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10 Best FinTech Companies to Watch 2020

Kasisto – Conversational AI for Banking and Finance


KAI is the industry’s leading Digital Experience platform that was created to master the language of banking and finance. KAI is trained and ready to host the humanizing experiences today’s customers demand, while intuitively opening doors to deeper customer engagement. From simple retail transactions to the complex demands of corporate banks and wealth management, KAI gets it. KAI gives the power to transform customer communications into Profound Interactions.

Notable Products Offered by KAI:

KAI Consumer Banking

KAI Consumer Banking is the Conversational AI solution for the humanized digital experience customers crave. Customers are looking for immediate and convenient ways to bank, but still want experiences that are personalized and human. This creates a wonderful opportunity for financial institutions to perfect their customer experience and service, while improving operational efficiencies and reducing cost.

Servicing Customers Digitally, with a Touch of Human-like Conversation

Increase operational efficiencies and reduce contact center call volumes. Every time KAI provides an engaging digital experience—either by empowering the customer to self-serve or offering them a relevant product or service—is an opportunity to avoid an incoming call.

Customer Engagements that Boost Brand Loyalty

When KAI engages the customer, they’re on a mutual mission to meet the consumer’s goals and improve their financial well-being. Understanding what the customer wants helps KAI recommend the products and services they actually need. Not only does it increase brand loyalty by helping customers manage their money, track spending and reach saving goals, it also increase their lifetime value to your organization.

Grow with Customers and Increase their Lifetime Value

KAI helps leverage data about the customers’ journeys to make relevant, timely suggestions. KAI’s personalized growth strategy takes the friction out of up-sells and cross-sells, and is far more cost effective than sending general offers.

KAI Banking

Whether the clients are small business owners or large corporations, they’re all seeking a better way to access critical and timely information about their business’s finances.

KAI is trained to handle the complexities of business banking. KAI provides immediate access to information, services, and products, including: cash positions and cash flow, payments and wire information, aggregate holdings, and liabilities, by delivering this information through more human-like, digital conversations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Servicing the Intricacies with Intelligent Banking Conversations

Institutional banks are increasingly adding rich functionality into their web and mobile apps to help business customers self-serve. KAI does this naturally. Whether they want to perform complex workflows or simply navigate complex portals, KAI empowers the customers to achieve their goals and find what they need.

Even the simplest task, like getting a balance, is no easy feat when data is spread across multiple accounts, comprised of multiple currencies, and accessible to multiple users with different levels of permissions.

Simplified Customer Engagements that Do More

Everyone could use some financial help – from the small business owner to the CFO. Whether they’re running their business, or managing an army of finance professionals, the customers count on the financial institutions to help them achieve their goals.

When KAI’s virtual assistant or chatbot engages the customer, it puts their goal at the forefront of the conversation and understands the context to fulfil their needs. Doing more for the customers does more for brand loyalty and NPS scores.

KAI Investment Mangement

Driving Investment Relationships through Digital Experiences

The investment management industry is preparing for the greatest transfer of wealth in modern history.

Baby boomers are beginning to enter retirement and millennials are set to inherit $50+ trillion over the next decade. This shift in generational wealth will bring big changes to how wealth managers engage their clients. Gone will be the days of review meetings, phone calls, and dinners. They will be replaced by portals, alerts, text messages, and web chats. Wealth managers must build a digital experience and strategy that resonates with their new client demographic.

Meet KAI’s Virtual Investment Assistant, KIM

Built with the most advanced conversational AI technology in the finance industry, KIM powers digitally engaging experiences that delight customers. KIM asks questions, gets to know the customers, learns their goals, life plans, and what’s really important to them financially. KIM provides answers and insights, quickly responding to banking questions and helping to guide the customers’ financial journey, well-being, and needs.

Digital Experiences that Resonate and Educate

The new investment customer views the investment management industry as a maze of confusing terms and strategies. KIM helps build digital experiences that entice customers to engage with their bank and investment advisor.

KIM provides customers with information about their portfolio, offering insights that enable better investment decisions and preparation to speak with their financial advisor.

When the customers need a human-touch, KAI can seamlessly hand-off to agents to complete more complicated tasks.

KIM Educates Customers, Providing Them with Insights into Their Financial Well-being

Everyone could use some help navigating their finances and financial well-being. Customers want to interact and bank with a trustworthy expert. They trust financial institutions with their most valuable and precious possession, their future. KIM provides clients with the terms and knowledge they need to be a savvy investor.

Zor Gorelov – CEO and Co-Founder

Zor has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He was the co-founder and CEO of SpeechCycle, a market leader in cloud-based contact center optimization solutions for the telco market. SpeechCycle was acquired by Synchronoss Technologies (SNCR). Before that, Zor founded and ran, a provider of enterprise collaboration and messaging software, which was acquired by