50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021

A residential mortgage company that has the customers’ best interest in mind and delivers consistently excellent services: IKON Mortgage Inc.


Finding the right mortgage company to secure the loan of your dreams is a challenging task. Working with a competent and experienced mortgage company is very crucial because they offer a portfolio of mortgages to buyers, including refinance, VA, military, home equity lines of credit, fixed-rate, FHA, and adjustable rate. In most cases, the buyers might not have access to get a retail mortgage or special rates mainly because the volume of business generated by these companies is higher than what you can get on your own. In the highly competitive real estate segment, time is vital, and a mortgage company helps you close a loan on time. Globally, there are various mortgage companies delivering excellent services, but IKON Mortgage stands out from the rest. IKON Mortgage Inc. is a residential mortgage company. IKON stands for Integrity, Knowledge of the market and products, Outstanding service, and New and better ways of helping clients. The company was founded with the core value of giving, honesty, efficiency, humanity, and doing business with integrity.

The IKONic Story

The company was founded in 2016 out of a pure passion for excellence and outstanding customer service experience for Summer’s clients. The Founder had started her career as a mortgage consultant back in 2006 living in Honolulu, Hawaii, before she moved to Dallas, TX in 2010, where she realized that her client’s best interests were not in the vision of Corporate America, motivating the founding of IKON Mortgage, Inc. in 2016. Most people think that Summer has a finance background, but in fact, she majored in Arts and Fashion in college. Summer believes that her creative background helps her think outside the box and find solutions to unique situations when others may overlook them. About ten years into her mortgage lending career, the Founder had a burning desire to create a platform to serve her clients better, but she could not find a company that shared her vision. After much thought and planning, Summer built the courage for the business adventure. It was not an easy decision to start a company becoming an entrepreneur because she always loved the security and benefits that come with working in the corporate world. After many sleepless nights, she finally took the courage to pull the trigger. Summer decided to go all-in with her vision and willing to take the risk because she is the type of person who would rather try and fail than regret later.

Efforts in Providing Better Customer Experience

To keep the mortgage experience simple, efficient, and enjoyable for its clients, IKON Mortgage has processes in place to allow for streamlining the loan approval process, and their experience allows them to pre-underwrite files at the loan application phase to address issues early in the process. Additionally, they also set the expectation with borrowers upfront by educating them of potential hurdles they may encounter, so there are fewer chances of last-minute surprises. Finally, the company fully understands the loan products it presents to borrowers and articulates how those are beneficial to each borrower’s financial situation. These focal points and the company’s vision-driven determinations are how they provide a desirable experience that their clients enjoy.

The Path Ahead

Currently, IKON’s area of focus is growth, not only in the number of employees but also in employees’ personal career growth as they invest and encourage other methods of education and goal setting. IKON Mortgage is currently in a time of expansion and seeking like-minded individuals who can complement its culture and values. There is a lot of good people who themselves go above and beyond to make a positive impact on society and the mortgage industry, so those are the folks the company desires to employ at IKON Mortgage. IKON’s plans to transform the company into the future will not include changing the values of IKON Mortgage because that is what defines and differentiates the company from the rest. The culture they have at IKON Mortgage, “going above and beyond to serve our clients,” is rooted in their core values and mission to excellence, high-quality service, and provide a positive change and impression of the mortgage industry. The transformation will occur with growth and finding new and better ways, and IKON’s recipe is hiring the right individuals to amplify its effort to find new and better ways. IKON Mortgage has a service-driven mindset and is not revenue-driven. At the end of the day, they understand that true satisfaction is achieved by feeling you are improving the greater good or intrinsically motivated.

Meet the leader behind the success of IKON Mortgage Inc.

Summer Kim-Davis is the Founder of IKON Mortgage Inc. She quickly became the name to know in the local mortgage industry over the past 11 years, since moving to the Dallas metroplex and frequently recommended by happy clients as the preferred choice to secure financing for their friends and family members. Gaining experience over the previous 17 years has supported her ability to understand the ever-changing mortgage industry and her keen senses have proven her capacity to guide clients through difficult markets. Summer’s ability to understand the needs of her clients and come true on those expectations, laid the groundwork for her inspiration to build her own mortgage company, IKON Mortgage. Summer’s forward-thinking mentality is always on the horizon but she believes that it is critical to take a moment and reflect on what has been achieved. Summer finds motivation and knowledge through her faith as a Christian and by reading leadership books and listening to podcasts on a regular basis to progress her education and advance her comprehension as a leader. Summer hopes to provide a platform for other women to take a leap of faith when they have a vision to create something or their own, she once said in the early stages of taking the leap of her own, “I’d rather fail trying than regret not doing so later.”

“We carry a variety of loan products and programs to cater to your individual needs; whether you are searching for the best service in complex situations, or looking for a genuine and experienced mortgage loan officer to guide you through your first time home purchase.”