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An award-winning sales recruitment company delivering top-class services for both candidates and clients: KME Recruitment


For a business to succeed in its segment, it is important to have the right sales team members. Without the right combination of talents, you will find yourself stuck in limbo. Recruiting is a mammoth task, and it must be on the top of your priority list. When you do not have a recruiting strategy, you must understand that almost every hiring opportunity will start from scratch. To ease the recruitment burden and allow you to focus on core matters, there are recruitment consultants who will take care of hiring the right talents for your business. Most of the recruitment consultancies are industry-specific, and they are furthermore subdivided into industry-specific sections like finance, sales, IT, etc. A recruitment consultant’s main function is to help companies pair up with candidates in positions that need to be filled.

Globally there are various recruitment consultants helping organizations meet their recruitment needs, but one that stands out from the rest with its top-class services is KME Recruitment. The company is an innovative, award-winning Sales Recruitment Agency based in Exeter in the South West of England. KME Recruitment is an independent agency and is, therefore, able to offer a bespoke and personal service to suit its candidate’s and client’s needs. The company places high calibre sales candidates in a range of permanent Sales positions across all industries across the UK. KME Recruitment also offers a unique proposition for its clients by being able to provide Sales Training, a Sales Audit, Role and Candidate Profiling, Sales Consultancy, and even an Interim Sales Director. Such services ensure that clients perform at maximum profitability.

In conversation with Michelle El-Din, Director of KME Recruitment

Q. Do you maintain a database of candidates already pre-screened to accelerate the recruitment process without affecting the quality of the hire?

We have a database containing 1000’s of sales candidates with experience at differing levels who are actively seeking work. However, we don’t rely on existing information to match a candidate to a vacancy. We will always screen suitable individuals further in line with a new role before sending their profile to a client to ensure a great fit, not just from an experience perspective but also a good cultural/team fit. This enhances the quality of the hire, and it is not unknown for us to take on a new role one day and to send across suitable candidates that same day.

Q. How do you prevent mis-hires and maintain the efficiency of your services?

We believe that the process to prevent mis-hires begins right at the beginning of our Recruitment service. We have thorough conversations with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs, not just in relation to their vacancy but also relating to the cultural and persona fit. These conversations continue throughout the Recruitment process, with constant feedback being provided by ourselves and the client in terms of the calibre of candidates in the market and the attractiveness of the vacancy. This ensures that we gain a really thorough understanding of the individual they are looking to hire.

This conversation is then relayed openly to prospective candidates, and they are then fully screened in line with our client’s requirements. Candidates will then receive full details of our client and role information before being fully screened and then put forward for the position. We believe that open and honest Recruitment prevents time-wasting for everyone involved. In addition to our open and honest style, we also offer Role and Candidate Profiling to our clients so that they can really gauge the individual’s fit right down to the finer details, such as how they prefer to be managed and what kind of office environment they’re most effective in.

Q. How do you maintain a strong relationship with clients and how does feedback help you?

We are a business that prides ourselves on providing everyone with an excellent customer service. For us, that means maintaining communication throughout the Recruitment process, even if there is no update. We listen to our clients’ needs and then advise them based on our expert knowledge on any changes that might need to be made to their offering in order to attract the right calibre of candidate for their vacancy. We want our clients to feel like we’re their Recruitment business partner, not just another Recruitment Agency. We take time to understand their business, its’ culture, how their sales team operates, their objectives, and the working environment in order to help recruit the ideal candidate to grow their business and, more importantly, a candidate that will want to build a long-standing career with our client. If we feel that we can’t help a client, then we will tell them and will always recommend someone that we feel can. We appreciate how difficult it can be to find great salespeople that fit a business. However, due to our sales expertise, we are able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with our clients than they would have with a Generalist Recruitment Agency in order to decipher their exact requirements. Salespeople are a special breed, and every salesperson is different. Therefore, it’s important that an Agency understands exactly the type of individual a company is seeking.

We pride ourselves on providing a very efficient service to our clients and explaining our processes at every stage to manage and fulfill their expectations. We always deliver on our promises; therefore, if we say we’re going to send CVs across in a week, then we do. If we say we’re going to call them back in a few days, then we do. We are a very transparent business, and we showcase our sales expertise and achievements continuously. Everything we showcase is relatable and valuable and demonstrates to our clients that we’re experts in the sales arena and that we’re there to help and add value to their business. We are continuously evolving and developing KME’s Recruitment practices and sales services in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. As a little added bonus for working with KME, our clients receive lovely hampers to thank them for doing business with us.

Q. What’s your vision for 2021?

Our 2021 vision is to be the go-to sales Recruiter for all businesses and to be recognized as the leader in sales Recruitment in the UK.

Meet the leader behind the success of KME Recruitment

Michelle El-Din has worked in the Recruitment industry for around 10 years. In 2016 she established KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants after the identification of a gap in the Recruitment industry within the Sales arena. Also following her own employment and personal experiences within the Recruitment sector she felt there was a need for a more honest and customer-focused Recruitment approach. KME pride themselves on delivering an exceptional service to both candidates and clients; one where all parties are kept fully informed at all stages. In 2017 Michelle took the decision to expand the Agency’s portfolio by also providing its clients with sales training, sales audits and sales consultancy which she felt were key additions to the company’s Recruitment services in order to remain innovative in what is a very competitive industry. As well as being the Company Director, Michelle is also an avid social media user and posts across platforms daily helping salespeople across the globe perform at their best. She launched the ‘KME Sales Community’ Group on Facebook in 2020 to provide daily support, advice and networking opportunities to salespeople across the globe. Michelle is also one of the Masters in the UK Apprentice star, Jessica Cunningham’s new business venture, Conscious Female Entrepreneurs and has published two master classes around ‘How to Sell Successfully’ and ‘Working Smart, Not Hard’.

“We provide a professional, open, honest and friendly recruitment service to both candidates and clients. We deliver great customer service and pride ourselves on the respectful relationship that we have with everyone we come into contact with.”