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In recent times people have become more concerned about the environment, so they are on the lookout for eco-friendly solutions. In regions where the temperature is high, there is an exponential growth in air conditioning usage. Eco-friendly air conditioning is important because it can reduce energy bills, harmful emissions, and improve the lifespan of the equipment. The noise level is also another benefit of using eco-friendly air conditioning because they are much quieter even when they are operating at full capacity. Investing in eco-friendly equipment is a good long term investment because it helps you save money and keeps your future energy bills in check.

Eco-friendly and solar powered air conditioning is becoming more and more popular each year, and Kanion Group is a company that specializes in providing the global market with air conditioners that meet specific, customized needs. Kanion Group is a flexible enterprise with global values and a deep understanding of user experience facts collected from each different country around the globe. Their products can cater to a wide array of requirements from the below zero temperatures of North countries to the hot and humid conditions of Tropical and near the Equator areas. Kanion Group’s product range covers all popular air conditioner categories, applying to different needs, from window type, portable, and wall split air conditioners for residencies and small dormitories. Ceiling cassette type, duct type, floor-standing, and floor-ceiling to cover the needs of offices and businesses, to heavy commercial types like chillers and VRF systems for Shopping Malls, Offices, Hotels, and other public facilities.

Interview Excerpt


Q. As a developing enterprise,  what do you believe are the driving factors behind your success so far?

Our service team works on a 24/7 basis, covering the special needs of our diversified, international clients. We are here for any need, from professional technical support to end-customers’ inquiries. Our market analysis team provides us with all the necessary information to keep our position at the top of the international stage, incorporating all the new technological advances and user experience facts immediately, to our final products and services.

Q. When working on a new project or with a new client, what steps do you take to ensure that the overall outcome is successful?

In Kanion we have in-depth knowledge for almost every different market in the world, so in most of the cases, we are able not only to hear and understand the needs of a new client, but also guide them in penetrating the markets and succeed in establishing their presence. We have a department focused on communication and marketing, not merely offer products.

Q. What is your firm’s mission and what steps do you take in order to achieve this?

Kanion’s mission is to keep an eye on the future. We are getting involved in anything new coming up in our sector, from new global certificates and regulations of environmental protection to renewable resources and technologies that make life easier. We are fast in adopting new things; however, unpopular and costly might seem at the beginning, thus being ready to offer the best solutions when the right time comes. At the same time, we have an established R&D department in cooperation with other prominent players in the field that helps us not only follow the current but take steps forward whenever is possible.


Q. How does your firm integrate technology into its processes and how do you stay up to date with the latest developments?

In Kanion, we focus on the economy of things and the environment. On the year by year basis, we try to place Kanion products on the top of the list of each different country. Not meeting the basic efficiency, technological and environmental requirements, but reaching the top, account among the high-end technology products. We regularly test and update the quality, efficiency, and environmental aspects of our products and get certified by third-party organizations to meet the highest standards. At the same time, we are easy to discontinue successful products that, however, technologically, pass out of date. As said before, we are eager to keep an eye on the future.

Q. What is the internal culture in your firm? How do you ensure that all of your staff is equipped to provide the best possible service to your clients?

In Kanion, we have established a culture of sharing. We support the free flow of information, such as knowledge from past mistakes, hidden advantages, opportunities, threats, success stories and failures, are all available to our staff for study and contemplation. That’s how we grow as an organization.

Q. What does the future have in store for your firm?

In Kanion, we work on five years’ plans. By keeping our gaze ahead and avoid compromising the edgy characteristics of our organization, that we value and use as fuel to move forward, we hope to lead into the new, coming era of renewable resources and vast technological advances. Kanion this year will launch a small appliances portfolio. From air fryers that promote a healthier lifestyle to robot vacuums that keep our places clean without any effort.

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“Our main goal is to supply top quality products, by using cutting-edge technology in the production line, while retaining cost efficiency and complying with International Environmental Protection Regulations.”

“We are committed to providing our buyers a strong competitive advantage over their competitors in local markets.”