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With AWS IoT and DevOps Competencies, Klika Tech is co-creating the future of IoT and Cloud-native solutions


“Key to our success is a collaborative process designed to get to the heart of the customer’s challenge, leading to stronger ideas that maximize ROI and achieve the customer’s business goals.”

Klika Tech is a global technology and consulting firm headquartered in the United States, with development and management offices in North and South America, Europe, and Central Asia. Klika Tech, founded in 2013 by business-minded technologists, delivers the next generation of Cloud Computing, IoT, Data Analytics, and Embedded System solutions. Klika Tech is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Competencies in AWS IoT, AWS DevOps and AWS Digital Customer Experience, with multiple AWS Service Validations.

Gennadiy Mark Borisov, President of Klika Tech, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about how his company is co-creating cutting-edge solutions that bring market-ready products to life and help global businesses thrive.

Interview Highlights

Q. What inspired the creation of Klika Tech? Please brief us about the history so far.

As it happens, all Klika Tech co-founders had worked together before in numerous capacities, crossing paths while working on various projects. Our experience with providing and procuring services from and to various companies often left us dissatisfied with the ways and outcomes of software development services. We felt we could be different and deliver better outcomes for our future clients, and we launched Klika as business-minded technologists fueled by customer obsession.

Key to our success is a combination of collaborative process designed to get to the heart of the customer’s challenge and customer obsession, leading to stronger ideas that maximize ROI and achieve the customer’s business goals. We innovate, ideate, and co-create together with our customers and partners.

Setbacks are a part of every growing business. Tell us about a few roadblocks and learning lessons that helped Klika Tech grow through the years.

Focusing on the learnings here, I would like to highlight the importance of talent and purpose as some of the most important driving forces.

Talent: Early in our growth, we learned that to provide truly focused, high-end, and differentiated services, we needed to attract talent that could set our company apart from many others. Drawing on our personal backgrounds, experiences, and connections, we looked for STEM-rich locales to attract world-class talent and opened offices in the US, Europe, Central Asia, and recently, Latin America.

Purpose: We focus on projects that can affect and change people’s lives. Every day, from more welcoming smart homes to seamless package delivery, more sustainable and efficient manufacturing, and smarter and safer wheelchairs, our teams do more than just create technologies; they have a purpose – to build things that matter to people.

Q. As a global IoT solutions provider, what are Klika’s key focus areas?

Klika Tech designs, builds, deploys, and manages edge-to-cloud IoT, Cloud-native, DevOps, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solutions for global customers. We specialize in building advanced solutions for smart living, automotive, smart mobility, industrial, manufacturing, connected healthcare, retail, agriculture, asset tracking, and logistics. We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, an AWS IoT, AWS DevOps, and AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Partner.

We have several industry award-winning Solution Accelerators we developed in partnerships with companies such as AWS, STMicroelectronics, 1NCE, DHElectronics, Sercomm, and Nordic Semiconductor.

Q. Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your clients faced and how Klika helped them overcome those challenges?

The Problem: Creating an open and scalable asset tracking and intelligence platform is more difficult than it appears. Many businesses struggle with managing and maintaining their device fleets, as well as securely and cost-effectively connecting remote sensors and smart devices to the cloud environment. As a result, asset monitoring data is insufficient, exposing the flaws of vendor lock-in based on proprietary trackers, pricey connectivity, and the platform being used.

Klika Tech to the Rescue: Klika Tech created the Asset Tracking (ASTRA) and Intelligence Platform to assist businesses in swiftly launching asset tracking and intelligence solutions leveraging efficient NB-IoT and CoAP protocols and capitalizing on actionable data insights. This fully "open" solution from Klika Tech, powered by AWS and 1NCE, with devices from Sercomm and Nordic, enables you to select your preferred asset tracker and effortlessly integrate it into your existing platform. You can also collaborate with Klika Tech to create and execute a customized version of their ASTRA platform that is tailored to your present and future needs.

The Problem: Finding and deploying the right anomaly detection and predictive maintenance solution is often a challenge. Unexpected anomalies can go undiscovered if a customized, right-sized IIoT solution is not in place to sift through the vast array of statistics produced by sensors and heterogenous devices. The longer some of these go unnoticed, the greater the risk of increased operational costs, lost productivity, unscheduled downtime, and even equipment failure.

Klika Tech's Edge ML Models: Now identifying and assessing unexpected anomalies is easy. Klika Tech teamed with STMicroelectronics, DHElectronics, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a solution that finds actionable insights in collected data. This offering is built on an edge-to-cloud platform blueprint that specifies how ML models should be run and serves as the foundation for the IIoT Anomaly Detection Solution Accelerator, which employs STMicroelectronics microcontrollers to pre-process machine-level data at the edge for early anomaly identification and more detailed analysis in the AWS cloud.

Q. What's the one thing you want Klika to be known for?

Customer obsession! We work side by side with every customer to understand their challenges, imagine the art of possible, and bring market-ready solutions to life. Our goal is to help our customers innovate and be more competitive by delivering effective and elegant solutions through end-to-end engineering combined with strategy, design, and consulting services.

Tell us, what’s next for Klika Tech.

More talented and happy employees globally, more challenging and impactful projects that make a difference for people everywhere, more satisfied long-term clients and, of course, more growth!

Q. Is there anything you would like to add before we wrap up?

There are three quotes that reflect our beliefs and approach, and are part of our company’s culture:

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” - Vincent van Gogh, “Original IoT Architect”, Painter

“…you earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

“There is no compression algorithm for experience” - Werner Vogels, CTO, AWS

Klika Tech | Leadership

Gennadiy Mark Borisov is a Co-CEO and the President. With more than 25 years of global experience in Management, Operations, Sales, and Product Development, Gennadiy leads Klika Tech’s mission and strategy to provide the IoT- and Cloud-driven solutions to companies around the world. He has been working with Fortune 500 clients and start-up companies in the technology and media industries in US and Europe.

Val Kamenski is a Co-CEO and the COO. After more than 15 years of delivering successful software projects to global clients Val co-founded Klika Tech to help companies succeed in the IoT- and Cloud-driven world. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Backed by solid engineering and management background Val Kamenski drives business growth and can look beyond traditional IT objectives.

Andrew Mazur is the CTO. He has more than 10 years of experience in software development for clients in many industries. He joined Klika Tech shortly after formation and after several years of successfully delivering various projects rose to the position of CTO. He leads the technical department helping clients worldwide building new business models and products by reinventing customer experiences with connected devices.

Joseph Zaloker is the Head of Business Development and Global Alliances.  He has over 25 years of experience leading global, diverse, and high performing teams to drive digital transformations. Joseph joined Klika Tech following his work as the Global Segment Leader IoT at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and provides Klika Tech customers and partners hands-on engineering, marketing, and sales experience using innovation and the application of technologies to help solve complex technical business challenges.

“We work side by side with every customer to understand their challenges, imagine the art of possible, and bring market-ready solutions to life.”