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‘We Aim to Develop Modern Operating Conditions, Structures, and Processes that Promote the Health of the Employees’: Mara Schär, MD & Founder of Joy Corporate GmbH


“Our webinars help employees reach their full potential on all levels, including physical, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual.”

Like many experiences in life, being happy at work all starts with how the employees mentally view their job and the people they work with. They also want to be appreciated and develop themselves. Happiness at work is knowing you can grow and learn in your company. Development can be anything from taking yoga classes to knowing how to become a good manager. We are a strong believer of a holistic approach. Well-being entails more than avoiding being physically ill. It is a holistic bio-psycho-social construct, an overall positive life that is emotionally, socially, and intellectually grounded. A positive state of wellbeing is characterized by general satisfaction and balance in one’s own life. The focus is broken down into ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Employees who are physically and mentally healthy show more interest and commitment in the workplace. This involvement influences other variables, including employee turnover and absence.

In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present Joy Corporate GmbH — a Switzerland-based corporate well-being company. It carries out surveys and constantly expands the service portfolio according to trends, wishes, and requests. The company works with a highly qualified team of experts, partners, and health professionals to help employees achieve more well-being in their lives.

Joy’s wellness programs are proactive and help employees reach their full potential at all levels, including physical, mental, social, intellectual, and emotional. These programs are cost-effective given the increased economic value-added that companies can achieve with motivated and engaged employees.

The company serves multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies.

To highlight and further understand what Joy Corporate stands for and seeks to explore in this segment, I sat down with Mara Schär (founder), who serves as the company’s Managing Director.

Below is an excerpt.

Q. What can you tell us about wellbeing programs and workshops that your company has designed for organisations in Switzerland?

We constantly invent new ways of providing our services and support to our clients. Considering the present circumstances, we have found new solutions for our customers and are now offering successful events online. It is essential to bring team members together, even if only in a digital setting. It is also important to continue to focus on joint training and education. And of course, the holistic planning of the courses starts with an individual analysis of needs and lacks. With that said, all our programs are unique and adapted to the special needs and wishes of the company and its employees.

Q. Given that Joy Corporate-designed workshops are incredibly effective tools for improving mental health, how uniquely do you serve these individuals’ needs?

We aim to instill in each employee and team member a personal emphasis on a growth mindset. We conduct a detailed survey and analysis of each employee’s needs and aims, individually. It is important to include employees in the whole process, from the study of health-promoting factors to implementing measures and offers to evaluate the entire effort.

After each event, we let every participant fill out a feedback form to completely make sure what works and what needs eventually be adapted. We are permanently learning and growing, and with the creation of a tailor-made corporate health program, we ensure to address both the company and individual needs.

Q. What are your focus areas?

We are constantly developing our workshop portfolio and adding to our product range. Currently, we offer over 75 different workshops. Our power workshops and seminars bring employees up to date on the latest developments and cover various areas such as stress management, emotional intelligence, healthy sleep, communication, diversity, productivity, digital detox, addiction management, and more. We also offer onsite hobby workshops (painting, dancing, art history, barista, and more) for a relaxing, meditative effect on employees. Creative activities, social communication, dynamism, spontaneity are also a part of the workshops, which help reduce stress, allow employees to relax, and support the development of analytical skills. We also included proactive webinars and online events in mental well-being, personal development webinars, nutrition webinars, and physical fitness webinars. Our webinars help employees reach their full potential on all levels, including physical, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

Our range of workshops and webinars has grown a lot in the past year. This shows our flexibility and the way we face the challenge of the pandemic. Recently, we included massage in the home office for employees, Covid-19 symptoms screening, mental health boot camps, and weight loss challenges, including mindset, sport, and nutrition courses, as well as many new webinars and online courses available at our Joy Corporate Academy 24/7.

Q. How do you plan to transform your company into a future that is unfolding before you?

Mobility, choice, and virtual collaboration are invaluable in today’s health crisis. Responsible companies understand that the well-being of their employees is critical and are taking proactive steps to create a workplace culture and environment that allows everyone to do their best work. Just as the company’s processes need to adapt to the new reality of the home office, so does its corporate wellbeing programs. We aim to develop modern operating conditions, structures, and processes that promote the health of the employees. Health should constantly be introduced as a strategic factor in the company’s mission statement and leadership culture.

In a nutshell, we are here to help organizations that care about their employees’ health and prevention, to include and develop ‘occupational health management’ in a fast, easy, and incredibly innovative way.

Mara Schär: A Brief Background

Mara Schär is a trained journalist and businesswoman. She has worked as a presenter and newsreader in her home city of Bucharest. Mara has over 15 years of international experience in sales, marketing, and key account management. She has worked for various global companies in finance, medical devices, and advertising and knows all about the challenges of the corporate working environment from her own experience. Ms. Schär is now a certified specialist in corporate wellness and the Managing Director and founder of Joy Corporate GmbH in Basel.

“We are here to help organizations that care about their employees’ health and prevention, to include and develop ‘occupational health management’ in a fast, easy, and incredibly innovative way.”