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Keva Ayurveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd: Leading the Ayurveda World by Offering World Class Curative Therapies


“If you want happiness for a lifetime, do something for others”

Keva Ayurveda, an ISO certified company began its operations in 2011 and from then has never looked back. They offer best consultation and treatments to provide best in class Ayurveda services to their patients. The company offers vast curative treatments for Obesity, PCOD, Infertility, Diabetes, Paralysis, Psoriasis, Acne, Arthritis,  Hairfall & many more along with rejuvenative treatments under guidance of qualified & experienced doctors headed by Dr. Krishna Kumar. Set up with a motto to spread awareness about Ayurvedic treatments, people at Keva Ayurveda want to change the conception that people have about Ayurveda.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka Keva Ayurveda has made their presence in five locations in the city including main office in BTM Layout. For years ahead they are planning to expand Pan India & Overseas through franchise model. Rated as the best Ayurveda hospital in Bangalore, Keva is also considered as most reliable by patients on the basis of reviews and recommendations by Practo, just dial & many other online portals. As per our survey, patients across India and abroad visit bangalore to get treated at Keva Ayurveda for ailments such as obesity, parkinson, paralysis and many more. Keva Ayurveda provides consultation for IAS officials, celebrities and corporates. Since its inception, they have treated over 15000 patients.

Dr. Krishna Kumar is also a Consultant at Curejoy, California and a Member of National Ayurveda Medical Association, USA. He was named as Young Entrepreneurs of Bangalore in 2013.

In Conversation with Co-Founder

Q. What made you to come up with Keva Ayurveda ?
My favourite quote is “ If you can dream it, you can do it- Walt Disney”.

I had a dream of becoming an Ayurveda doctor, as I belong from a background where my mother and grandfather are established Ayurveda doctors. With a wish of doing something of my own I joined Kerala Ayurveda Ltd and worked for almost 3 years for better exposure in the field of Ayurveda business.

It was then in the year 2011, I met an industry veteran who was ready to invest in the venture and that’s how we came up with Keva Ayurveda brand. Our vision was to create awareness on Ayurveda and its benefits by providing expert and professional service at a reasonable cost.

Q. What made you stand alone in this domain of Healthcare ?
Our centers are designed to please your eye and relax your senses so that from the time you enter our premises, you start enjoying the experience. We offer the best natural treatments for weight management, spine and joint care, skin and hair care, Insomnia & Stress and rejuvenation of body and mind at a surprisingly affordable cost. We have result based Ayurveda treatments for various diseases. We also have our own range of Classical medicines such as Kashaya, Arishtam, Tailas, Vati and Choornas which has green leaf accreditation. We use the highest quality herbal oils and ingredients for treatments. Our male and female therapists are well trained and very professional in their approach to treatments. We provide one stop shop for medical consultation and treatments, Ayurvedic medicines and branded herbal health care and beauty products.

We also have an online Ayurveda products portal and our goal is to make the purchasing of Ayurvedic products easy & convenient.

We have faced lot of challenges during our early days but we knew without struggle there can be no progress, this made us to grow stronger day by day and I believed in team work and till date whatever Keva Ayurveda has achieved it’s because of hard work and dedication shown by our team of Doctors, Masseurs and also valuable suggestions from our investor and clients. My team comprises of Sudhir ( Manager), Dr.Deepika ( Medical Officer ), Dr.Tanmaya ( Centre Manager & Senior Ayurveda Physician ), Dr.Vidya ( Senior Ayurveda physician ) & Deepak ( Marketing Executive ).

Q. Tell us something about yourself ?
Born and brought up in Mysore, I did my schooling from VVVS, Mysore and joined Sadvidya for XI & XII. Through merit seat I got into JSS AMC and choose to be an Ayurvedic doctor. After graduation, I did my PG in nutrition & Dietetics from Mysore, then fellowship from Manipal, Udupi.

My hobbies are reading books, photography, listening to music when stressed, Animal lover and love to explore new places.

Q. What are the products and services offered by your company ?
Our specialty includes Weight management, Spine and joint care, Skin Care, Detoxification, Insomnia & Stress management along with range of Rejuvenative treatments.

Our centers also have well-stocked Ayurveda pharmacy with a range of natural medicines, Skin care, Hair care and other beauty products to help improve your wellbeing.

We have our own range of Classical medicines such as Kashayas, Arishtam, Tailas, Vati and Choornas with GMP certification. We also carry range of beauty products for skin care, hair care, lip care and many more.

Q. How do you amalgamate yourself with the latest technology?
Our website, FB, Twitter is managed by a young team from Mysore who are doing a great job in keeping our clients updated with our health posts, Home remedies, Health Tips, articles and many more. Every month there is an increase of 10-20% unique users and impressions on our website and other social media channels. All the credit for our growing community goes to our doctors who strive consistently to provide quality content to our users.

Booking an appointment is very easy through our website, online, app or over phone. An SMS confirmation is sent immediately after booking, follow up sms on the day of consultation and also after 1 month of consultation.

Patient records are maintained in our software which stores the case sheets, PDF files, prescriptions, billing and payments. Once the payment is made an automated email receipt is sent to the customer.

We offer free online consultation via email, telephone or Skype for Customers from India and overseas.We also have an online Ayurveda products portal which makes the purchasing of Ayurvedic products easy & convenient.

Q. What are your future plans ?
Our objective is to have branches across the globe which can serve each and every individual.

We are planning to expand Pan India & Overseas through franchise model. By giving franchise we are not selling our prodcuts instead sharing our vision. One stop shop for Organic foods, Herbal products, Ayurveda medicines, Beauty products and many more.
Research works are going on with regards on How to avoid occupational hazards and its management.

We are planning to conduct workshops and seminars with the aim of educating people about benefits of Ayurveda and its treatment, Organic stores will be opened across all the locations by providing sustainable lifestyle for consumers with more than 250 + organic products.

We are also coming up with residential programmes/ inpatient facilities at our Keva Ayurveda, BTM layout branch, Bangalore. We will be promoting wellness tourism as well in coming years.

Brief about Keva Ayurveda Charitable Trust ( KACT )
Keva Ayurveda also operates a charitable trust which offers free Medical camps, consultations, free medicine distribution at old-age homes, orphanages, schools and temples in different parts of Bangalore. Consultations and free medical camps are also conducted by the team of highly expert doctors on a monthly basis at various other locations.

Client Testimonials
“I have been consulting Dr. Krishna, he’s one of the best doctors in Ayurveda field in Bangalore. Keva has been very good towards its approach to each and every patient. The best place to get Ayurveda treatments and Ayurvedic consultation in Bangalore. Ram, Verified Patient”

“Approach towards each treatment is professional at Keva. Under went weight loss programme at Keva, result was amazing. Lost 10 KGS in just 40 days. Thank you whole team, masseurs are really good, sudhir, Dr. Deepika support was wonderful. Dr. Krishna you really have a good team. Keep it up. I would request you guys to open more branches in Bangalore especially south of Bangalore. I recommend Keva Ayurveda to all who are looking for natural weight loss. Loads of luv. Seema, Verified Patient”

Dr. Krishna Kumar says “I would like to personally thank each and every one for your continued support and hope we continue this ayurveda journey together for many more years to come.”

“Our vision is to create awareness on Ayurveda and its benefits by providing expert and professional service at a reasonable cost”