August Special Edition 2021

Knoldus Inc is Making Business Better with Software


The world today is hyper-competitive in the business sphere. And a business’ ability to maximize business value is highly reliant on how much they are able to adopt advanced technology strategies to achieve digital transformation. Based out of Ontario, Knoldus Inc is helping businesses capitalize on opportunities, respond to threats, and scale successfully by reducing the organizational friction from a company’s structures, processes, and culture. It brings deep expertise in lean change management, organizational design, and value-driven portfolio management.

Knoldus engineers digital systems with a product mindset to deliver an objective competitive advantage to the business. The company modernizes enterprises through cutting-edge digital engineering by leveraging Functional Programming (Scala, Rust, Java) and Fast Data (Spark, Flink) ecosystems. Its mission is to provide reactive and streaming fast data solutions that are message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive to build High-Performance Systems.

Knoldus is fortified by an expansive network of certified strategic partners like Lightbend (Scala ecosystem), IBM, Datastax (Cassandra and Graph ecosystem), Confluent(Kafka ecosystem), and Databricks(Spark in the Big Data space); helps enterprise clients – including many Fortune 500 companies – to create the next-generation capabilities that set them apart and create new opportunities. With a team of 175+ seasoned experts, Knoldus is headquartered in Canada with delivery centers in Chicago, New Delhi, Noida, and Singapore.

Some of Knoldus’ marquee clients include Google, HPE, EY, Elsevier, BoA, Cisco, VMware, Huawei, Philips and quite a few Silicon Valley startups, which have gone from being 2 people companies to 50 million dollars+ companies.

“Knoldus is the type of partner you want in the trenches with you. They are eager to solve problems in the right way, take feedback, take on challenges and deliver ultimate satisfaction. Knoldus partnered with EY on a mutual client of ours for 2.5+ Years and their ability to quickly deliver results was immense,” said Eli Tsinovoi, Manager – Digital and Emerging Technologies, EY.

Miroservices and API

To meet growing multi-dimensional challenges, IT organizations must evolve their application architectures to provide more agility, higher productivity, and improved software quality for a competitive edge. To meet these elevated demands, the logical step is to re-architect applications from monolithic to microservices.

Knoldus has strangled business monoliths to convert them into high performing microservices. Its systems isolate failed components, communicate asynchronously with APIs, perform autonomously, and sustain mobility with microservices thus allowing their clients’ to keep their business systems highly available with the requisite speed and scale.

Cloud Native Development

A cloud-native app is architected specifically to run in the elastic and distributed nature required by modern cloud computing platforms. The product needs to be loosely coupled, meaning the code is not hardwired to any of the infrastructure components so that the product can scale up and down on demand and embrace the concepts of immutable infrastructure. Typically, these architectures are built using microservices.

Cloud-native app development typically includes devops, agile methodology, microservices, cloud platforms, containers like Kubernetes and Docker, and continuous delivery—in short, every new and modern method of application deployment.

Knoldus Platform Strategy

Knoldus Digital Platform Strategy (KDP) provides the strategic analysis, prioritization models, and communication frameworks to maximize investments in modern, cloud-native technology tools, patterns, and practices. The Knoldus approach co-delivers mission-critical architecture and software alongside our clients, ensuring platform technology strategy delivers tangible value. In addition, it delivers the necessary engineering and architecture organization upskilling that enables its clients to steer their platform efforts into the future.

Continuous Delivery, Microservices, API Strategy and DevOps are all powerful, but complex, tools and techniques, and they can be difficult to deploy effectively in organizations with a sprawling estate of legacy systems and significant technical, architectural and process debt. Successfully driving a cross-disciplinary transformation to tangible, business-meaningful outcomes is both an art and a science. Knoldus collaborates with its clients to customize the KDP strategy and implementation blueprint with a focus on unlocking near-term business priorities through incremental, pragmatic delivery. Knoldus DP brings 10+ years of real-world experience delivering architecture evolution.

The Leader

Vikas Hazrati, CEO and Co-founder

Vikas is the CEO and Co-founder at Knoldus Inc. In his role as CEO, Vikas leads transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise by focusing on business process simplification, product and services quality, portfolio and investment strategy, intelligent data and analytics, and value achievement through technologies and digital innovation adoption to the benefit of both customers and employees. He works closely with the management team trying to create a rich culture of knowledge sharing, ownership and people centricity. A good chunk of his time goes in strategizing on how the company should grow while remaining true to the vision and core values.

Apart from this, he is never too far away from the keyboard. He blogs has presented at various Technology conferences and written articles on Software development across various media outlets in print as well as online. In his 20+ years of experience, he has become a recognized speaker, mentor, and practitioner in the software industry.

“Knoldus engineers digital systems with a product mindset to deliver an objective competitive advantage to the business.”