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KEXINO– Designed to support the goals of an organization’s business plan


With each new day, the emphasis on using technology to reach customers—through web sites, mobile apps, social media, and other interactive means—brings businesses of all sizes exciting opportunities for visibility and growth. And as organizations grapple with melding technology and marketing, more and more are embracing marketing technologists. When online marketing and brand initiatives were introduced, these initiatives were often owned by a company's IT department, rather than its non-tech-savvy marketing department. But often those IT projects were out of alignment with marketing priorities. To right this situation, such projects needed to come squarely under the control of marketing. As a consequence, the role of marketing technologist is becoming paramount for companies looking to put their marketing efforts at the leading edge. Today's commercial landscape is no longer about fitting in – it's about standing out. In a world of copycat offerings and outwardly-identical business models, a company needs to create brand and value differentiation in the minds of its new and existing customers.

KEXINO is a combination of a full-service, outsourced marketing services provider and a marketing technology developer. It creates and implements a range of sales, marketing, and communications strategies that help their clients business. Their expertise ranges from marketing strategies to business development, design, SEO, localization, translation, trans-creation services, video marketing, PR, branding, and social media campaigns. The firm diagnoses the issues and proposes a marketing strategy, based on real and measurable goals. After which they design a tactical plan.

Marketing services offered by KEXINO

Content Marketing Services

In an age where the web, social and mobile technologies have changed the way the firm makes buying decisions, traditional "push" marketing techniques are no longer effective. Today, marketing initiatives from organizations that are solely based on self-promotion, hyperbole, and rhetoric are seen by many people as being less trustworthy. KEXINO works with its clients on a complete marketing services strategy, then design the tactical plan. It also helps its customers to define content strategy, select appropriate audience channels and formats, and create and distribute the content. The firm also deploys tools to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing to help optimize efforts and maximize Return-On-Investment.

Social Media Marketing

Many businesses have dabbled in social media marketing over the past few years, with varying degrees of success. The most common reason why a social media channel isn't resonating with its targeted audience is to do with the type of content broadcasted. Tweets, Facebook updates, or Instagram posts should not be purely promotional and self-serving. KEXINO's social media marketing programs will help you increase your brand's visibility, awareness, and trust through meaningful, relevant, and shareable content - both original and curated. The firm engages and monitors conversations, and track and analyze metrics to quickly see what's working and what's not.

Content Translation

Selling into foreign territories or countries requires your marketing and business value communication to be more than simply delivered in the target language. It's much more than simply 'translation.' It's trans-creation. Trans-creation ensures that your value messaging resonates in the minds of your target audience, using cultural and linguistic nuances of the destination language. The result is a piece of communication that doesn't give the impression that it was created in another language. Using KEXINO's QARTO online translation management portal one can be assured of fast translation services and accurate content localization for all marketing communications needs. The firm can quickly and accurately localize its client's website and sales tools as well as marketing collateral such as mailers, flyers, advertising, and more.

Video Marketing Production Services

Recent statistics have shown that adding video to your website, for example, can increase the time visitors spend viewing your site by 350%, compared to a site without video. Adding video to your website can convert 50% more web viewers to become web buyers. Video is no longer the preserve of large organizations with vast marketing departments and bottomless budgets. More and more small-to-medium-sized companies are implementing video-based content into their sales and marketing strategies. However, just as with any medium, ill-conceived video can have a detrimental effect on corporate brand value. The use of video should be short, succinct, and sympathetic to the message that you are trying to convey.

The firm aims at learning about their clients and business. KEXINO will go through their clients' websites and advises them on how to improve design and content to increase conversions. They will also let their customers know what be done to improve their video content.

The Formidable Leader

Gee Ranasinha is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of KEXINO. He has a background in communication and content creation. Prior founding KEXINO he worked in media Production Company (advertising photography and TV commercials, mainly) later Mr. Gee was involved in professional image capture systems from companies such as Sinar, Leaf, PhaseOne, and Dicomed in the days when professional-quality digital photography was in its infancy.

"As a marketing agency, we love taking your story and delivering it to where your customers are."