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KANOE – Boutique IT company delivering cutting-edge software and security solutions via optimization of quality, time, and cost


Businesses have many different and special information technology needs. The services offered to manage and solve these IT needs are called managed IT support services. These services can provide a wide range of benefits and are therefore important for businesses. So basically, a range of solutions that are delivered by an IT service provider combining unlimited support in a fixed fee come under managed IT services. Additionally, this also involves prompt monitoring of the IT workstations and the infrastructure.

KANOE is an IT company that offers unique combination of expertise and premier technologies, to efficiently design software solutions of any scale and complexity, while maintaining a customer-centric approach to delivering quality services in time, every time. They seek to create value for their Customers. Founded in 1999 as a firm and incorporated in 2004 as a Private limited company, the KANOE, now a public company, is a recognized leader in the provision of software solutions and services with long years of professional experience and practical engagement. With the prominent presence across India a strong representation in Nairobi-Kenya, Wanchai-Hong Kong, St. Louis, USA, Singapore, London- UK and Kathmandu-Nepal, the KANOE has established a strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in over 30 countries around the world. With Kanoe Softwares, the companies can optimize productivity and gain a competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business environment. KANOE is an ISO 9001- certified organization and their processes are nurtured in the safe hands of highly trained SIX-SIGMA, ITIL V3, and Scrum Master (CSM) Professionals. They follow CMM Level 3 in their practice.

Achieving Complete Customer Satisfaction through Total Quality Management

eLogin Membership Management System: Whether you run a yoga studio or a nonprofit organization, a club/Association or a large community driven business, keeping track of your memberships is critical. It can be tedious to complete all the paperwork for each new member as well as maintain spreadsheets to sort members and store their information. Kanoe, having 22+ years of experience managing tiny to giant  membership managing organizations, meticulously designed and developed a cloud-based software tool and mobile Apps (eLogin™) analysing the very need of membership driven businesses, that can help you create a member database, storing all your member’s data in one place, securely.

payonrole: How much do you value your time? It's an important question when considering whether to use a payroll services provider. Sure, you could manage payroll yourself — each pay period adding employee hours, calculating payroll taxes at the correct rates and paying them to the appropriate agencies, cutting and distributing checks, and filing returns on time. (Not to mention keeping up with fluctuating wage and hour laws). Cloud & mobile app based human resource management solution that provides attendance tracking, compliance, payroll management and more. payonrole is a HR management tool designed for small to midsize businesses that help with assessment, training, payroll management, compliance, auditing, background screening and more.

e-Commerce- (multiple & single vendor): An online B2B and B2C store consists of many intricate components and processes, which ecommerce software streamlines through an easy-to-use interface that even non-tech persons can operate. Further facilitating things is the ability of the system to integrate with other platforms and services such as CRM, CMS, ERP, payment gateways, email marketing tools, accounting software, fulfillment services, and social media networks.

Banking solutions for Co-operative/Small Bank: (Artha)Artha banking software solution is offered as a SaaS product. The product is also available as a ready-to-use Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). This digital platform supports front-to-end operations with easy user-friendly software modules. Artha Banking Software is for companies, co-operative banks, small banks that deal with wealth management and private banking for their members or consumers. The software is COTS based and supports processes and core banking interfaces.                                                     

Debjyoti Ray | CEO

Debjyoti Ray, founded Kanoe Softwares in the year 1999 as a first generation Entrepreneur dealing with IoT and ICT and successfully placed his business, their products & solutions, over various sectors & verticals. His aim is to simplify, in day-to-day operations and to save in all processes by designing tools and platforms, visioned out of optimization in quality, time and cost that helps their clients and associates, monitoring and controlling their business. His company has designed various hardware, sensors and software dashboards to cater the IT & Security Infrastructure needs of small to large corporate, government organizations, Defense system of the country, factories and e-governance platform for urban and rural setup to make the system and processes, much organized and controlled that eventually makes the system profitable to sustain and improve continuously to grow.

"We are an ISO 9001- certified organization and it is our endeavor to create a working environment where motivated employees communicate freely and innovations are encouraged."