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October Special Edition 2020

KR Wolfe, Inc. – An international construction services company, leader in systems installation and integration


Building management systems are a vital component of any data center facility. It is an infrastructure control system that is installed to make secure and reliable buildings. The system allows for centralized management of infrastructure equipment through integrated computer-based application and ensures operations are being run efficiently and securely. It gives control and monitors activities like ventilation, lighting, power control, fire and security systems, lifts/ Elevators, Plumbing systems, etc. Over time, it has been brought into complete application in providing the comfort and safety it aims at. They have seen as the infrastructure of optimal utilization of workforce and electric power. Because of that, these systems are not just restricted to commercial buildings; they are being installed in residential buildings.

KR Wolfe, Inc. is a certified women-owned enterprise specializing in installing and integrating proprietary systems and capital equipment. The team of international specialists is experienced, certified, and licensed professionals. It is a service-based company that creates lasting relationships by understanding client needs, dedication to every project, and adapting to a continually changing industry. With an emphasis in medical construction, the capabilities include installation services & integration services of customer provided proprietary equipment (A/V or Mechanical), low voltage audio/video systems, cabling, and turn-key or renovation services. Besides its vast industry experience, it can offer field service, including manufacture correction & recall management, comprehensive service contracts, preventative maintenance, and specialty construction services.

Next-generation system integration services

Commercial Construction Management Services: KR Wolfe, Construction Management services provide essential support to various clients' needs. Regardless of project size, they will ensure successful delivery by meeting time, cost, and quality expectations. By managing risk, KR Wolfe Construction Managers focus on results and resolution while monitoring project details. The firm values are developing strong teams among the key stakeholders to ensure trust, respect, and support. This comprehensive management approach at every stage of the project includes pre-construction planning, construction oversight, and post-construction services. It specializes in Commercial Construction for Public, Private, City, State, and Federal Projects.

Equipment Installation: The installation division at KR Wolfe prides itself on actively training its technicians and managers on the latest medical, audio/visual, and mounting solutions available in the marketplace today. With an increasing world of technology not only in the medical field but in airports, government facilities, commercial and industrial applications, even corporate conference rooms, lecture halls, and classroom upgrades in colleges and universities, KR Wolfe has adapted and excelled in installations for all applications. Because of the medical field's knowledge and background, the firm has successfully transferred not only knowledge but its attention to detail to any project, with a long list of installations for products such as projectors, screens, professional sound, video control rooms, digital signage, video editing studios & suites, automated AV control systems with AMX & Crestron, and others.

Systems Integration: The Integration Division of KR Wolfe is an industry leader in technology integration. The trained technicians are skilled in the various facets of connecting multiple technology platforms to work together in harmony to produce a quality end-product in commercial, education, and medical applications. The firm covers all the bases, from cable pulls to terminations to programming, cable management, and implementation. A team of technicians focused on giving clients the best product and the best service possible. Whether your needs are for video routing, video teleconferencing (VTC), rack building, display systems, codecs, IP-over-fiber, transcoders, decoders, network switches, integrated intercoms, IP cameras, projection systems, projection screens, audio systems, analog systems, digital systems or any combination of platforms. From simple to complex, KR Wolfe is your one-stop-shop for technology integration systems.

The visionary behind the success of KR Wolfe

Rachel Wolfe is the President of KR Wolfe, Inc. She believes strongly in her team's ability to manage and operate their business divisions and is involved in daily operations as needed. As a university of Miami cheerleader, Ms. Rachel also displays an enormous amount of spirit, which is included in its core values. Every day she sets the example for everyone by spreading positivity, initiating relationships, and inspiring teamwork. Ms. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Miami with a bachelor's degree in Science in Communication and a bachelor's degree in Business in Political Science with a minor in Marketing.

"Our vision is to be the company of choice based on our quality, value, innovation, and customer service."