood trend graphs, maps, market share landscapes, and ranked lists for quick insights into any specific area of innovation and digital capability. These graphics are mobile-friendly and can be downloaded and imported into your presentation or research documents with a click. Collaborating with your teammates on finding technology solutions? Signals search results can be saved, shared, and annotated together with the people you invite to your project. Teamwork, dream work – you get it. Once you’ve found your perfect Signal, they’ll email updates to you weekly, with new companies, trend updates, and the data points you need to stay on top of your innovation projects.

Tour of the Possible

The Tour of the Possible uncovers a world of hidden gems that are actionable, digital inventions – all relevant to your industry. Utilizing an Open Innovation model, attendees will learn how startup discovery, rapid prototyping, speedy experimentation, and product enhancements can be applied in an impactful way today, not years from now. By uncovering a world of hidden gems for digital leaders, the Tour of the Possible reveals a sampling of at least 10 Emerging Technologies (ETs) endorsed by Iterate Studio. Each Tour event, as required, may involve educational services, namely, providing seminars, non-downloadable webinars and one-on-one mentoring in the fields of business innovations, business problem solving, digital innovations emerging technologies or rapid-fire presentations that briefly demonstrate each tech invention. At Tour events, you meet Iterate Team members, ET entrepreneurs, and other digital leaders.


Leveraging Best-in-Class Low-Code Solutions to Enhance Enterprise Applications

Threat Awareness System: has developed a threat awareness system that leverages AI-based image recognition to identify guns, knives, and robbery masks. Initially, this was developed for their client, a global convenience chain that wanted to improve safety for their customers and employees. They have piloted this application on-site at convenience stores and schools. As a company, they sincerely desire to make this technology as widely available as possible. They are actively seeking partnerships to improve the safety of the schools, churches, hospitals, and other public spaces. By introducing AI image recognition to existing systems, 100s of video streams can be monitored second-by-millisecond with new edge computers that are omni-vigilant. Reaction times are instantaneous (<30ms), with real-time alerts and high accuracy. Iterate’s Interplay Low-Code Platform has several communications APIs available. They communicate seamlessly with almost any security platform or communications network. The Interplay platform can also communicate directly via text messages or voice to telephones. The system integrates into existing alert systems such as Raptor.

Dynamic Documentation: Automate data extraction and classification from varied and unorganized document sources. Create Custom Train models for trade finance and other banking document verifications and routing. Verification includes original VS document copy classifications as well as seal and chops extractions. It offers advanced NLP implementation for global cosmetics retailer. Identify 100s of intents for chatbots, customer service, and product recommendations. Interplay has advanced OCR and data classification, where documents and forms can be scanned, formats recognized, then data is automatically extracted and structured. Written text (sentences and paragraphs) are analyzed and fed into an NLP library for recognition.

Edge Computing for AI: Edge computing is the new cloud. The edge computing market will be $155.90 billion by 2030, growing yearly by 38.9%. Artificial Intelligence integration will drive that growth. Interplay runs edge AI in more than 3,000 locations, providing superior AI and IoT responsiveness. They use edge computing AI to read license plates with cameras, release gas pumps, and enable payments. Their edge computing AI drives robots and mission-critical infrastructure that require near-instant response times. Potential network problems reduce overall bandwidth risk. Interplay AI edge computing runs on commodity hardware.  Edge Computing lowers operational costs, reduces risk, and enhances speed. Artificial Intelligence running on the edge enhances all those advantages even further. The company has deployed Edge Computing in gas stations, convenience stores, and schools. These systems interact with IoT devices like cameras, POS terminals, and payment systems. Interplay's Low-Code AI is efficient and tight enough to deploy on-premise with edge servers. This unique capability eliminates lag time to the cloud and brings the revolution directly to supply chain warehouses, logistics hubs, and in-store customer experiences. It also keeps data private and inside organizations – not exposing core data to the cloud. Interplay edge AI is currently deployed at thousands of retail locations.

Jon Nordmark | Co-Founder & CEO

Jon’s startup experiences span a few decades. From boardrooms, term sheets, and cap tables to Tier 1 VCs, small VCs, strategic investors, and a few hundred angel investors to debt agreements, warrants, re-caps, and convertible notes. He’s been involved with complete failures, walking-dead entities, and multi-million dollar wins with forensic accountants, dozens of lawyers, and phenomenal entrepreneurs. He says that many experiences have blossomed into beautiful stories.

"We work with the CEOs, COOs, and CTOs of enterprise innovators who seek fast systematic ways to scale in-house AI, IoT, and Big Data solutions."