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November Monthly Edition 2022

KServe BPO Pvt. Ltd. – A leading business process outsourcing and management company enabling businesses to stay ahead




In this era of rapid technological advancement, the business world is witnessing a phase of constant dynamism. New technologies, super-focus on users, and intense business competition have resulted in an environment that requires excellent efficiency and agility to thrive here. The best solution by which businesses can enhance their focus, productivity, and agility are BPO. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) shifts business operations or processes from the home office to a different location. Although there are plenty of reasons to adopt a BPO model, the main reason is savings on labor costs.

KServe BPO Private Limited is a business solutions provider with a consistent track-record of highly successful multi-lingual campaigns for its clients, not just in India but also across the globe. Founded in 2003, KServe has grown to be a preferred business solution partner with 50+ man-years of experience and over 150 employees. KServe has an in-house expertise in creating and managing innovative and cost effective business solutions to clients in India, UK, USA, the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia. The company has handpicked technology partners to serve industries across various segments with equal ease and vivacity. It operates from its 10000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Mumbai, India.

Business Process Outsourcing Engagement Models Offered

Customer Experience Management: Today’s fast changing business environment and consumer behavior demands new rules of engagement. Customer Loyalty – the cornerstone of long-term revenue growth for an organization has grown beyond traditional customer support activities that are primarily reactive in nature. Managing the expectations of today’s digital-savvy customers means being nimble, more knowledgeable than before, and proactive. It also means making relentless efforts to create “wow” experiences every time they interact with their customers. Something KServe specializes in. The company manages the end-to-end lifecycle of your customers. Their team’s primary focus is to be responsive and get back to potential customers promptly. From customer onboarding, setting up follow-up reminders to developing cohesive retention plans, offering multi-channel help-desk support, and delighting your existing customers, they aim to provide exceptional customer support services.

Lead Generation Services: While investing quality time for generating sales leads is absolutely essential for the success of an organization, the time spent on cold calling, prospecting, and appointment setting is often time-consuming, and at times, frustrating. Moreover, lead qualification can be a challenge, and your sales team cannot waste valuable time on reaching unlikely prospects. At KServe, they take care of the end-to-end lead generation process for you so you don’t go through the grind yourself. All your sales team has to do is convert the sales qualified lead into business deals. Their team can conduct tests on a small scale for your new products or services. This will save time in figuring out which products or services will sell to your customers. You will also gain first-hand marketing insights on the best way to go out selling your products.

Back Office Processing and Research: Back office support and data management are crucial to the overall operations of your organization. However, in the quest of growing your business, handling routine back-office tasks can be a waste of time and resources. Moreover, 50% or more of operational costs are often driven by back-office functions. Efficient data management paired with quality back office support service can be the difference between making or breaking your organization. So, if you are searching for a solution that can improve your cost-efficiency, think KServe. They are one of the leading back office outsourcing and data management companies in India. With proven and effective outsourcing strategy, you can cut operational costs in half while focusing on core competencies and improving your business’s productivity. Their back office outsourcing solutions can help you achieve substantial cost savings while getting a faster turnaround and high accuracy. The back office support team works from their two delivery centers. They have two decades of proven expertise to ensure high accuracy, efficiency, data security, guaranteed quality, and faster turnaround for your data entry, processing, and research projects.

Digital Business Transformation Services: The company works with you wherever you are in your transformation journey to combine their expertise and data with powerful technologies to make work more predictive, automated, agile and transparent. At KServe, they believe that digital transformation of business processes must follow a holistic approach. Both front and back-office operations need to be successfully included in the transition. Business process outsourcing plays a significant role in helping companies adopt digitization and new technologies at minimal investment. They partner with you to scope out your business requirements and implement top-notch digital transformation services. Their services help enhance operational efficiency and provide end-to-end implementation and operational support. The company can also help optimize and digitize critical functions such as finance, accounting, and human resources to digital platforms.

Jhankhana Desai | Managing Director

She has been contributing to the industry through NASSCOM as a Nominated member of SME Council as well as IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry by chairing the Digital Technology Committee for two consecutive terms.

"Our steadfast commitment to our core values of ‘Integrity’, ‘Passion’ and ‘People First’, in both words and actions, builds a stronger and healthier foundation benefiting all stakeholders."