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Kray Technologies – Building the most efficient crop protection drones that meet the EPA application safety requirements


As we know it today, the world is fast-paced: changes, alterations, and transformations happen in almost a blink of an eye. Adaptation is critical, and given the growing population and the global shift in weather conditions, farmers will be required to utilize new-generation technologies to address emerging challenges. The use of drones in the agriculture industry is steadily growing as part of a practical approach to sustainable agricultural management that allows agronomists, agricultural engineers, and farmers to streamline their operations, using robust data analytics to gain effective insights crops. For example, Crop monitoring is made more accessible by using drone data to accurately plan and make ongoing improvements, such as the use of ditches and evolving fertilizer applications. Products can be accurately traced from farm to fork using GPS locations for every point in the journey, rather than more traditional time and labor-intensive data collection.

UAVs are particularly useful for the careful monitoring of large areas of farmland, considering factors such as slope and elevation, for example, to identify the most suitable seeding prescriptions. The technology has also proven useful in gaining an extensive overview of plant emergence and population. More accurate data can help with replanting decisions and thinning and pruning activity and improving crop models. Crucially, drone data's high-resolution nature can be used to assess the fertility of crops, allowing agricultural professionals to more accurately apply fertilizer, reduce wastage, and plan and troubleshoot irrigation systems. The technology can also be particularly effective following natural disasters, such as a flood, to help farmers to assess damage across terrains that may not be readily accessible on foot.

Kray Technologies is one such firm that produces drones for industrial-scale crop protection applications. Due to high productivity, application quality, and degree of automation Kray Protection UAS provides 500% to 2500% of Return on Investment for the farmer. With a tenfold reduced application costs, such affordable applications, in turn, can be used very frequently for crop protection, fertilization, and plant growth control, increasing yield significantly, which is the biggest deal for farming.

Robust products and solutions furnished Kray Technologies

Self-Flying Solution: Kray uses own hybrid computer vision system for precise terrain relief reconstruction 300 feet ahead and precisely controlled VTOL compound multirotor platform of deep proprietary design and fully custom control software stack which allows achieving 4 inch precision of the position control in the whole flight speed range from 0 to 30 m/s. In combination with electrostatic charging of droplets, Kray reaches industrial productivity AND EPA-level safety and can provide both at the same time. Most spraying drones on the market way long for providing both requirements as their spraying application principle causes losing safety as flight speed increases, and they can't change the principle easily.

Kray UAV: It works with charging the droplets by 10 kV while flying at 3 feet above the crop at velocities up to 30 meters per second. This way, both great spraying safety required by EPA and industrial productivity required by the business economy is achieved. According to several research types, the close-up electrostatic application allows reducing volume rates in several times with better coverage quality and fewer drifts. Electrostatic coating is a widely used manufacturing process in many industries. With electrostatic spraying, Kray brings spraying drift safety to the next level.

5d Precision Spraying: Kray is a highly energy-efficient solution that allows carrying the highest quality spraying system of the proprietary design. The device performs mono-disperse atomization with rotary atomizers, electrostatic charging the droplets, and precise flow control to deliver the precision agriculture industry's variable rate applications.

Meet the formidable leader

Dmytro Surdu is the Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Kray Technologies. Before co-founding Kray Technologies, he worked as a project architect at Ukrainian National Metrology Institution and as CEO of Golden Technologies. Mr. Dmytro is the author of about 20 indexed publications and patents on software architecture and precision measurements in leading journals. He is graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine.

"We created the world-first digital drone crop sprayer that delivers on-demand fertilizers and pesticides right to farmers' fields."