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‘The Food Industry is Broken and We’re Here to Help’: Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder and CEO of Jump To Health™


“Jump To Health™ Provides education, tools, rewards, and products to help you live Inner Fit”

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) has grown tremendously in the last few years. Health and wellness products are the pillars of most MLM companies. The ever-growing demand for health products has made the health and wellness segment quite popular, with people constantly looking for products to look and feel better. There is a wide range of products available, and these companies' general focus remains constant, i.e., promoting health.

Jump To Health is one such company that operates in the health and wellness MLM niche. Backed by science and offering products that are engineered with healthy plant extracts, the company's focus is to break down food myths and help people change their lives. It promotes safe, affordable, and effective weight loss management and nutrition products for a healthy lifestyle.

Jump to Health was founded in 2018 and is based in California, US.

Interview Excerpt: Audrey Sommerfeld

Q. What do you mean by saying 'we help you get inner fit'? Please share an overview.

Good health begins on the inside, yet so much of our lives are focused on our outside appearance. So we focus on helping people get inner fit. We do this with education, products, programs, and recognition & rewards. We have a "Health Journey" that people can join – for free. You get 12 weeks (2 emails a week) of information on nutrition, sleep, hydration, recipes, and tips to live a healthier life. Then we offer 12 weeks of information on personal development. Getting to know yourself and how you interact with the world can boost your mood, mind, and overall life, followed by 12 weeks of information on financial health. And then weekly, we offer free training on health and wellness on weekly calls that people can dial into and listen to our science team on how to eat healthily.

Our health care providers get, on average, only eight hours of nutrition education in their schooling, and consumers don't' get any typically. So that is why it is about education. We combine this with natural products that taste good and are affordable, and that deliver results.

Our products are created by a nutritionist (Ph.D.) with 30 years of experience helping people live healthier. We address nutritional needs that can help boost gut health, immune health, fight inflammation, support healthy blood sugar and weight management. We provide meal plans and recipes for different lifestyles— vegan/vegetarian, keto, diabetes, and a simple 'power of 2' program to help people manage their weight and health. And then, we provide support and recognition along the way with some rewards for being part of our community.

Q. Jump To Health is about helping transform lives. As promising as this sounds, how effectively do you address your customers' needs?

We have helped people lose five pounds, all the way up to 225 pounds, with sound nutrition. We have helped people boost gut health and fight inflammation with visible differences in their bodies, as mentioned above. And we help them save money too. One of the perks we have for our members is a "Savings" site where you can shop online, get special savings at major retailers, book hotels and travel and save more money vs. other search sites, and on entertainment too (save $79 on Disneyworld tickets). We offer this free perk to our members to help them with our ‘Pillar of Living’, and show them that by saving money here, they can help afford our simple and easy programs.


Q. What can you tell us about your 'walk to give program'? And how does this program impact your mission?

We have four pillars: Health (your first wealth is health), Wealth (a way to earn income, or get your product free or earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for products or cash), Living (our savings portal to help fuel your life) and Giving. We believe that we need to be good members of our community, and that is when we have been blessed—it is a blessing to help others. Our program is unique because it encourages people to get active, to take a simple walk. So many people sit all day, and we've all heard "sitting is the new smoking". So with our ‘walk to give program’, we encourage walking. By being a member and walking, you can accumulate steps, and then we donate for those to Feeding America. We wanted to show that you can give back even if you don't have the cash to donate, or the time to help, simply by walking. And by walking with friends or family, you can go home, log in your steps, and see how you are making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Q. Given that Jump To Health sells cutting-edge products created by nutritionists, not chemists, how do these products influence your customers fitness-wise?

We help people have better energy, sleep, mood, and overall health. Our protein shakes feature a 'tri-sorb' protein blend of three high-quality proteins. We combine this with a clinically studied digestive enzyme to aid more absorption into the lean muscle, making ours more efficient. This enzyme is also good for those young and old that need help digesting proteins. We combine it with a clinically studied prebiotic fiber to boost gut health and immune health, which impacts your mood and mind. Many studies are coming out on the importance of the 'gut-brain axis' and how the gut is the second brain in the body. So all of our products help the gut, which help your health. And our fitness products are not high in caffeine and don't contain the stimulants found in other brands. We offer clean energy to boost performance naturally.

Many companies will use a 'white label' off-the-shelf product from the manufacturer and put a label on it. We created each of our products and designed them to have specific benefits and work together. We have filed a patent application on two of them.

Q. Who are these nutritionists? Would you like to talk about them?

At the core of our team is Dr. Steven Witherly, Ph.D. He has a Ph.D. in Nutrition, a Masters in Food Science, and an undergraduate in nutrition. He has studied keto and its impact on cancer in the body. He has studied and helped those with epilepsy with a keto diet. And he is pretty amazing and humble. He has written the book "Why Humans Like Junk Food," which is considered one of the top five books nutritionists should read. He was featured in "Eat - The Story of Food" that aired on the Discovery channel seen by 65 million people (it included many celebrities, chefs, and authors including Padma Lakshmi, Graham Elliot, Jack Turner, Michael Pollan, Rachael Ray. He has been featured in NY Times magazine, Men's Fitness, and over 80 magazines, podcasts, and articles globally within 18 months).

Q. What, according to you, should be the focal point of this article?

The food industry is broken, and we are here to help. The food industry lobbyists have changed the way we eat and not based on science. Today in America, we eat an average of 150 pounds of sugar per person per year, which is almost 8 oz. a day. In the 1970's we ate 26 pounds of sugar. This changed when the food industry claimed that fat was bad for us and changed our food 'plate' to a pyramid. Since then, health issues have increased, obesity increased, and confusion on what is healthy. We are here to change all that.

"Our big hairy goal is to end sugar addiction, obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and all health challenges that can be improved by good nutrition. We do this with better products, better prices, better perks, and better pay than other companies."