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Kenna Security – Leveraging advanced security intelligence platform with superior vulnerability intelligence that disrupts adversaries


It may seem like there’s a new vulnerability disclosed every day of the week. In reality, there are many more than that. Industry averages say 8,000 vulnerabilities are disclosed per year. That’s far more than security and IT teams can responsibly patch, which creates a serious prioritization problem for defenders. With vulnerability intelligence from recorded future, alerts about threats affecting your organization’s tech stack provide you with unprecedented real-time insights into attacker behavior. This enables you to patch more efficiently based on a deep understanding of how and why threat actors are targeting certain vulnerabilities and ignoring others. Vulnerability intelligence is precision security intelligence that provides risk scores based on real-time exploitation evidence to empower security and IT teams with the context they need to prioritize patches quickly and confidently while reducing downtime and preventing attacks.

Kenna Security is a software-as-a-service Risk and Vulnerability Intelligence platform that accurately measures risk and prioritizes remediation efforts before an attacker can exploit an organization’s weaknesses. Kenna Security automates the correlation of vulnerability data, threat data, and 0-day data, analyzing security vulnerabilities against active Internet breaches so that InfoSec teams can prioritize remediation’s and report on their overall risk posture.

Reliable security Intelligence products by Kenna Security

 Kenna.VM: Kenna.VM combines real-world threat and exploit intelligence and advanced data science to determine which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk and which you can deprioritize. Kenna.VM leverages 15+ threats and exploits intelligence feeds and 7+ billion managed vulnerabilities to accurately track, measure, and predict real-world threat and exploit activity. This contextual data is combined with your existing security data from scanners, bug bounty programs, CMDB tools, static application testing tools, etc., to give you the most complete and accurate view of risk within your enterprise. Kenna.VM analyzes rich internal and external data to determine the risk scores of each unique vulnerability, asset, and group of assets. You can monitor your enterprise’s risk posture in real-time and see recommended action known as Top Fix Groups that will give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of reducing your risk score.

Kenna.AppSec: Collecting application security data from a wide range of sources, including SAST, DAST, SCA, penetration testing, and bug bounty programs, Kenna.AppSec is a vendor-neutral risk management solution that lets you leverage the volumetric data from application scanners you already own to maximize value from your existing technology investments. Kenna.AppSec ingests, aggregates, and normalizes a comprehensive list of application security data to provide AppSec teams with complete visibility and control over their application portfolio. Applying contextual threat intelligence and data science to vulnerabilities at the application layer, it provides a risk level with evidence to vulnerability so you can focus your limited DevOps resources on fixing those that matter most.

Kenna.VI: Get the right information to understand the potential impact of a newly announced vulnerability. Using machine learning and data science, Kenna.VI analyzes vulnerability to help you understand its true risk. With Kenna.VI, your security team can quickly create informed plans of action and focus Red Team efforts on the vulnerabilities that have the highest probability of being exploited. Kenna.VI will give customers a peek behind the curtains into the rich exploit and threat intelligence that drives Kenna’s risk scoring, VI also makes it easier for companies with restrictive cloud policies or regulations to leverage its capabilities to more efficiently reduce risk by transforming to modern vulnerability management.

The valiant leader behind the supremacy of Kenna Security

Karim Toubba serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Kenna Security. He is an experienced security technology executive who is passionate about innovation, leadership, and solving complex problems that matter. He brings proven leadership and innovation to the security market with a focus on creating products that solve real world challenges yet form the foundation for lasting change. He is inspired by a fast moving entrepreneurial culture built on the pillars of innovation and focus. Prior joining Kenna Security he served as the Vice President of Global Security Channels at Juniper Networks. Previously he was Vice President of Products and Strategy for SBU at Juniper, a billion dollar security business, where he lead product management, strategy, and technical marketing and drove the turnaround of the Juniper security business. Mr. Karim is a frequent speaker on panels, events and media outlets including Fox Business Network and Bloomberg TV.

“Kenna Security saves you time and money, and helps your Security and IT teams work more efficiently.”