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Boutique IT Company Specializing in Designing, Development and Consultancy on IoT & ICT applications: Kanoe Technologies


Kanoe Technologies Inc. (KTI) is incorporated in The State of Missouri, USA, guided by the philosophy that ensures efficient delivery of cutting-edge IT services, software and security solutions via Optimization of Quality, Time & Cost. These attributes, together with the unique combination of Kanoe’s expertise and premier technologies, enable us to efficiently design software solutions of any scale and complexity, while maintaining a customer-centric approach to delivering quality services in time, every time. Kanoe seeks to create value for its Customers. The KANOE is a multinational Group, founded in 1999, and incorporated Kanoe Technologies Inc. with The State of Missouri, United States in the year 2020, and the KANOE group is a recognized leader in the provision of software solutions and services with more than 20 years of professional experience and practical engagement. With Kanoe’s prominent presence in USA and client base across 30 countries, with offices in London-UK, Wan Chai Island-Hong Kong, Nairobi- Kenya, Kathmandu, Nepal and Bangalore-India, the Kanoe Technologies Inc has established a strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in over 30 countries around the world. With Kanoe Technologies Inc, the companies can optimize productivity and gain a competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business environment.

Kanoe is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization and its processes are nurtured in the safe hands of highly trained SIX-SIGMA Professionals. The company follows CMM Level 3 in its practice. Kanoe’s solutions and services can be aggregated into two distinct yet interrelated categories (1) Turnkey Project Management, which covers the entire project life cycle from design and scoping to onsite testing and implementation, and (2) Professional Services, which include strategic and operational technology consultant support, facilities management, as well as network and data center management.

KANOE’s Multi-purpose Information & Transaction Kiosk: A user friendly machine

Information of 15 departments at the tip of your finger. Free access of air travel booking information, railway information and a printout is available too. Thus collected information can also be copied on to a CD. SSLC results can also be retrieved. And all these information is completely available free of charge! This is all possible in the Kanoe’s Multi-purpose interactive Information kiosk implemented at Bellary City Corporation. The awareness about the importance of Information technology has been made to the people by implementing a first multiuser kiosk in the state at Bellary district. The people can use this kiosk easily. Example: If any one comes to City Corporation to know their ward to vote and other such information, they need not wait for the officer to answer their query instead they can access such information from the kiosk. Complete information regarding; election, voters details, narega, information about all the corporations across the state, rural development, panchayat raj, local transport information, KSRTC, FCI, RBI is available in this kiosk.  Hence the kiosk is taking the departments to the people.

The internet centres charges for using the internet to book the tickets online, whereas it is free to use the internet to book the tickets for air travel, railway tickets and bus tickets. There is an option for the farmers to get the information about the pahani and the APMC rates using the kiosk. A printout of the booked tickets can be taken and a CD drive has been provided to copy the data required from the kiosk. The entire information about the RBI can also be generated. City Corporation as per the order placed by the district commissioner. Bringing awareness to the people about the Information technology was the main aim behind implementing this KIOSK.  Kanoe has now purchased 2 such machines. The company has planned to implement such machines at tourist spots in the near future. ---- A.A.Biswas, District Commissioner. As per the instruction given by DC, the kiosks were implemented for the public service without restricting the amount of Rs 100 crores that was allotted for civil development works from chief minister fund. ---- D.L.Narayan, City Corporation commissioner. A.A.Biswas. The software in one of these kiosks has also been implemented and is being used by the public. The user can get the information about the tender process, date and other details called by various departments using the kiosk. An arrangement for the photo gallery is also provided in the kiosk. 

Meet the leader behind the success of Kanoe Technologies

Debjyoti Ray, CEO of Kanoe Technologies founded the company in the year 1999 as a first generation Entrepreneur dealing with IoT and ICT and successfully placed his business, their products & solutions, over various sectors & verticals. His aim is to simplify, in day-to-day operations and to save in all processes by designing tools and platforms, visioned out of optimization in quality, time and cost that helps their clients and associates, monitoring and controlling their business. His company has designed various hardware, sensors and software dashboards to cater the IT & Security Infrastructure needs of small to large corporate, government organizations, Defence system of the country, factories and e-governance platform for urban and rural setup to make the system and processes, much organized and controlled that eventually makes the system profitable to sustain and improve continuously to grow.

“KANOE has an enriched team of highly qualified professionals that appropriately maintaining and backing the entire operation of KANOE group as a whole.”