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November Edition 2021

John Galt Solutions – Helping Organizations Accelerate Their Digital Supply Chain by Providing Advanced Analytics Platform


In our increasingly digital world, consumers are demanding speed, convenience and accuracy. Technology has helped many businesses keep up with these demands, and in particular, the rise of the digital supply chain has increased efficiency for manufacturers. Supply chains involve multiple parties that need to interact on a frequent basis. Smoothing out these interactions is the predominant goal of a digital supply chain. A digital supply chain can eliminate manual processes; instead connecting enterprise digital systems into a single, fluent communications channel. The primary aim of the digital supply chain is to deliver insights to increase efficiency and to produce higher profits for the organization. Digitizing your global supply chains empowers your planning, sourcing and logistics teams to collaborate, automate and effectively leverage analytics.

John Galt Solutions is an end-to-end digital supply chain planning solutions platform that primarily serves mid-market and large global enterprises facing complex supply chain planning challenges and helping them make better and faster decisions by offering a market leading end-to-end supply chain planning solution. The company’s focus on easy implementations and scalable solutions have earned them more than 6,000 happy customers globally and a benchmark-verified title as the industry leader in customer satisfaction.

Best-In-Class Digital Supply Chain Products Offered

Atlas Planning Platform:  It is a single integrated planning platform with advanced analytics and machine learning, automates planning, and facilitates real-time end to end demand and supply balancing and scenario planning. Modern and user friendly, Atlas Planning Platform links and orchestrates your S&OP process with real-time workflow status, monitoring, view of gaps and prescriptive insights at any level of disaggregation - from demand to supply planning, transportation, financial budgeting and sales forecasting. Its collaborative planning platform helps break down silos, achieve real-time visibility and drive agility for faster decision making. It’s a single, AI-driven SaaS solution that connects and orchestrates your entire supply chain so you are always in synch.

Atlas Planning Platform comes with preconfigured templates that its experienced hands-on team uses to align solution with your needs. The combination of powerful platform and dedicated partnering approach enables fast prototyping, advanced configurations, and completely automated supply chain planning models. And that results in an optimum go-live date for a system that responds to your unique supply chain requirements. Build your intelligent, agile digital supply chain and begin wherever you want – from demand planning, supply planning, collaborative S&OP, production planning and beyond.

ForecastX: It is a powerful forecasting add-in to Excel that saves you from painstaking manual forecast processes. The tool offers unparalleled statistical power along with the infinite flexibility of Excel, while remaining incredibly easy to use. Get the most accurate forecasts in the industry in just a few clicks. Working in Excel simplifies data formatting and shortens the learning curve, making it easy and intuitive to create your first forecast. It's also easy to collect input from other stakeholders at any level of detail. No need to spend hours on data cleansing and formatting. Just add your data to Excel and create your forecast in one click. ForecastX automatically interprets your data and selects the best forecasting method to instantly create an accurate forecast. It helps you manage that by enabling collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. With the click of a mouse, you can now turn good forecasts into better forecasts that people can relate and commit to.

Innovation Lab: Supply chain planning innovations come to life at John Galt’s unique research center and think tank, Innovation Lab. The lab is a vibrant customer-developer partnership that tackles real-world supply chain challenges across a range of industries. In the John Galt Innovation Lab, its solutions team collaborates with customers to develop fresh breakthroughs that improve supply chain value through advanced planning technology. The life blood of Innovation Lab is the expertise of its software developers, data scientists, and services consultants blended with customer insights and real-world experience. The Innovation Lab develops minimum viable products (MVPs) that are deployed by customers and partners to deliver real-world measurable value. The vital information gathered drives insights, iterations and enhancements that strike the best possible balance between performance and innovation given your unique challenges and business goals. Innovation Lab worked closely with Reddy Ice to deliver enhanced machine learning algorithms that leverage IoT, POS, and weather data. Through its close collaboration, Reddy Ice achieved extraordinary supply chain improvement.

The Leader Upfront    

Anne Omrod is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of John Galt Solutions. She continuously aligns the company’s operations and strategic vision to match the customers’ evolving core concerns. Also, she was a chief designer of the company’s award-winning ForecastX planning solution.

“Whatever supply chain hill you’re facing, we have a solution that will help you make the climb.”