December Edition 2021

Kaloom™ – Leveraging Fully Programmable and Automated Cloud-Native Networking Solution for the Edge Data Centers


Cloud native is a term that comes from the IT industry that is used to describe the building and running of network functions that take advantage of the cloud computing delivery model. This model, which usually involves software containers, allows service providers to develop and deploy networks more quickly, making it possible for them to respond quickly to growth in mobile data traffic and add new services. Cloud native also typically involves automation tools that allow service providers to become more open and agile.

Kaloom™ is one such company that is comprised of a group of technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large-scale networking, analytics and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks. Having come from leading companies including Ericsson, IBM, VMWare, Cisco, Redback Networks, 3Com, Nortel, and Apple, they have come together to build a critically-needed solution to address the emerging challenges in data center networking. At Kaloom, they see a perfect storm forming in the data center networking industry. To meet these headwinds the company is developing a new solution that promises to deliver the highest performance, lowest-cost and greenest network possible. By leveraging networking white boxes from Accton and Delta to drive down costs, its mission is to become the leader in fully automated data center networking software suitable for the data center operator, telco, enterprise, cloud, and gaming industries.

Providing Organizations with Robust Cloud-Native Networking Products

Cloud Edge Fabric™: It is a fully automated data center networking fabric solution specifically designed for simultaneous 4G and 5G applications at the data center edge providing native support for network slicing along with embedded 5G user plane function (UPF). The Cloud Edge Fabric solution addresses the key requirements for the cloud edge market by lowering latency and improving performance at a lower price. Cloud Edge Fabric™ is targeted for distributed edge, central office, and virtual central office, CORD, and branch office applications as it complements the Software Defined Fabric™, which is more suited for large scale centralized or regional data centers.

Software Defined Fabric™: An industrialized software solution for networking white boxes. It is designed for hyperscale and distributed data centers and targeted to clients in the data center operator, telco, enterprise, cloud, and gaming industries. As a programmable data center fabric, the solution offers integrated routing and switching and enables developers to develop new code to drive innovation and clients to add new services and features in-house. In addition, its programmability avoids vendor lock-in and eliminates the need to wait for silicon upgrades. The flexible fabric architecture presents an adaptable, high-performance, low latency multi-datacenter fabric, specifically designed to satisfy the current and future challenges of increasing network workload demands at scale. Software Defined Fabric™ can run several virtual data-centers with different network services, thus fulfilling the vision of a truly customizable Software Defined Network (SDN) environment.

Kaloom™ Virtual Switch: The Kaloom Virtual Switch (KVS) is an enhanced feature of the Software Defined Fabric™. It provides enhanced switching functionality that enables containers and virtual machines (VMs) running on application servers to communicate more efficiently. KVS delivers significant improvements over other existing virtual switch solutions on the market by providing key benefits to data center networking performance with regards to latency and data throughput. Furthermore, by interacting directly with Software Defined Fabric, KVS can leverage the Software Defined Fabric’s advanced networking functions and offload virtual switching functionality onto Software Defined Fabric, thus freeing up valuable resources from application servers.

As an enhanced feature within the Software Defined Fabric product family, KVS offers an innovative virtual switch solution for data center infrastructure providers (DCIPs) and virtual data center operators (vDCOs) such as telecom and cloud service providers, large enterprises, financial institutions, etc. It extends networking functionalities by directly communicating with Software Defined Fabric to offload the virtual switching functionality from the application servers and onto Software Defined Fabric, thereby delivering more efficient execution of traditional and Software Defined Fabric advanced network functions. As an optimized virtual switch replacement for OVS-DPDK, KVS provides key benefits in networks where it is deployed. Its use enables the minimization of compute resources, while reducing user space to user space latency and increasing data throughput.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Laurent Marchand is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kaloom™. He is the prime visionary behind Kaloom and has been an engineering and technology leader across all aspects of ICT.  His experience includes over 25 years’ experience with Ericsson and Nortel in telecom network architecture, mobile infrastructure and data center technologies, key competencies include Network Functions Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, mobile Evolved Packet Core and Edge Datacenter infrastructure, IP, WDCMA/LTE, iOT, VDSL and DOCSIS.

“Kaloom provides a highly advanced and modern cloud networking solution which allows service providers to accelerate time to deliver new emerging applications.”